dentist this morning
post office around noon
visit my friend’s 2-week old baby ← SO ADORB
laundry this afternoon
packing this evening

that’s the plan which can be changed at any time lol

Yesterday at work was hilarious, we talked about Idol and stuff, then my director came over and did his thing again

director: hey sara, is david cook coming out with an album?
me: *rolls eyes* yes, soooooooon enough, he’s writing!
boss: (to director) ask her what she’ll be doing this weekend!
director: what are you doing this weekend?
me: *grins* i’m going to a concert~
director: david cook?
me: *beams* YES!
director: where?
me: california~
director: california?
me: *nods*
boss, coworker: *laughs*

my director made a face then moved on to tell us a story about nickelback dude buying his wife a drink in Cabo LOL

I really have a fun office!

i’m about to pull a crazy ninja trip. seattle/palm springs/seattle within 28 hours

i’m so excited for this concert (especially for the surprise he’s talking about) since i missed NYE because i was in Thailand, then i missed MWK because it’s a weekday (for crying out loud!) and airfare was too insane. So, Moron-Go, here I come!

if he’s playing his new song, it’ll be the 2nd time I get to hear his song debut! Make Believe 2.0~ :D

btw, in preparation for tomorrow, I read through my DC murders me posts last night and realized I sounded fairly insane (in a good way, I hope lol)



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