December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I’d been wanting to go to sunflower fields for the longest time, but I could never fit it into my schedule when I went back to Thailand, either it’s not a sunflower season, or I had other travel plans.

This year, during one of the Facebook message-bombarding-session before my trip back home, I mentioned that I wanted to go to Ayutthaya. One of my friends, pEmm (pee’ emm ~ pee = older brother/sister/friend) took on that request and sent me a list of places to choose from. I saw SUNFLOWER FIELD on the list and I practically bounced! A little bugging and begging later, my other friend, pPle (pee’ (ap)ple) decided to also come along on this day trip, and YAY I’m going to Disneyland!! sunflower field!!

I couldn’t thank pEmm and pPle enough as they both also had to take a day off since Christmas was so not a public holiday in Thailand~

We left Bangkok early in the morning to avoid traffic, and stopped for a quick breakfast at BaanSuan.

Heavy breakfast, indeed. LOL Stewed pork leg on rice with pickled cabbage. Totally worth risking cholesterol spike, it’s so yummy!

Off we go, destination Lopburi!

Lopburi is a small province about 100 miles northeast of Bangkok. The town is famous for its Monkey Festival where local peeps set up a Chinese round table party for the monkeys in town. Yup, Monkey. Hundreds of them. These monkeys are not afraid of human as they have a bad habit of jumping on people and snatching food from our hands. You’ve been warned! ;)

It took us almost two hours to get to the fields, all the way having fun with my friend’s navigator system in his car. We called it ‘Somsri‘ (soam+see) which pretty much equivalent to Jane Doe. Let me tell you that Thai GPS machine was hilarious, the way they translated into Thai was nothing short of subbing-from-hell. I cracked up several times during this trip because of its choice of words XD

Anyway, back to sunflowers!

Stepping-on-the-field fee, THB5 (~20 cents)

from the back

Bright sunny happy flowers~ :)

My favorite shots are from pEmm’s camera. He made me want to buy 10-22mm and 70-200mm lens so bad~ Expensive!!!!

♥ a photographer wannabe~ LOL

Saw this buffalo on the way to Saraburi, haven’t seen one with long horns in a long time!

Next, we traveled south to Wat Phra Buddha Bat (Buddha’s Footprint Temple) in Saraburi, less than an hour south of Lopburi (if confused about my route, Google map is your best friend. Just sayin’~lol). This Royal Temple was constructed almost 400 years ago by the order of King Drondharm (full Thai title: Somdet Phra Chao Songtham) of Ayutthaya dynasty.

Lesson from the temple court: love is the cause of sadness lol

Hilarious moment with Somsri (GPS)

We’re about to leave the temple for lunch, so we used Somsri to search for restaurants in the area. pEmm told pPle to pick one restaurant out of hundreds that popped up. pPle did pick one with a very nice name, so we drove there and found that the place went out of business already! LOL Should have bought a lotto with this kind of odd!

Anyway, we ended up at a small open air restaurant instead. Delicious lunch presented crispy pork on rice with gravy~

After lunch, we hit a few temples in Ayutthaya. I think one big thing about temples, you kinda need to know the history of the country/city/town/people, in order to appreciate each temple more.

And you can read a partial history of Ayutthaya → here

First stop at Wat Nah Phra Men (official name: Wat Meru Racha Ga Rarm), the only temple in Ayutthaya that wasn’t destroyed by Myanmar troops (Burma, back then) during the war since they use this temple as a command center.

Hi-tech donation machine. Press 1 to donate 1 Baht. Press 2 to donate 9 Baht. Press 3 to donate 19 Baht. Press 4 to donate 99.99 Baht (since when did Thailand have 1 satang (.01 Baht) coin?! lol not counting those collectible coins that released in special occasion a few years back yo! I know it’s just a banking transaction but still weird to see .99) Or punch in desired amount. Fancy.

Lying Buddha at Wat Loga Yasutha

After getting lost with Somsri for a big while, we found this temple, Wat Narng Gui, where Smiling Buddha resided.

The Narayana on Garuda symbol on the gable meant the temple was founded/built by the order of the King.

Last stop for the day, Giant Buddha at Wat Phanan Choeng (officially called Wat Phanan Choeng Wora Wiharn)

Dinner time~ at Pae Krung Kao, a country style restaurant on a river bank. From top left clockwise: Stir-fried fish maw // Baked shrimp with vermicelli (goong oab woon sen) // Fried egg with cha-om leaves // Deep-fried fish with curry sauce. Too much food for 3 people~ LOL

It was an incredible Christmas day! I had a great time with pEmm and pPle. And I actually missed Somsri a lot~ lol

ps: still want a wide angle lens. 10-22mm, wait for me~~~~~


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