just some simple tips that I believe will make our browsing time much more pleasant:

  1. using all CAPS — generally, capital letters in internet world = screaming. Personally, I think it’s very rude. I know in some work environment, or some certain programs, they’ve used caps lock, and some cultures don’t think it’s impolite or anything. Of course, when we’re excited, it can be a different story, but since we’re in the common ground on the internet world, I think ALL CAPS message should be avoided when possible.

  2. using colorful/flashing/bold fonts in multiple sizes — believe me, it’s very hard to read, and people roll their eyes at these stuff, not with appreciation, I’m sure.

  3. abusing of emoji — a couple of cute little pictures are fine, but when you use bajillion of them in one post or probably in 3 sentences of your message, it’s way too much and practically kills your message. I admit I usually skip most messages like this, my eyes hurt.

  4. invading other fan’s blogs — by invading, I mean babbling stuff that’s not even related to the topic, and mainly, just all about you. Trust me, earth will not crack even further if you stop talking about yourself for one second. Personal stuff, use your personal blog. It’s that simple. Express yourself away on your own blog. Stop thinking that you’re a center of the universe on someone else’s blog.

  5. attention craving — don’t over-advertise yourself. Truth is, the more you advertising about yourself, the more people will get annoyed and stay away from you. You don’t have to go tell/beg/bug people to go to your website/blog. If they want to go, they will go. No need to tell people repeatedly to visit your blog.

  6. fake sharing — if you wanna share stuff to the community, just share. It’s not a good idea to link it to your locked blog/journal. Fairly annoying, IMO. I’d never bothered to friend someone just to see something that’s partially shared in the community. Personally, I think by sincerely sharing, you’ll pick up more sincere friends that way. Real friends, not just ones who want stuff from you.

  7. friending people to increase your f-list headcounts — this one applies to Livejournal. Seriously, why would you friend someone you didn’t even know? I’ve never added anyone to my f-list had I not had any interaction with that person before. It’s a good gesture to ask, or at least comment on someone’s journal prior to adding that person, introduce yourself since it’s pretty creepy being added by someone out of the blue. And keep in mind that, the person you added has no obligation to add you back. It’s his/her choice. In short, long f-list doesn’t imply that you have a lot of friends. It’s not a popularity contest.

  8. using newbie excuse repeatedly — no, you cannot be a newbie forever, either to the fandom, to blogging world or to whatever. Everyone has a learning curve, fast or slow, you have to learn the norms and adapt yourself accordingly. Guess what, people are not stupid, playing a dumb card won’t work forever.

  9. stealing — simply enough, it’s your death wish. Especially when people stated clearly enough on their website/blog/post. You’re not supposed to copy or translate people stuff and post them on your blog or somewhere else. Same thing goes for personal fanwork, like icons, when you see people’s personal icons, don’t just save and use them. Wrong, very very wrong. If those icons were not shared in the community, you have no right to use them. Period. Also, cropping publicly shared stuff is a big disrespect to the artist who spent a lot of time and energy on those fanwork. It’s not a nice thing to do to pay that person back, right? Believe me, it’s not fun poking people to remove these stuff. Bottomline, manner is something that everyone should have without being told.

  10. lying — if stealing is your death wish, lying is your death sentence. Internet is a virtual world, you might think you can be whoever you want, fake whatever you think people will be interested, but it’s not. Definitely not. Once people have lost their trust in you, you’ll never gain it back. Simple but true. Honest people have real friends. Liars only have their lies.

Any thoughts? Comments are more than welcome. I’d love to know if there’s anything else people think of as I’m pretty sure there are more, and I might not be right with those items I mentioned. So feel free to cross some off or add more to the list, we’re learning this together (^__^)v


11 Responses to [tips] 10 annoying things people should avoid doing

  1. Tongari says:

    I agree 100%, and I’m glad someone had the balls to post this without sugar-coating the issues. (Though I’m guilty of abusing caps “publicly” when I’m angry or happy or something. XD)

    @#9, #6: Damnit, I know fans who steal scans from other people and stamp their own watermarks on it. (AND resize them until they look mediocre) Wth is wrong with people? :[

    There’s also direct linking… Though I guess that falls under #9.

    D: How about begging all the time? Not sure if that bothers others as much as it bothers me. As someone who lurks and tries not to bother other fans, I find it insanely rude that people have the gall to ask constantly for things without contributing at all to the fandom. :[

    And there’s so much more, but I can’t think of any others right now. Hope my comment wasn’t too useless.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Please let me be the first to say, that i hail Naughtiest for this perfect checkoff list of fandom annoyances!! XD

    i think we’ve all been victims of these ne~
    but what i find even more stupid is : no matter how many times we ask for these inconsiderate acts to be stopped…they just wont stop.

    and ive said this before, but people already have retarded things to deal with in real life. We dont need it in the fandom, a place where we’re supposed to be able to escape from reality and all the drama that comes along with it X[

  3. naughtiest says:

    Thanks for your comment! *smooches* btw, are those balls dangling off my … ? *looks down* XDDD I thought these stuff happened more often lately to the point that I could hardly bare, so I’d better let it out before this could become an ALL CAPS post xD (and I do abuse caplocks along with !!! sometimes too LOL)

    o_O stealing, resizing and adding watermark? wow, that’s a low blow ne..

