The DVD of one awesome stage play with giant messed up storyline I’ve been awaiting for!! woot woot!

And since it’s March 29th…


May all your wishes come true. The best of luck to you and Takizawa Kabuki production!

Ever since I went to Takizawa Kakumei in January 2009, I’ve been waiting for this release I don’t even remember how many messages I sent to Avex! LOL I had to make sure my mom stayed home on Thursday to wait for the package xD

Minor fangirling thoughts behind cut, I flailed enough in my 3-part butai reports above. LOL


I love black and red (and white and gold)~ Nice and shiny red that’s super hart to take pictures! xD I still wish Avex would go learn more about packaging from NHK. Both DVDs look nice but it’s nothing new. You know, same as previous ones, just in different colors. This is Kakumei, they don’t really have to follow Enbujou’s pattern, eh? ^^”

btw, I’m trying not to think about those adorable charm giveaways if I ordered the DVDs from Tackey Shop (but it’s way way way more expensive than Amazon!!)

The promised 24-page booklet turns out to be all stage photos. I felt like being cheated! *bitchslaps Avex* Dude, I paid ¥500 for each of those photos, and now I got all the same photos again?! GIVE ME SOMETHING MORE!!!!

DISC 1 「Opening + Act 1」

  • Holy… this DVD is going to be my life!
  • ROFL what a dork, opening his coat front to show off his..umm.. white pants!
  • I effing love the water curtain
  • anyway Kakumei conductor!furitsuke is still weird LOL it works with water curtain though :)
  • I don’t remember that the stage was so colorful, especially those rainbow cube frames, well, you can tell where my focus was! hee~
  • showed my parents the mask scene as I’ve been boasting about how awesome Takki has done it ever since we saw the mask trick on Travel Channel ;)
  • (^__^)v at the camera ~ dork!
  • Futari no Yoru~ HOLY HOTNESS! *nosebleeds* I almost died when he grab his shirt at the beginning!! ♥__♥
  • ACT 1!
  • I didn’t realize Tottsu was carving a whale xD
  • skipper!Takki~ why are you so kakkoiiiiiiiI~~~~ pants legs inside boots = ♥
  • hime actually looks cuter on DVD, still annoying though lol  :P
  • rope climbing is awesome, I especially love when he only holds on with one hand, it’s amazing how he keeps his graceful posture while spinning around!
  • ONE NIGHT! ONE NIGHT! ONE NIGHT!!!!! ♥__♥ soooooooooooo gorgeous, music, violin, Takki’s voice, forest display, rotating boat, it’s really really beautiful~
  • ROFL for life at that giant whale
  • OMG he kissed his sword hand! ♥ KAKKOIIIIIIII~~~~
  • black suit → white tux *purrs*
  • ROFL Takki/Hime dance. hime’s fluffy dress is still ugly!
  • I love King of Dance! and imaginary wine~ hey, Nikki-san still has his move!
  • Takizawa Kakumei senshuuraku, YATTA! ♥
  • that SARA SARA from Ridiculous scene is the most ridiculous things from this show (besides its plot) for me! lol
  • sailor moon!hime~ ROFL the box! white carriage!
  • okay, maybe that SARA SARA is not THAT ridiculous… xD
  • raise your hand if you didn’t know that Taisuke is a bad dude prior to this scene! lol
  • wow, weird editing effect during Temptation
  • ONE NIGHT (TRIO) IS SO HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! I really love stage set up during this scene! ♥
  • GAH Takki looks so defiant when he picked up the sword! *flails*
  • Hime really should die, considered how many times she gets caught!
  • I adore Takki’s jawline~
  • raise your hand if you didn’t know that Nikki-san is a bad dude prior to this scene! lol
  • Nikki-san doesn’t kill him, so he kills Nikki-san instead OOPS~
  • awww he looks so broken~ (T^T)
  • Hidejiji!!

DISC 2 「Act 2」

  • DVD version has different sequence from the show I went to where Tsukeleton was the first thing Takki noticed on stage~ In DVD, he goes to the bench first. I think the show evolved during the course of one month to improve the flow :) Takki also remains on stage during the letter reading scene
  • Tsukeleton has a red rose on his chest and he sits crossed legs just like Tsubasa! ROFL!
  • I totally love how Takki recognizes him by his scent, sniffing his hand then his head!
  • and that ‘DING’ sound when he prays for Tsubasa is so hilarious!
  • awww look at Takki carrying his Tsubasa!
  • pianist!Takki ♥__♥
  • awww movie clip from his chibi days..
  • pants legs inside boots still win!! xD AND THIS PAIR OF PANTS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! *__*
  • Higashiyama-san and Jin?
  • BALANCE!! TASTE ME!! ← still LOL at his tongue twisted ‘eat me honey, drink me honey’
  • huh Hime’s dress isn’t as ugly as I remember!
  • First time I really pay attention to Nikki’s san Dream Show harem, as I always looked up to see Takki’s shadow getting in bungee position when I was in that theater~
  • all time best bungee outfit LOL that orange one a couple years ago was the worst in my book!
  • strength and dedication meet craziness and dizziness!
  • I love Time Capsule since I went to the show! It’s a really nice song~ beautiful stage setting too
  • 「。いさなんめご キアデヒ」 XD
  • Hidejiji, what kind of skin care you use? your fair skin is amazing for an 80-year old dude! ;)
  • smoking scene is hilarious~
  • We’re All Alone is simply gorgeous!
  • TAKKI, I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥
  • (T^T) Hidejiji… (I love the heartbeat sounds btw)
  • the return of Hideaki! The gorgeous 26-year old version! ♥ he looks soooooooooo gooooooooood (in fluffy white coat xD)
  • love this ending version of Kakumei!
  • and Takki is flying back to 2009! YATTA! NRT!
  • hmm where’s Ryosuke during ABC-Z ending credit?

