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Got an email from Amazon this morning, they’ve finally shipped out my calendar and R&J DVD. I jumped to FedEx website to track the package, and almost screamed. It will be here tomorrow morning (YES!) after being routed all the way to Alaska, but I won’t be home to wait for it as usual (oops!). Plus, I have class from 4-8pm tomorrow night so I can’t go get it after work (ouch!).

Fear not! Fear not! This is FedEx, not EMS! LOL I gave them a call and they’ll intercept and hold the package at a FedEx location close to my office, so I can go pick it up during lunch break YAY! ^___^

Bon-chan, please expect a knock on your front door around 8:30pm Thursday night! LOL

I went to have my right foot check up yesterday, it’s been bothering me on and off for over two months now. Basically I have ‘plantar fasciitis’ or in normal human language; ‘heel pain’, which is a pretty common foot problem.

My doctor taped my foot up and gave me a ‘night boot’ to wear while sleeping. Very uncomfortable. I kicked it off after only an hour LOL The pain did get better though, hopefully it’ll be gone for good!

My left pinky is in trouble.

Almost two weeks after getting an iMac, I’m now having severe problems with keyboard shortcuts!

When I’m on a Mac, I press [Control] instead of [Command] because I’ve been using control key ever since I got my first computer. However, when I’m on a PC, I keep hitting [Alt] key instead of [Ctrl] because I started getting used to a Mac keyboard! Sweet!

My poor left pinky is definitely confused! LOL

It was so nice to see some thoughts regarding my previous post. Thanks for the comments~ I realize it’s not easy talking about this stuff in public, which is why I really appreciate your feedbacks. m(_ _)m

B-san asked me a couple days ago: what did you expect from a post like this?
My answer was: I just hope whoever comes across that post does read it.

Of course, those tips are just my opinions, I might be wrong, I might be right, it’s up to each person’s POV. I rather think of it as something to think about. Especially when we’re in a community where each member should be considerate of others (emphasis on eyesight, (in)sanity, and emotional stress XD)

BTW, I don’t expect these annoying things to all of a sudden disappear from the fandom, that’s impossible. And seeing a series of emoji in every sentence recently still made me snort. My poor nose~ XDD However, a slight improvement will be considered a success! *crosses fingers*

After all, Rome was not built in one day.


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  1. mich says:

    yo~ fedex is fast ne! my package was shipped yesterday at 1.25pm, and i received it at today :D can’t wait till u & bon-chan get your calendars!! and R&J DVDs too rite? i wanan go home now to watch the making of :( but i won’t be placing my hopes too high lol~

    take care of ur heel ne! and try not to kick the night boot away hehe… maybe u’ll get used to it after a while~ *hugs* ah, and ur pinky problem~ when i first started using a mac in office (and windows at home), my fingers and brain were chou confused too.. kept typing wrong things day & night! but it’s juz a matter of getting used to it, our bodies have an amazing way of adapting ^^

    ah, and i agree that a slight improvement will be considered a success! (p.s. i think i made a good choice not to include emojis in my comment box ^^)

  2. glenda says:

    Oh heel pain..that I know about…pinky problems not so much LOL If that night boot doesn’t work, they can also put you on anti-inflammatory steroids OR give an injection of that directly to the site. There’s also exercises you can do that will help it and prevent it. It’s been a number of years, but I remember it well. Google it up & you should find the exercises. Hope it gets better soon because I know you are in a lot of pain because of it! The pinky will learn its place ^_^

  3. naughtiest says:

    FedEx is super reliable!! XD I went to bon-chan’s last night, it was so much fun kyaaaaaing together xD

    it’s amusing that being in this fandom taught us to expect the least so we can be overjoy when some tiniest thing happen LOL

    pinky is still in confusion mode, i really hope it’ll learn to switch button properly soon xD

    btw, I think some cases are just hopeless to improve xD once it comes to blog design, simplicity wins eh? ^^ *hugs*

    *smooches* thank you! I’m getting more familiar with the night boot and can wear it longer than an hour now (aka 65 minutes xD). Actually my foot isn’t in that bad condition, but my doctor wants to get rid of it asap so he gave me some exercise along with the boot (plus he can bill my insurance more that way XD)

    I think what really helped was taping. I took it off last night and this morning my right foot hurt again lol, probably have to ask my doctor to teach me how to properly tape myself up next week ^^ *hugs*

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