January 25, 2010 | ps-tt, takitsuba |

Does it sound kinda Apple-ish? iCons. LOL

I just went through my photoshop folders today and realized how much I missed all my T&T icons. I had so much fun working on photoshop back then~ ♥

If there’s the only reason for me to purchase a Livejournal paid account again, it’s a fact that I need a paid account to buy extra userpics space so that I can use these icons! LOL silly, I know, but it’s true!

For memory’s sake, these are some of my personal icons from my LJ time~ same rules still applied, do not crop or claim, peeps! ;)


just read that Takki fell during the rope spinning scene. I hope he’s okay as in totally okay, not just okay enough to continue the show.

I remember when I saw it at Kakumei for the first time last year, I totally thought that it’s such a dangerous stunt, being upside down with only his hand support him as his foot was only loosely hooking to the rope. Not to mention he’s at least 10 to 12 feet up in the air while performing all these moves. I know he always does things to challenge himself, but I hope he would try to stay away from dangerous stunts. There’re so many chances for accident to happen. Think of the free fall stunt. One little mishap could cost him a lot. Even when he landed safely, it’s still not good for his back and body to do this repeatedly everyday.

And I do not want to see them, both Takki and Tsubasa, injure. Ever again.


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