After a year of rewatching fancam, I finally have this official Enbujou DVD in my trembling hands!


Since Amazon didn’t have the freebie poster listed down in the package, and I couldn’t stand the thought of Takki’s face being folded 6-8 times by HMV, so I decided to go with CDJapan this time.

Super fast EMS service as usual, but USPS and I can never be best friends! Once again, I came home to find that orange “we’ve missed you!” form stuck to my front door *hangs head* I called USPS, asked them to hold the package, asked dad to go pick it up from the post office the next day, got a call from dad that they actually took the package out to deliver again, so my dad had to cancel everything and go home to wait for the package for me! USPS!!!! *whacks*

Anyhow, here we go, my random thoughts on Tono’s DVD~~~~~

First impression: SHINY!!!

The preview pictures on T&T site didn’t show the actual super gold box ne~ I was almost blinded by the shininess *LOL* Gold and pink, definitely Takki-ish XDD

Pretty simple design for the DVD cover itself, I like the tiny fan logo. Though I think that regular press should look better with pink colors on gray/silver background ^^”

The discs…. whoever designed these two discs deserved a hug along with a whack! Don’t you think there are way too many sakura logos on the discs? XD I think if there’s only one sakura on each disc, it’ll be much classier ^^ And disc 2 is so pinky!! But great job on the logo, it’s super cute to have Takki’s name in the middle!! *thumbs up*


The booklet is love, though I wish it’d be at least 10 feet longer with more pictures! XD

As for the DVD itself, there’re so many great moments, I might come back and list them all down once I have more time. But all in all, Tono is super kakkoii~ You can actually see and feel how much time and energy Takki has put into this musical, which always makes me admire him more and more and even more. I love seeing his determination and how concentrate he was during his show.

And I’m so glad this is “TAKIZAWA” Enbujou, so no one *coughs* could ever come and snatch his butai out of his hands by adding an “S” to the show name *snorts*

Takizawa-san, you’re super amazing! I’m so proud to be your fan!


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