and I’m still fangirling in my afterlife!!! @thedavidcook? You killing machine!

9:32 PM Feb 27th via Echofon

That was my tweet to sum this incredible night up, well, as much as my deep-fried brain could process at that moment anyway~ ♥

Morongo Casino
Cabazon, CA

warning: silly fangirl incoherent thoughts, flailing hard guaranteed, quite a bit of photos, again VERY LONG post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

I love digging though a pile of blurry pictures to make a BAND banner~ lol

intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem | Autopsy Report
intro (again) | Round 5 – St. Louis | Round 6 – Milwaukee

It was back on January 15th, where my brain was still clouded with jet lag spell from my Thailand trip, when David Cook announced a new show.


My first thought was like, awesome, it’s a Saturday and I have that Friday off! Next, I google-mapped Morongo Casino up and went: where the heck is this? LOL I didn’t know if I could go since I didn’t know anyone there (again), and I seriously didn’t want to drive in California since people there didn’t really know how to signal it’s scary!

A week later, I bought a ticket to the show anyway. Ticket first, logistics later. Story of my life. lol

FACT: I hate ticketmaster. show

I spent the next few weeks figuring it all out, airfare was one of the most evil things in fangirl universe, especially when you tried to get from point A to point B and back to point A with the least amount of airtime (nonstop totally wins!). lol I also chose to go to Palm Springs instead of Ontario since I didn’t want to drive 45 minutes in the dark where I didn’t really know the road *wimps*

This trip ended up to be a crazy ninja trip for me as I’d leave Seattle early Saturday morning, and would be back in Seattle late Sunday morning. LOL oh my life.

Anyway, flashforward (OMG I cannot wait for this series to return!) to Feb 27! My dad dropped me off at the airport, security check was a breeze, SeaTac still provided free wi-fi. My day was off to a good start! I slept all the way to PSP, picked up rental car (got talked into upgrading from a Toyota Yaris to Mazda 3 – evil Hertz, they so knew that people didn’t want a Toyota! lol I love the Mazda though, really nice car, the wheel was a bit light compared to my Accord, but really comfortable), and drove to Cabazon (where is it again? lol).

↓ OMG we can book David Cook at great rate!! LOL ↓
so tempted to fix the marquee pixel fails on his face lol.

Turned out, ticketmaster tickets were not available for pick up yet, so I walked around the casino and went over to see the giant white tent where the show would take place that night. Then, I couldn’t friggin’ wait to hear Archie’s She’s Not You, and David’s This Year any longer, I drove to the hotel, begged front desk to let me check in early so I could go download the songs XD ILU and your free high speed internet, Hampton Inn~

OMG INSTANT LOVE FOR BOTH SONGS! This Year sounds like it can be a movie soundtrack or sport event theme song *coughs*nbc*coughs*olympics2012*coughs* ← that will make it 3 Olympics in a row! Seriously though, I want all songs that got cut from DCTR in full length. Maybe Tonight is still the song I want to hear the most as I’m a sucker for ballad and that 29-second snippet got me all hearts in my eyes. His voice is so beautiful~ ♥

Anyhow, I went back to Moron-go Casino around 3pm, met with MLD and AMD for the first time! *squeeeezes* They checked in at the same time as Monty ~LOLFEST re: what happened at valet parking XD We ended up watching Andy (+1) and Kyle (+2) checked in (+Joey), totally being creepers, but held on tight to our ‘good behavior fans’ motto, we didn’t bug them. NFT was nowhere to be seen~ when did he sneak in?! (obviously before Andy lol)

Next, we walked off to the ‘outdoor pavilion’ to listen to soundcheck, hearing Barracuda on the way but couldn’t figure who’s singing it (dumb, I didn’t know Carly was there at that time) OMG they opened the door so we could actually see inside (so far away, where’s my binoculars? LOL) All of them were on stage. I didn’t take any picture though. Anyway, we didn’t stay for the entire soundcheck since it was really cold and AMD was getting sick, so we headed back to the hotel (to recharge our phones LOL)

David’s surprise#1 came after soundcheck, MLD and I actually ran from elevator to the box office (almost ran down 15 floors because the friggin’ elevator doors just wouldn’t close LOL) As expected, there’s a line there already and seemed like box office staff didn’t really know about this deal. *confused faces all around* so we headed back to the room~

We came down for dinner around 6PM, met with JM *hugs* who just saw the entire gang (and she just arrived at the casino! bless her luck~). We decided to have dinner at Bamboo Restaurant. The food was okay, but eye candies were awesome. The entire group minus DCook, NFT and Kira was there. MLD said Andy and Andrew ate a lot LOL Now that we knew Carly was there, we matched her voice with her face and figured out the next surprise~ Barracuda!

