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January 27, 2008 | et cetera, header, ps-tt, takitsuba |

Relaxing Sunday, I didn’t have much to do besides finishing up my laundry. YAY for clean undies and socks! LOL

Watched Tiger Woods won Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines. So many miracle shots and putts, simply amazing. He birdied the 18th, such a classic way to end the tournament.

Made a new avatar to be used at the forum even though I hardly go the forum lately XD I just couldn’t resist this super cute jump shot from the CM. Plus, I think T&T Jump beats Hey!Say!Jump anytime xD (well, maybe except for numbers of people, but in my book, it’s all about quality not quantity!) BTW, if I keep this theme, the next one should be Takitsuba RIDE! XDD *giggles at the thought of evil manip*


I was thinking about making some One! icons, but ended up with this new T&T header ↓ instead.

I swear I will never ever do this again. My pamphlet basically screamed “%*@)(&#!%i^$*!!!” back at me when I tried to press it against a scanner bed as if I was raping it or something. Why did Takki have to be so close to the spine?! x__X

Anyway, I actually made a color version of this header first, but decided to go with B&W one instead ^^ I really like this picture, the two of them, with open sky. Together, endless possibilities. (or ‘the world is not enough’ LOL)

ack, bed time… *bawls* why does Sunday have to be sooooooo short?!!!! ;__;


8 Responses to T&T Jump!

  1. Bonnie says:

    i really love that header!!! LOL good thing u slapped http://naughtiest.us on it because its so nice, i’m almost certain its gonna get STOLEN again!

    LOL! i kno right? Hey!Say!JUMP is like so out already! too bad Matchy-san’s new group wasnt a big hit… shouldnt he retire already? XD

    *sigh* weekends fly by so quickly…i wish they could invent an extra weekend day.

  2. mich says:

    *nods* i want an extra weekend day too!
    but i love the header! i love black&white!!! hehehehe… and T&T Jump rulezzz xD

  3. naughtiest says:

    LOL yes! I think 4 weekdays 3 weekends will be perfect!! (so I don’t have to take too many days off when going on a trip XDD)

    Bon-chan, you cracked me up! If my header got stolen, whoever did it is hopeless beyond repair!! xD

    btw, I kinda like Mezamero! Yasei ne~ very catchy song, maybe Matchy-san has too many wrinkles but it’s all from years of experience!! *runs* HSJ is just like Kitty GYM ne, come and go in one instant! ^^

    mich~~~ B&W rules too! LOL

  4. Stephi-chan says:

    I love your header! T&T look like they’re on top of the world! XD
    The icon is cute too…LOL…HSJ shouldn’t even have BEEN a group in the first place…can’t stand them. =P
    Takki’s Butoukan should be an actual group instead.
    Anyway…Sundays are definatly too short..the day needs at least 12 more hours. lol

  5. naughtiest says:

    I actually think HSJ song was quite catchy when I went to Japan last year ^^’ probably because I didn’t look at them? XD

    only 12? I’d rather have at least 24 more (if not 36!) LOL

  6. glenda says:

    Love what you did with the picture as a header! The first time I saw the actual picture it made me think of the old Clint Eastwood “spaghetti westerns” :p Meant to tell you at the forum that I like the new avatar, too!

    Is HSJ kaput? Or is that wishful thinking ^_^ I was not happy with how they treated Ya3 when they put this all together. I have a hard time watching any performance without thinking of that and it clouds my judgment on whether the whole Hey Say thing is any good.

  7. naughtiest says:

    Thank you! ^^ photoshop is fun when I’m working on the objects of my obsession! LOL

    As for the original picture, they’re probably afraid that if it was a picture of naked T&T standing there, we’d all be dead by now, so they opted for the Eastwood’s style instead? XDD

    ROFL!! Yes yes! They will go kaput, just like GYM! *crosses fingers* Apart from that one catchy song for the volleyball tournament thing, I think HSJ got debuted too soon, too young, and it pissed me off when thinking about how JE kept T&T as leaders of the juniors for too long ^^;

  8. glenda says:

    The last time I saw HeySay was on the countdown. Wasn’t impressed :p Then again, I am holding this grudge LOL I wasn’t part of the T&T fandom way back when but I’ve caught up on most of the goings-on thru old clips & reading English or translated stuff. I have a pretty good idea what they and the other people who have been part of the system for a loooong time have gone through (or are going thru). I really feel that this group has NOT paid its dues as yet and should NOT have been handed some things on a platter. I think of Johnny as playing a one-person game of chess with all of the guys of JE being his pieces and he moves them around the board with only a thought of how it will benefit him. I’m not even a big fan of Ya3, don’t own anything by them; but if it made me mad, I can imagine how the fans that have supported them all this time felt. Did Johnny even consider them when he made this move? I doubt it.

    Gomen, didn’t mean to babble away ^_^

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