December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009!

Semi babysitting day. Mee wanted to take her son to Dream World which is the largest amusement park in Thailand, I think. BUT do not let that statement fool you!

To picture Dream World, think Disneyland, but 10x smaller, 20x more crowded, and 30 degrees warmer.

Yup, that’s about it for this giant theme park. Pretty much hell on earth. A perfect place for kids! *lol*

We were sweating like crazy as soon as we stepped outside our car, it was a brutally hot day. Then, add tons of people on holiday break on top of that, I was pretty much dead by the time we got our admission tickets! We didn’t really do much besides walking around, taking pictures, and trying (unsuccessfully) to hide from the sun. lol

our little navigator ♥

off wandering around

looking kinda lost with two babysitters *lol*

My favorite spot was this (fake) Snow Land. We had to wait in line for almost an hour to get in there, were forced to put on these blue jackets (which I refused to think how many people put them on before us since they last washed them D:) and some damped boots. BUT at least it’s cold inside!! I felt like I was back home~ lol

We thought Palm would enjoy it since it’s nice and cold and bright and everything. Turned out, he’s scared of this place. Maybe because everyone looked the same (outfit-wise) so he got confused or maybe it’s just the icy snow surface? He just clung on to either his dad or his mom and wouldn’t touch the ground.

We got out of Snow Land, 2 of my friends left, mainly due to exhaustion. The rest of us walked around for a little while longer before heading out to the parking lot.

Palm totally passed out even before we reached our car. LOL

In short: Palm was still too young for amusement park, and we were approaching a getting-old-phase, fast! LOL

An awesome day to close the book on 2009! ♥


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