I skipped lunch yesterday to go get this precious. Oh boy, it took such an effort to drive back to the office instead of going straight home to drool properly!! XDD oh and YAY for FedEx! Even though they routed my package all the way up to Alaska, then all the way down to California, it still got here on time! LOL

I had to bang my head against the wheel for not having any cutting device in my car and there’s no way I could wait to get home and properly cut off the shrink wrap, so my car key will have to do. I tried my best not to rip the wrap apart, but it’s so hard to control my shaking hands xD


When I saw Mezamashi clip last week, the first thing that came to my mind (after KYAAAA KAKKOIIII~~~ of course, that’s the routine xD) was: ehhh B&W!Tono and super colorful!Wing-san? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? (oh well, probably thinking about Yakusoku PVs at that moment xD) So I was expecting this year calendar to be something totally different as I was bouncing impatiently waiting to see the real thing.

So, now, my thoughts on this year calendar~
(if you haven’t got your calendar yet, spoilers behind cut, proceed with cautions)

Calendar my butt, it’s a WEDDING ALBUM admit it! A nice huge elegant wedding album to be exact! LOL If all prints were silver instead of gray, I’d probably search the box inside out for a copy of their wedding certificate xD

Nice off-white ribbon greeted me when I opened the box, and I realized it right away that there’s no way I’d be able to perfectly tie it back. LOL So I had to carefully slide everything out instead.

The frame looks pretty nice except for the gray embossed pattern that I wish it could be sharper. It kinda look like when you enlarge a small/low resolution picture, the edges become blurry with strayed pixels… it looks digitalized (if that makes any sense? LOL) oh well, moving on!

When I first looked through all 3 yummy packages, I was like… what are these scribbling numbers for?! No need!! XDD Seriously, these pictures didn’t give out a feeling of a calendar at all, I felt more like I was drooling over a photobook (minus binding, obviously) ^^

This year calendar is super kakkoii. Planning Schedule is the only baka part, and it was so cute! Those head shots with tiny cartoon bodies crack me up to no end. They’re obviously still in the same silly mode since those 55 keitai wallpapers from Takitsuba Best Album. XD

Still, I just wish there’d be some smiling baka offshots (lots of them, in fact) as I’m going to miss the lively happy T&T from the previous one.

Also, I think I mentioned it last year, the reason why I like it so much was because it’s a one single unit calendar, not a T&T/Takki/Tsubasa combo. I just love seeing BOTH of them together on every single pages of it. Plus, it won’t be an easy job picking and choosing one over the other for the next 12 months.

hmmm.. maybe I should just put all 36 of them up my bedroom wall at the same time? (and die from kakkoii-ness overloaded) XD



Kakkoii~~~~ but what were they doing in this deserted factory? xD

[5] [9] [12] are my favorites (though farm boys [8] comes pretty close too xD)

I’m not really sure whether I like this setting or not, it’s kinda weird. It’s too dark. I rather see them with some brighter settings, lighter backgrounds, like outdoor in the sun or in their Crazy Rainbow room. That kind of lighting. Yes, I’d love to see them all smiling and being a pair of cutest dorks too!

When looking at all 12 of them together, their bright shirts in [6] are quite out of place considering the rest of the pages are in a (sort of) desaturated mode, eh? Oh, and can someone get rid of Takki’s hat please? LOL

So, they only had one tie clip and one tie chain on set? I found it super cute when they shared accessories like this ^^ oooh and matching shirt in [11] too~

It was quite amusing to see Takki tucking his hands into his pants/coat pockets pretty much every chance he’s got too~



Okay, can someone tell me what they’re trying to do to Takki? First, they made him a garbage/recycle man. Next, he was turned into a construction worker. And now, he’s fisherman!!! What’s next?! XD

[10] [4] [12] [7] are my most favorites.

Come on, if [10] is not, I don’t know which could be! I’m not sure which caught my eyes first, his abs, the way he spread his legs wide open, or the fact that Romeo is behind his white pants xD Is there anywhere I can order this in HQ poster size? xD At first I was whining, why couldn’t almost-hadaka!Takki be on November page, then I realized, ahhh October, Tsu’s month, no wonder~ LOL

Being a big fan of outdoor and B&W shots, I’m totally in love with this set. Simple. Natural. Real. (and biceps xD)

He looks lonely. All alone, by himself. It’s sad. This reminds me of grandpa!Takki in One! T__T I don’t know, to me, B&W photos usually give this kind of feelings. The empty boat on the cover page articulated this feeling even more.

I’m not sure what kind of theme was this, nature maybe. That poncho in [11] made him look like a Scotland yard in a jungle though, don’t ask me why XD

Question of the day: was Takki’s shirt in [6] the same shirt Tsu wore in [T&T 6]?

My only complaint would be the missing of Takki’s cheeks, his face looked very skinny in some pictures +__+



I don’t even know where to start and how to pick my favorite pix since they’re all so hot. uh no, make it FREAKIN’ HOT!! *faints*

This photoset is like a series of fine arts comes to life! Dramatic. Surreal. Beautiful.

[6] [4] [7] [1] are those ones that caught my eyes first (but [2] [3] and [10] are sugoi too!! ahhh can’t pick!!). Red, pink and purple suits him so well. And those kissable lips are so #$&)!(@^$# seductive!!!

I really love [6], such a perfect combination of action, color and lighting. This one has a very strong impact on me *purrs*

Even with his super short hair, he’s still so pretty.. soooooo pretty that I felt I shouldn’t be a girl! XD How did he manage to do this? Kakkoii, sexy, and pretty at the same time?!

Lighting and color was super cool, but what kicked me most was the composition. Totally rock! They are all very well-balanced and very well representing different angles of Tsubasa. Every single one of them can easily draw viewer’s attentions. Super sugoi!

All in all, I really like the different feelings from all 3 photosets (yes, photosets, not calendars LOL). Dramatically difference. All three photographers did such a great job capturing Takki and Tsubasa photos. But if I had to give a trophy out, Tanaka Shingo-san nailed it from Tsubasa’s calendar. Those are so brilliantly shot, I salute him!

weeeheee! Another year with Takitsuba to look at!

now, let’s countdown to March 19th together! (^__^)v


4 Responses to [T&T] 2008.04 – 2009.03 Monthly Calendar

  1. tsubaholic says:

    Ahhhh Naughitest, I was just about to ask you for the password cause I want to know your reactions too. *LOL*

    I think we both have similar feelings.
    I didn’t really like the setting either for the T&T shots. And the desaturation just took away that vigor that we’re so used to. It’s pretty but then they looked so much older…. I’ll like to think of it as T&T’s past life and they were together living in this factory.

    For Takki the B/W pics are gorgeous, but he did look sad. I like to think of it as (or at least my story of these calendars), is that Takki’s living this quiet live in a suburban area, maybe private island, but his significant other is a rockstar. *LOL* And he’s just waiting for his honey to come home. hhhahahaaa what am I saying.

    MARCH 19TH HERE WE COME!!!!!!!

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! I love your brain and the AU version of this calendar! xD

    Ditto! Though kakkoii as always, they looked a lot older, like their energy were drained from them during the desaturation process.

    I couldn’t believe Tsu would let their factory to be this dusty, but I guess iRobot was not available yet in their past life, eh? XDD

  3. tsubaholic says:

    Yep, no iRobot yet. XD
    I guess that means he has to cook by a real fire too.

  4. naughtiest says:

    LOL I can totally see Tsu busy with a charcoal stove, trying to set fire, with some charcoal stain on his face xD

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