DISC 2A 「Showtime」

  • Welcome to T&T concert! lol hey, it’s all unit songs! I can just imagine Tsubasa’s voice over those juniors’! Easy!
  • I’m not a fan of this red outfit lol especially that tedious thing on his shoulder. Why couldn’t he just wear a tank top?! *biceps FTW*
  • Takki was so playful, especially during Real DX~ lol
  • Epilogue got me, every time T__T
  • I MISS THAT WATER CURTAIN SO HARD! soaking wet!Takki was so adorb! His landing after he signaled all juniors to come catch him was sooooo friggin’ cute!
  • and the smile at the end? that smile never fails to melt me into a puddle of goo~ :)
  • encore! encore! encore!
  • a giant bouquet from Nikki-san :)
  • I want to know what’s the deal with strawberry cake? it’s always a strawberry cake! lol
  • Shige was cute~ LOL
  • OMG Home Party River Dance! I love how everyone was looking forward to that part. Takki was so cute cracking up!
  • Nikki-san/Takki’s exchange before the song was cute too!
  • protect the cake from those streamers!!!
  • Kamen Budoukai special with Higashiyama-san, Uekusa-san and Koichi! Takki’s wide grin (he totally cracked up!) behind that mask was super cute!  OMG Ko-chan, you’re so hilarious!  wow, what a chance to see these 5 awesome dudes on stage together! Koichi and Uekusa-san were totally in Shock rehearsal mode! xD
  • btw, I bet every junior has to learn this furitsuke lol
  • Takki’s fist pump at the end! CUTENESS OVERLOADED

DISC 2B 「Senshuuraku Day」

  • OMG Takki, why were you so slim?! I hate it when he lost a ton of weights and body fat during each butai run D:
  • ROFL Nikki-san’s autograph! XD
  • oooh I like Takki’s white 3/4 sleeve shirt a lot!
  • and what’s with that one leg pants roll again? lol
  • dear lord, this 26-almost-27 year old dude (at that time) looks soooooooooooooo young rehearsing Kamen Bukoukai furitsuke *__*
  • did he really have to put on make up by himself? lol
  • don’t you just love that T&T towel? ^^ He has it with him everywhere! ♥
  • too many juniors, boo!
  • no abs, Avex, you so failed! however, HOLY BICEPS! HOLY BICEPS! *faints*
  • Hidejiji’s transformation!
  • I’m gonna have A-san get me that red Mogu People one of these days! xD
  • Hidejiji ordering stage photos! *dies laughing* what a dork!
  • kanpai~
  • TAKKI! TAKKI! TAKKI!  ← losing it right here… lol



This DVD brings back so many memories! My first time at Takki’s butai. It was awesome. It was beyond amazing.

Even though I still don’t fully understand the storyline. A-san! Help!! lol

Again, Avex did a great job filming the show. I still think they should consider multi-angles, as some of the scenes we got wide shots while I really want to see Takki’s expressions.

As always, I’m completely blown away by Takki’s talents and hard-working attitude. He’s a brilliant performer who  always takes risks to up his game and entertains his audience (though I really think he should stop doing the leaping off the building/stage/etc thing already, it cannot be good for his body, especially his back D:) He knows how to deal with mishaps as he knows that, no matter what, the show must go on.

Watching this DVD reminds me a lot of why I became a fangirl.

I admire him.


And this is my MINOR flailing, imagine a full-blown one~ LOL

Up next, Backborn!


3 Responses to [Takki] Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei

  1. glenda says:

    Will come back & take the time to read this word for word—after I’ve watched the entire show :p I have only skipped around in it because I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to follow what the heck was going after reading all the plot discussions from last year. Then again, with my skipping I saw enough to know that I wasn’t really going to care about that plot line LOL

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL~ so true! You only need a rough summary then you’re good to go, because the storyline is too messed up anyway!

    Takki is sooooooooooo kakoiiiiiiiii~~~ I’m totally in love again~ ♥

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