Attack of the DVDs!

February 12, 2008 | release, takitsuba |

Super Tuesday!!! I woke up to one of the best-est news ever, T&T concert DVD! urr no, make it “The Ultimate T&T Concert DVDs x 3”

Tackey & Tsubasa Premium Live DVD – 5th Anniversary Special Package

I really have to salute Avex marketing department this time around for nailing my fangirl’s brain. Plus they know precisely when to throw in these words: special, limited, bonus, and private LOL

As soon as I saw the word “Limited Edition”, A & B are a must already. And once I saw off-shots list from each disc, I laughed hysterically. The “multi-angle” part didn’t have that super high impact on me, but the contents.. The contents!! *faints*

A – concert rehearsal, Aishiteru ze, Real DX and Kamen
B – private time (that’s it, no need to read further LOL btw, does it mean they filmed themselves? since it’s private? XD), MC, Daydreamer and Kamira Tamara
C – Yume Monogatari and Diamond *nosebleeds to death*

I could probably wait and hold off on getting the C jacket had I not seen the flashing word “DIAMOND” right in front of my eyes. Hang in there, my poor bank account! XD

I still couldn’t believe it that they’re giving us 2 full concerts! I was bracing myself for something like Hatachi (and cursing them under my breath LOL). Thank you Avex!! m(_ _)m

Still, 3 versions of DVDs are pure evil, and Avex can price them however they want, since they know we, T&T fans, are desperate! LOL

Now, let’s think about a strategy to most effectively get these DVDs for a second.

S1: pre-order everything like I always do. Posters are my concern, will Amazon give them out this time? HMV was out of the questions since there’s a bonus poster. However, will the poster come the same way as Samurai?! >”< I sure hope not!! CDJapan shipping is seriously evil too…

S2: If Amazon give out posters (not folded, of course), do I have enough patience? Combining orders will save a ton of shipping, but can I wait 15 days to get my hands on T&T calendar? That’s the biggest question…

S3: Beg A-san to get all 3 from Fukuoka for me, since I’m pretty sure there will be some freebies attached to them… buying them at the venue is definitely more expensive compared to online site… but freebies… freebies… but what kind of freebies it might be? Postcard? Clear file? or what?! Don’t tell me it’s the same bonus poster!

S4: To add more damage, do I need a backup copy? If so, should I order A and B online and ask A-san to get either A or B plus C from Fukuoka?.. ok I admit, i can’t wait to see both A and B off-shots, so I have to get them asap! xD

S5: a suicide mission, we need to support T&T to no end, correct? How about combining S1 and S3…. A-san will call me nuts for sure ^^; but that’s the only way I can watch all of them pronto, get the bonus posters, and also get freebies! (← clearly has no will against free stuff LOL)

ARGH!!!! My head hurts! Painfully happy kind of hurt it is! Oh boy, since when did I turn “M”? XD


2 Responses to Attack of the DVDs!

  1. mich says:

    daisakusen desu yo ne!! my poor head….. btw, amazon replied, but only to one of the two qns i asked! :( they said, once the first press is sold out, they’ll ship regular press, and if the poster comes as a bonus with first press, and it’s stated on the item page, then they’ll ship it at no extra cost. BUT they didn’t reply on HOW they’ll ship it (which is the most important question desho!) anyway, amazon & hmv still haven’t posted up their links yet. i’m so tempted just to go with cdjapan tho the total amt looks really frightening! xD

    so many options!! i was adding and subtracting items and calculating all sorts of shipping costs combinations @ cdjapan just now. i’m also thinking if i shud get C at the enbujo venue, coz i’m sure they’ll still be selling it then (with freebies)!!

    i feel like we’re all M now, so happily being tortured~ LOL!

  2. naughtiest says:

    *high fives* Freebies rules!! XDD

    Thanks for the update about Amazon. I guess I’ll probably go with CDJapan just to be sure.. but their shipping is sooo ebil!!

    I’ve decided to get A and B for now. A-san will take care of the rest in Fukuoka ^^

    We’re all definitely going happily insane over these DVDs. This is what happened when they release their concert DVDs every 3 years! LOL

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