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May 18, 2010 | et cetera |

This shall be my only AI post for this year. (I lied. I just created an archived post so I can keep this one short and pretty LOL) I’ll just come back and update this post as the season progresses

2010.05.18 – Top 3

2 songs each!


Thoughts on previous week are in archived post


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  1. naughtiest says:

    I’d never thought Siobhan would go home before Mike or Aaron D: but yeah, my office is looking forward to Lee/Crystal finale since last month so it doesn’t really matter who goes home between now and then LOL

    I’ll let you know you like the ‘hula hoop’ reference, she came up with that a few weeks back, cracked me up! ;)

  2. glenda says:

    Split votes evenly between Crystal and Lee. Hope neither one leaves. Wanna see them duke it out for top spot :p I’ve been ready for Mike to go since before they saved him. He is a good singer but he’s quite ordinary to me. Casey’s performances run hot & cold. Aaron, I don’t know if its teeny-boppers or VFTW keeping him in. Sarah watched it last night and said he reminds her of the contestant they nicknamed “Chicken Little.” [memory jog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXe0BO_gg-o ]

    Harry!! He is SO great! And with his band backing, too, the contestants finally had some decent stuff going on…at least a drummer who could keep the right beat for a song :p I can see why Crystal’s song would be considered sleepy but it is supposed to be “dreamy.” (My mom fed me Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin as a wee babe :p ) I realize that it can work against you if you talk back to the judges; however, so far everything that Crystal has said back to them made more sense (to me) than what they were saying to her. Some of the things Kara says to any of the contestants just sounds odd & not helpful at all but in a way it does beat some of Randy’s less than helpful “dog, I jes wasn’ feelin’ it” remarks. Altho I may think Simon brutal at times, he usually is correct–but not always LOL Ellen I like.

  3. naughtiest says:

    oops! i didn’t get an alert for your comment! *fails*

    lol I think we’re getting Crystal/Lee finale, eh? I really like their duet during top 4. (OMG that Chicken Little clip cracks me up so hard! LOL)

    I saw the songs that judges picked for top 3, Crystal gets Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney), Lee gets Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen and didn’t Teflon Tim sing this song already this year?!) and Casey gets Daughters (John Mayer and I almost snooze already lol)

    hope they all pick good songs for their own choice, to make it’s a nice top 3!

    can’t believe this season is almost over lol

  4. glenda says:

    Hey! Obviously we did get a Lee/Crystal showdown. I was not impressed. Sorry =( Songs lacked a lot to me. I was confused by them NOT having an original song to sing as their 3rd song. When Lee started singing what would be his first single, Sarah started saying “That’s not original…that’s U2!” “Are you sure? I thought it was supposed to be original?” “Yes I’m sure! Ask Tsubasa, he’d know–it’s U2!” She was right because we looked it up on the internet. I would have preferred to call & ask Tsubasa though ;) Then Crystal’s 3rd song was a remake of one that’s been done by tons of people including Al Green. Maybe Kara was too busy to write new fluff & stuff?

    Anyway, I couldn’t work up a bunch of enthusiasm for voting. I did vote maybe 25x for Crystal. Both will do well without winning. It was all very anti-climatic to me. I sincerely wish there had been a WOW moment out of either of them but there wasn’t for me at least.

  5. naughtiest says:

    Glenda! I didn’t watch the finale!! LOL after watching the show the whole season, I MISSED THE FINALE! FAILED!!! (was busy staring at Niagara Falls!)

    I’ve been waiting for this season to come out with a BANG, but seems like it didn’t happen again last night? (which was not a surprise lol this season is a bummer)

    hey, if you get to talk to Tsubasa (hee), ask him when we can expect their single too~ ;)

    i guess Lee will win since he’s a dude and girls tend to text more for dudes? LOL we’ll see tonight!

  6. glenda says:

    You’re in Niagara Falls?? How weird! My son & his fiancee returned from there tonight LOL It was the vacation from hell though. Many lessons learned on it main one being not to travel with that group of people again :p

  7. glenda says:

    Oops! Meant to ask you—where was David Cook? Is he on tour? Don’t know if you’ve watched the show yet so I’m not wanting to say too much :)

    If I get the opportunity to talk Tsubasa, I’ll probably pass out :p

  8. naughtiest says:

    Niagara Falls was fun, my family really enjoyed it :) and yup, trip members are the most important things about each trip! we drove each other nuts-o too LOL

    I heard David Cook was in a charity event, so he missed Simon’s goodbye last night, which was a big bummer! I was watching the show and got all excited once they came out one by one, and then Kris and I was like WHERE ARE YOU DAVID COOK?! lol

    and Lee won! my texting theory was right!! xD but I didn’t even feel like it’s a WINNING moment for him, that song was kinda awfully out of tune D:

    ps. latch yourself onto Tsu before passing out yo! ;)

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