    oooh! that begging all the time is so true! I hate bugging people too, especially when I first got into any fandom. Sometimes I feel like if people just do some homework, they’ll know or find most of the things they want without bothering the entire world.

    let’s hope this list won’t get too large, or we’ll be overwhelmed to death! xDDD

    you’re right, it all comes down to being inconsiderate. People definitely have different backgrounds, but everyone still needs to adjust to be a part of community/society, and make that place a nice place to stay. (LOL can you tell that I was in a human resource class this week? XD)

  4. mich says:

    *pachi*pachi* naughtiest, this is gr8!!! thanks for listing it out like this *hugs*

    and yea, that thing about ppl asking for things endlessly, it gets quite annoying after a while. sometimes i feel that ppl just take things for granted :(

    hahaha… colorful, bolded, heavily-emoticonised posts make me (@-@;). #9 and #10 are bad enuf on their own. but what i got recently was like both mixed togther lol~ #10 straight after #9? i dunno whether to laugh or cry… ppl having the guts to steal something and no guts to admit!

  5. naughtiest says:

    *glomps* thanks mich!

    speaking of taking things for granted ne, it’s kinda hard to balance from contributor’s POV desho? I’m sure you love to spread the love, but unappreciative people can be very discouraging ne~

    one is bad, but a combo is definitely worse. I wonder why these people didn’t think that pulling these kinds of acts is sooooo wrong and they’ll eventually get caught?! =__=

  6. kiwi says:

    hello sarah!!
    hehe some of these made me LOL.

    can’t be more true!!

  7. naughtiest says:

    I’m glad I can make you laugh today! XDD Just hope I can make a lot more people LOL too especially once the number of these irritation stuff goes down~ (or away for good!) ^__~

  8. Kat says:

    I really like your list Sara ^^ but I have to say that #9 and #10 shouldn’t be listed as an annoyance because these two warrant a much more severe title, don’t you think? The majority of that list can be chalked up to fans who are so starved for attention, they’re willing to do anything to get a superficial pat on the head. Really pathetic. I just hope they realize that we’re laughing at them and not with them. I wont say anything about those who are “overzealous” with their message/layout, only because that kind of action just makes me skip the blog completely. Thanks, but I’ll take my information without the bleedings eyes. >_>

    Stealing and Lying, however, takes a complete scumbag to pull off. Lol, and to try and pull the innocent act after the crime has been committed XD That cracks me up, but like I said… real losers here. I cant even pretend to understand why they do what they do (Though the term, “selfish bitch” comes to mind), and I don’t care to. I still think that everyone who has been a victim should post a “Beware of ” sign on their site, so others know to stay away. XD but thats just the vigilante in me speaking. I bet the people who are doing this don’t even realize that they don’t have to steal and lie to “prove” how big of a fan they are. Seriously, are they so blind that they cant see that respect/honest > bullshit?

    Okay, Okay… I’ll pull my claws back. I guess I’m lucky with the YA fandom because the fans respect each other. Its a shame really, T&T fangirls are amazing, but a select few certainly know how to ruin it for others.

    (Maybe I should make a “Beware of over-protective Seme” icon for you instead) XD

    Hugs and Kisses, you know I love you ^_~

  9. glenda says:

    BALLS!!! red sparkly ones!!! :p

    This may fall under Tongari’s *begging* annoyance. I find it somewhat annoying when I see posts to someone who has uploaded an item to Site A and most of the comments are requests for it to be uploaded at Site B. It would be nice if it were at least acknowledged that uploading stuff takes a long time especially if it is a big file, and maybe the requesting person could make it more of a general request as in “could someone load this to”. It’s not like the original uploader has all this free time to themselves to try to please everyone or is supposed to keep up with what country/uni has banned what site this week. Most people are nice about their requests for another site but some come off sounding as if it were their God-given right to be able to d/l from their favorite site.

    Great list & nice post, Sara, and I think you pretty much covered everything. It is relevant to every fandom/site I visit.


  10. naughtiest says:

    *cuddles* and you know I love you too~ My over-protective Seme rules! ^^

    LOL I guess we need a “Beware of too flashy webpages” sign too, they can make you color-blinded!

    You’re right, #9 & #10 are not just annoying, but super duper wrong. There’s no logic to explain these kinds of acts. Also, I think we can throw a word “shamless” to the plate too. LOL

    Let’s just hope that those selected few will learn something, and improve themselves eventually! *positive uke* XD

    *smooches* Thank you Kat, I love you! ♥

    *plays with sparkling balls* xDD

    I absolutely agreed with you on uploading site issue! Uploading takes so much more time and energy compared to simple click-click and downloading, and I also hope some inconsiderate requesters could realize that their favorite sites may not work well for the uploaders too.

    Thank you, G! *hugs*

  11. Stephi-chan says:

    I don’t think I have ever read this, but I worship you Naughtiest!
    ..most definately agree, I do.
    Along with everything Bon-chan said…victims, escape and all.

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