hell week

February 9, 2008 | et cetera |

What a week. I’ve been sick like a dog for a few days, and my nose is still running. Blame it on weather and being a girl.

At least it was a short week, work-wise. I had a 3-day class/training which turned out to be a great class with exam on the last day.

I’m taking a Dale Carnegie class this quarter too, it’s one of the leadership classes that my company highly recommended, so Thursday will be a super long day for me for the next 10 weeks, working from 7am-3:30pm, then class from 4pm-8pm. It is a nice class, and one of the books they made us read is really good. It really helped me think twice before firing ^^”

In short, when we’re upset, we tend to get our anger out which will probably make us feel better, but that’s not right answer. The other party will get defensive and try to justify themselves, which makes us even farther away from the real problem and the solution.

Simple common sense, but we seem forget about it when we’re mad.

This week, I was THIS close to open fire, several times, when my better judgment kicked in, just in time. I was writing a pretty nasty email to someone at work for not doing what I’ve asked her to do since last week, when I decided not to send it. Since I was in class all day M-W, I had to work and fix her job till 9pm Tuesday night but finally I got the job done. The leadership team review on Wednesday went smoothly. Everyone was happy. I was happy too.

I also wrote a long post about some very annoying things that happened to me repeatedly (well, make that two posts, I had a very bad star alignment week), but decided not to post it. I dealt with the issue offline, and it worked out (though I saved all evidences LOL).

Of course, I’m not a perfect human being, I still need to vent my anger. But it doesn’t mean that someone has to take on my frustrations every single time. I choose to write things down, and organize my thoughts so I can calm down enough to deal with the issue politely/nicely. No one needs to get hurt by my anger (unless I’m super pissed, that is <– far cry from perfect, I’m telling you~ XDD).


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