OMG It’s March already!

Back in Thailand, March is probably the most hated month of the year since it has 31 days without any holiday lol (we do have national holiday in August and October).

Not that it matters anyway, here at Boeing, we’re going 5 months straight without a holiday. Memorial Day is the first one! A price to pay to have a long Christmas break, indeed.

My February ended with a BANG, thanks to David Cook and The Anthemic. I’m so glad I decided to go to Cabazon. It really was an incredible night.

However, instead of working on my concert blog, I spent last night googling a way to rip those clips off IdolsNow app. LOL F-san said it should be doable but I most likely have to jailbreak my phone. Hmm.. probably I should just stop being stubborn, give up and pay them $0.99 every month to keep watching the interview? :P

Anyway, can someone come up with an app to rip this  thing within the next 29 days? Please.  According to Apple, there’s an app for that, right right? :)

Also, IdolsNow should just have a super ultimate premium section where people can pay extra to get a video of the entire show, seriously.


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