Tsukeleton lives!

March 15, 2010 | takitsuba |

best effing scene from Takizawa Kakumei! Hands down! ROFL It’s not just a hug!!

Gotta love the fact that Takki recognized Tsu by his scent! ♥ Unit Love~
btw, is this how he normally kisses Tsu’s head? ^_____^ ← see, a fangirl is easy to please!

ps. Tsukeleton even sat like Tsu~ xD

#&$)!&#!^$&#!)@(!!!  FAILED!! accidentally posted Kakumei DVD review when trying to save draft earlier tonight. just realized it 3 hours later *HEADDESKS* If you have read it already, I’m so not done with that post! And yes, there’s some enbujou leftover in there because I use that enbujou post as a template! GO KISS TSUKELETON’S HEAD and you’ll forget about that unfinished draft~ please! ^^;


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