BTW, Andrew Cook is so good looking. I mean, yes, I know he looks like David Cook (duh lol) who can make me go ♥__♥ without doing anything, but all the pictures and clips I’ve seen of ACook can’t really translate the right amount of ‘good looking’ he actually is because he is really good looking in RL (confuse now? lol)

Okay, I’m being a creeper again and still, he ate a lot. *runs like hell* LOL~

Anyway, after chillaxing for a while, we finally went over to the outdoor pavilion. None of us was sitting together, though the girls were all in section E, while I was on the other side. The stage was pretty high (for my 5’4″ self), so my seat was actually really good (as long as there’s no giant in front of me). They also had 2 big display screens on stage for people in the back to see. BUT I did realize that I’d hardly get a good look at Neal, so while waiting for the show to start, in desperate attempt (lol), I tweeted:

@iNaughtiest:  @nealfingtiemann please don’t forget to give some love to fans on stage right too. Thank you~ :)
7:39 PM Feb 27th via Echofon

A few minutes before the show, David tweeted his surprise#2~ A twitvid from backstage!


Now, I understood all those tweets about how hot David was with his hair and outfit *hearts in my eyes* DC was so cute in this clip!

It was really loud in the venue so I couldn’t really hear what David said on my phone LOL but I was like, what the heck that Neal was saying at the same time? So when I went back to my room later that night and watched it again, I almost died laughing when I realized that Neal was actually mouthing whatever David was saying! ROFL you dork! And I really love how Monty cracked up watching Neal! xD NFT looked so cute when he’s looking at DC too!

A whole bunch of fans went over to front of the stage area and stayed there (I had an experience with security kicking us back to our seats from Nokia Theater so I didn’t go join the commotions lol). The DJ came out a few minutes later, the venue went dark. Let the show begin!!

The guys walked out from stage right, the lights started to come back up *flashing lights*, intro to I Did It For You kicked in and…

HOLY!!!  ♥__♥  OMG *thuds* TWITVID DID NOT DO HIM JUSTICE! DAVID COOK WAS RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS! GAH! whoever gave him a haircut (or talked him into getting this haircut) and dressed him up deserved a gigantic raise/tip/kiss/whatever! And Doctor, why were you so hot?! *melts into a puddle of goo* white shirt + vest + jeans + orange guitar = WINNING COMBO!

OMG I missed this feeling so much, the beginning of the concert where all the excitement just came pouring out! ADRENALINE!!!

I think DC missed being on stage too. He smiled a lot, fully activated his charming spell~ IDIFY was really hot, And during the song when fans sang “(far from) ORDINARY” really loud, he said “oh I love it” ← *DIES* and oh I love it when he played guitar like that, and OMG NFT *__*  I also love it when they all walk to the front of the stage (well, again, need a moving drum set for Kyle lol), OMG I LOVE EVERYTHING~

DC thanked the fans, said he missed us (yeah, after touring for 10 months, 2 months off = friggin’ forever LOL). Still teased everyone with his ‘surprises’  OMG he’s so adorable when he smiled like that~ ♥

Mr. Sensitive never failed to make me go goo goo ga ga~ especially sexy guitar abuse at the end that was hot enough to burn my braincells every time!

While the last note of Mr. Sensitive was still ringing, they all jumped into Heroes intro! I really love Heroes, I think it’s a really fun song to sing along during concert~ Not to mention, NBC loves it too! :)

A guy who sat next to me (I stood, he sat) was forced by his girlfriend to yell “I LOVE YOU DAVID”. He’s a big dude and it’s hilarious!

DC banter was really cute, especially when he introduced himself (David Cook not Dane Cook lol) and the band. Andy was super adorable, shaking his head in an attempt to fix his hair lol

David told us to cheer for Monty (good luck at the table, Monty!), mentioned one of his nickname, and Neal was laughing. OMG SO CUTE!

David introduced Kyle and Neal (and his drinking jacket, which he soon ditched lol too hot, Doctor?) next. I love the way he teased NFT~ He mentioned if anyone had never been to his show before and the fan in the front kinda pointed her friend out (he said it kinda sucks, calling your friend out LOL), so he went on to tease that fan about the way she pointed at her friend was like her friend’s farting ROFL~ DAVID COOK WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?! ♥

And he ended up saying that someone in that group did fart LOL (power of the microphone holder, indeed~)

Intro to Kiss on the Neck was perfect to pump people up! Excuse me while I died during that friggin’ moan *__* Hotel California snippet was always fun *claps claps claps* (almost dropped my camera lol) DC hoped we figured it out that we’re at a rock show, and everybody needed to stand, it’s the rule~ (he just went on and on~ LOL) The way he sang “with just a kiss on the neck” that night was insanely hot~ They all went nuts on stage during KOTN~ I love it! woot!

