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February 28, 2010 | david cook, et cetera, header, ps-dc |

I went to David Cook’s concert in Cabazon, CA (cabazon, where? LOL yeah, that’s my first reaction when he announced the show in January~ xD)

It was a crazy trip with sole purpose of going to a concert. period. Something I don’t normally do since it’s supposed to be A TRIP, which should involve traveling and sightseeing and whatever~ LOL *shakes head*

DC murders me blog/pix will be posted some time this week! Stay tuned~

for the time being, a new blog header!

and oh, also this pix from the show last night~ ♥ He’s precious.

my friend asked me before, is it easier to be a David Cook fan, compared to being a T&T fan?

I wouldn’t say it’s easier, since it took a lot of working around for me to go to each concert because I don’t know a lot of people in the fandom like many other hardcore fans. I’m amazed how they managed to pull front row/center seats every time. That’s quite impressive!

Anyway, it’s probably more convenient, since I don’t have to take a week long vacation to fly 10 hours to Japan, then took a train all over the place where I don’t really know the language. No, I don’t know Japanese (I tried though LOL).

In the beginning, I told everyone that it’s cheaper to go see David Cook, since it’s really cheaper! Total cost for 3 pairs of concert tickets plus hotel rooms and gas and food and everything is still less than a round trip tickets to Japan! Not to mention, going to Japan usually involves a JR Pass which costs additional ~$300 because I hate wasting time waiting for or riding train, so I normally bite my tongue and buy JRP so I can hop on a shinkansen *spoiled*  But after I started flying to DC concerts, I think accumulated costs will eventually surpass my Japan trips, we’ll see ;)

One other thing that really makes it more convenient is the fact that DC had 150+ concerts last year, T&T had none. And I could buy DC tickets online (I passionately hate ticketmaster and stupid captcha though) while JE balloting system is insanely risky for overseas fans to make plan in advance (but it’ll get better once A-san moves to Japan later this year YAY! FC membership, come back to me~)

Anyway, overall, it’s not really easy, and I still didn’t get to go to every single concert I want to since I still have a career to keep lol but it’s fun and it makes me happy, so I don’t really think I can compare the two obsessions because they’re completely different

I still want to go to T&T concert and I’m still waiting for that to happen again! And with A-san’s luck, good seats will also happen! ;)

my brain sorta needs some sleep, like, a lot of sleep right now.


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