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March 14, 2010 | release, takki |

6 months late. Severe backlog.

The thing is I’ve never finished D&R post, so I couldn’t move on to anything else because of my OCD self lol The other thing is this was Takki’s 3rd single in 2009, while there’s nothing for T&T. A unit fan in me wanted to slam her head against the wall repeatedly, instead of writing a release post. :P

Hey, even though I’ve been pretty crazy about David Cook lately, I still love Takitsuba yo! :)

Fangirling thoughts as usual, proceed at your own risk.

btw, I have 2 extra copies of jacket D if anyone is interested :)


I really enjoyed taking all these cases apart! lol Jacket A-B-C-D! Black-Black-White-Black!

  • Black and white discs, I don’t know if a disc design can get any simpler!
  • dark hair!Takki is the loveliest thing on earth~
  • Takki continues to play with his fingernails. This time it’s a black diamond~ ♥
  • I love his crooked pinky
  • god’s hand!
  • I may or may not want that pinky belt ring~ (are there two of them, one black, one white?)
  • I like the theme, light and shadow, kinda perfect for his drama Othros no Inu :)
  • Jacket A – most favorite shot is the right inner photo of his hands. Really love it, I think I’m obsessed with his hands. lol Left inner shot is pretty too~
  • Jacket B – love the front cover! Takki looks kinda hurt and lonely on the back *awww*
  • Jacket C – front cover is a big no no! >”< I love his eyes, but this shot creeps me out! Inner shots are much better, especially his pointy white shoes!
  • Jacket D – turns out to be my favorite jacket! LOL front, back and inside! I totally adore the inner right photo, he looks sorta vulnerable for some reasons, that I simply want to hug him ^^” plus, this jacket comes with awesome postcards! woot~


  • Hikari Hitotsu
    I’ve been saying that Takki’s singles sounded like OST, now this one IS an OST for his drama lol I really like the beginning of the song with the rain and music box sound. It fit so well with the drama. Totally love the glass breaking sound towards the end. Plus it’s really catchy <3
  • Warui Otoko
    I love how Spanish the beginning sound, I can totally SEE Takki’s flamenco dance move again lol I had that jin jin stuck in my head for a while after I first heard the song
  • Ai no Senshi Takiranger
    ROFL what a crack song. This song totally proves that Takki is one biggest dork ever. Think Power Rangers, but with Takki’s face wearing pink helmet. I remember seeing photos from Takisama concert and listening to recording and cracking up so bad. I don’t know how any other 27 year old can be this adorable. lol
  • Boku ga Iru
    I love it when Takki writes a song. And I’m totally in love with Takki’s ballad. It’s really beautiful and meaningful. To a point, it’s almost a continuation of Epilogue. 「kimi no aisu tame ni boku wa umareta」To me, the last few verses of the song touch me the most, I wouldn’t be surprised if he penned this song for Tsubasa. or for T&T fans.  :)


  • Hikari Hitotsu

    I love the color scheme of this PV! dark and moody and gloomy ♥
    awesome opening shot, I love his lips!
    demon skull? lol ok ok I get it, god vs evil, huh?
    OMG I LOVE MIRROR SEQUENCES! so many Takki!!
    The infamous infinity ring is back~ :)
    hmm his bracelet looks nice!
    I actually think he looks really tired in this PV, his cheeks are missing again, eat, Takki, eat!
    the crow scene is pretty awesome too~
    it’s really hard to pick only 4 shots for this banner lol I like so many of them, but these four catch my eyes the most. especially the bottom right one, don’t you think he looks nasty/evil reaching out to crush you? *purrs* intense! I really love it!!

  • Hikari Hitotsu (offshot)

    I love how the close up where he cracks up trying to look serious, aww look at all those wrinkles~ ♥
    he’s so silly cute walking down the stairs, singing and changing lyrics lol *pinches*
    Avex should give us an hour of off shot every single time T&T release something! These few minutes are not enough yo! I wonder if those staff knew how lucky they were getting to work with this gorgeous talented dude~
    Takki’s smile brightens my life~

  • Hikari Hitotso (Drama/Anime)

    It’s the PV plus scene from the drama
    always appreciate wet!Takki~ lol
    he really really looks so good in this drama ♥
    me no big fan of anime version, i think it sucks, can’t they find someone who really can draw cute anime?! lol


  • catchy lead single but I like bonus track from jacket D way way way more.
  • 「Boku go iru」wins because Takki’s ballad is a way to go!
  • and I’m still waiting for T&T release.


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