David said in order to be entertaining and clever (lol), he tried to come up with witty diatribe (I confess I didn’t catch what he said at first LOL even NFT shook his head at this wordnerd~), but tonight there wasn’t one xD He said he didn’t get to do this before as they’re off the road but instead of a moment of silence, he wanted us to make a ton of noise for people in Haiti and Chile. *claps claps* He hope those people would continue to find the good in the bad and keep kicking ass.

THIS. is why I love him. His heart.

Lie was absolutely gorgeous. The acapella part was amazing. He didn’t bother asking the audience to be quiet as he still sang with that lucky microphone. Can I say it again and again and again and again that I love his voice? :)

EvilTeaser!DC kept teasing everyone about his surprises and said he’d keep doing that until someone got legitimately pissed off *whacks* dork! Apparently, Gabe was now Andy’s guitar tech (aka getting less plugs than being DC’s (currently Johnny Metal) lol), but David made him come out anyway :)  He then told the band to start the next song and he’d catch up (probably didn’t want to squint at the setlist lol)


I love Declaration! It was so much fun singing along! *still drooling over that red guitar* btw, don’t you think it’s kinda hard to take pictures when you’re being a good fangirl and clapping or doing whatever DC told you to do? I should get 100% for my participation score! lol

ala family time! He’s checking in with friends and family on side stage. Asking for his ‘Little Bro’, but when Andrew walked onto the stage, David told him to stop and go behind the curtain because he wanted to do it right. ROFL Then he started introducing Andrew, *ahem* to “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, legal available women of all ages, the man of the hour, too sweet to be sour, and other stupid things that rhyme, Andrew Cook!” XDD

ACook finally came out, and asked if anyone wanted a pick, then threw one into the crowd. It’s so funny he was so excited when he did it correctly LOL Andrew mentioned his radio show that he no longer has, and proceeded to ask whether anyone was hiring in LA area, give him a jingle, he’d be on a jangle~ (these brothers…lol) David was giggling~ the whole band was giggling~ so adorb! ♥

OMG for once Andy stood still! *snaps* Hi, Monty~ :)

The hotness of Bar-ba-sol! I so love counting this off!


I seriously love how David dangled his guitar on his back like that~  OMG NEAL! *__*

all before me like a dream~

DC said a few months off the road and he forgot he loved playing BBS (aka that damn song lol. He told us to go super loud then he told all girls to shut up (not exactly that word, btw lol) because he wanted to hear the dudes. ROFL the guys cheered (after a small pause) but it was so hilariously failed, so David told ladies to show them how it’s done. Of course, all female population screamed their heads off. He just laughed. xD

He talked about how they were being on the road supporting the current record and towards the end of their tour, they decided to give fans something new. So they’re going to play something that was new lol

I just have to mention this forever.



I love Make Believe and I think it sounded much more polished compared to its debut night. Music was tighter. And it just sounded so HIM~ Oh and keep wiggling your fingers, David, I like that ;) His guitar spanking is going to kill me one day… *nosebleeds*

DC said in life, it pays to know the right people, and while he was on a tiny (miniscule?) TV show called American Idol (lol), he managed to make some of the most amazing friends. So he asked audience’s and security’s permission to introduce one of them. xD

Here we go, surprise#3~ Carly Smithson~

Carly came out, they hugged (awww), and we’re now having Barracuda!

↓ This pair of jeans should be illegal. I’m kidding, please keep wearing them~ ♥

Oh boy, Carly was amazing! The band totally rocked Barracuda it was crazy!! Neal~  ♥__♥

SEASON 7 FOREVER!! (I wish they have a reunion concert or something lol)

↓ Kyle Peek’s worshipers lol

weee~ the red guitar was back~ DC told us to support We Are the Fallen, and go get Bury Me Alive on iTunes (making joke re: iTunes pricing, during AI promo pimp on iTunes front page~ lol)

A girl yell ILU at him and he’s saying ‘I love you toooooooo~’ back in a very high voice *cute*, before leading into Come Back To Me.

And it was the last song before encore. NOOOOOO COME BACK TO ME!!!

Here we go again, a dilemma of going to David Cook concert. Want them back on stage pronto, but the sooner they’re back, the sooner the concert’s going to end. lol I just wish they could do an hour worth of encore or something ;)

A keyboard was pushed onto the stage in the dark while fans were chanting David David and clapping nonstop. After a minute or so, they’re finally back with Light On~

Andy Skib was one multitasking dude! :)

HOLY!! NFT WALKED TO STAGE RIGHT! *DIES* OMG THANK YOU, NEAL!!! (twitter begging totally works!! lol) He did his awesome thing with his guitar again and I melted into a puddle of goo~ Oh Neal~ ♥

David wanted us to sing the last part, no problem, sir! I love Light On, I don’t know why some peeps don’t like it, but it’s such a great song for concert IMO, high notes, slow part, piano, audience participation, see? perfect!  :)

David thanked the fans and mentioned grassroots effort to get him 100K followers before this show. So they’re going to give us surprise#4 if we pulled that off, and we DID pull it off. YAY!

