Hump Day Blues

February 10, 2010 | et cetera |

What an effing day.

My office laptop had been acting weird for the past few weeks and all of the sudden PowerPoint just stopped working. I couldn’t even do simple thing like embed Excel object which was highly frustrating!

Last week, I took it to Laptop Service Center (LSC) on Friday, which was my day off and ended up spending almost 3 hours there. The technician couldn’t fix it, so he told me to call Enterprise Helpdesk. No surprise, the dude who picked up the phone didn’t really understand how Office projects should work together.

Theory by my coworker: we already laid off all the good and expensive ones. lol

Anyway, he escalated it to 2nd level helpdesk and told me that the dude would call me back soon.

I haven’t heard a word.

So, I canceled the ticket this morning with minor complaint, and brought my laptop back to LSC to get a reload. Basically, formatting and reinstalling everything. *gasps* The techie told me it’d take about 4-5 hours.

I ended up spending 9 hours there. NINE EFFING HOURS! @)!&$%#@()&$)!!!

Yes, I could do my job from LSC but it’s not as convenient as my office. It’s not as productive! Plus, I hate the chairs there, my butt hurt from sitting. I missed my ergonomic Leap chair so terribly.

Anyway, I went back to the office, set up all teradata and ODBC connections, mapped all network drived and found out that some stupid Office problems were still there. WT*?!

*sighs* At least, the worst problem was fixed and  could do my job properly again.

I cannot wait for them to replace this ancient laptop! We’re due to get refresh computers in 3Q. I hope this thing will last that long.

On a side note, how the heck did people found my David Cook in Milwaukee blog from Twitter? It was like, forever ago. I don’t even know those referrer Twitter accounts.

Still got weird Google search terms. What can I say, people can be really creative while browsing. lol

My tummy hurts.


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