Photoshop mood kicked my butt around midnight.

umm, hello, I still need to sleep even though I don’t have to go to work tomorrow? lol~ (well, actually, today!)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this wallpaper for almost 6 months since I went to DC on Star Stage in August 2009. David answered the question regarding the band’s name (that he just announced a few days ago before Yakima show), saying it’s the 45,000th band name they came up with, the other ones were either taken or didn’t work. This name kinda fit with what they want to do right now. He also mentioned U2 and their music after 9/11 – uplifting and kinda epic — an Anthemic. ♥

So, tonight seems to be the perfect opportunity to put some ideas into work!

I toyed with a few textures and templates, made a few rough drafts in photoshop, but in the end, decided to keep it simple instead. I started off with only 5 frames on the right, but couldn’t help adding more as I went through photos I took last year. I actually wanted to filled the entire area with photos, but had to stop myself from doing so, as I definitely need some blank space for icons on my desktop~

btw, bottomline, my simplicity still involved 130+ layers for this wallpaper, lol, crazy!

Happy (early) Valentine’s day, peeps! Cherish the awesomeness of these guys!

1024×768 || 1280×1024 || 1280×800

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4 Responses to [Wallpaper] David Cook and The Anthemic

  1. Timing says:

    I like it. Thanks. Can’t wait for the next tour. Hope you go to lost of shows and take good pics. Cause I suck at taking pics. :)

  2. Robin says:

    Very nice! Perfect for my new laptop (which is relatively DC/Anthemic free). Thank you for the Star Stage snippet. Wish I had your recall skills.

  3. Suenee says:

    beautiful! could you make your banner into a firefox persona? I love that too

  4. naughtiest says:

    Thank you! I wish I’ll get to go to a lot of shows for the next tour (my boss will probably kill me for thinking about this already LOL)

    I MISS YOU! <3

    oooh I'd never made firefox persona before, lol I'll have to take a look at their tutorial~ and see if I can do that!

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