IT’S A BRAND NEW SONG CALLED “U and I” (apparently, one of his favorite songs they’ve written so far, spelling like this per @thedavidcook’s tweet, but the T&T fangirl in me kinda hope it’s → You & I ;) )


U and I sounded amazing! It started off with Andy’s piano, which was really pretty. OMG NEAL WAS SINGING CHORUS TOO! *thuds* This song was super catchy, and it sounded sooooooo David Cook! I got it stuck in my head right away, I mean I started humming the chorus part right after I left the venue and it burned into my brain even before I listened back to the recording! I totally love it!


’cause there’s nothing left to stop our dreams again~

DC said: “Casino Morongo, thank you guys so much.


I cannot wait to see all of you in action again. And please come back to Pacific Northwest soon! :)

Until you set your next tour route and I try to cross that amazingly addictive path again. Until then~ ♥

I tried to cut across to section E but got stuck in front of the stage. By the time I could untangle myself from the crowd, the girls were back at the elevator area. We walked around the casino for a while, headed back up to the room, came back down again (lol oh life) met Andrew and Carly in front of the elevator~ OMG Carly was gorgeous!

I hung out until almost midnight, before I drove back to the hotel, took a shower and started reliving this awesome experience. To my defense, I did get some sleep that night (~morning) before I had to be up before sunrise to drive back to PSP for my 7am flight. Paid the price of having too much fun by having a super loud kid sitting right behind me, kicking my seat all the way back to Seattle. *shakes head*

Dear Moms out there, if you can’t really control some of your kids’ behavior, maybe you should consider drugging them before getting on board. lol I’m kidding!! ;)


ps2. and he was so chatty which made all banters super adorable!

ps3. MLD blogged about her thoughts on being a FAN. I love her. I remember writing about it before when I was actively participated in T&T fandom that you cannot own your idol. You can admire and cherish them but you can never own them, nor will you be their BFF. True statement, especially with Japanese idols lol

ps4. I need a new kick ass camera (again!) When will I find a perfect one?! *headdesks* and I should have brought my Canon with me, they didn’t even check for camera at Morongo! *grumbles*

ps5. I’m so glad I decided to pull a ninja trip and go to this concert. This 28 hours of my life cost me about 1/3 a round-trip ticket to Thailand (granted that I paid a high season price for those tickets during Christmas break, whatever~ lol), but it’s really worth every single penny. I had a really wonderful time while getting to meet new friends in RL. I know I joked a lot that my family will disown me if I run off to DC concert again, but in reality, they’re really supportive (read: no longer bother LOL). Dad always tells me to do whatever makes me happy, as long as it’s safe and I can afford it. (and safe is the gigantic keyword lol)

ps6. (OMG U and I debut *dies*) a new blog header because U and I refuses to leave my brain! I really hope this song make it to his next album, because it’s such a kick ass song with really catchy hook~ :)

ps7. Starbucks at Palm Springs airport is totally evil! a bagel/cream cheese at SeaTac = $1.59.  a bagel/cream cheese at PSP = $2.59, seriously! I paid over $5 for 2 slices of lemon pound cake! (but it’s yummy~ so it’s okay lol)

ps8. hi, blog visitors, thanks for reading, nice to meet you (and you IPs), I don’t bite :)

ps9. I still didn’t get to hear A Daily AntheM live. lol this journey continues! ♥

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  1. Abbyrocky says:

    Loved your concert recap, and your photos are gorgeous!

  2. naughtiest says:

    thank you, Abbyrocky, I’m glad you enjoy it! :)

  3. chinagrrl says:

    i found your site through a google search. i love your writing and your amazing photos. i was at the show as well and wanted to ask you something… i was wondering if you can email me? (i couldn’t find a way to otherwise contact you.) thanks so much!

  4. naughtiest says:

    hi, chinagrrl, I’m sending you an email :)

  5. Robin says:

    Sara you’re the best! As always your details bring your reader to the concert. The closest I could possibly get this time. Don’t know if I can stay home again. Photos are amazing. I am so happy you were able to make this show. Don’t ever get practical = )

  6. naughtiest says:

    Robin~ I don’t even know if I have an ability to be practical! lol I’m really happy you enjoy this silly recap, and please let me know if you’re running off to some concerts in the future because I’d love to tag along! ;) I miss you!

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