what a dream~

January 26, 2008 | et cetera, takki |

Writing about [One!] sure gave me a nice dream. Last night, I had one of the best dreams ever!

In my dream, I was at a shooting. A photobook shooting. Of a half naked Takki wearing torn jeans *nosebleeds* With a naked baby. Cute chubby baby like those in Anne Geddes calendars. You get the picture.

Setting was in a studio, with either a bed or a big couch, in white. (← probably because dreams are in B&W? XD)

I can still see his strong arms protectively hold that luckiest baby. You know, the arms, those arms. *faints* He then shifted the baby from over his shoulder to the front and gently kissed the baby’s head. What a surprise, I didn’t hear myself screaming!! LOL

Lots of testing polaroid photos on the wall, they were all Takki in different motions. A picture with that sleeping baby on his shoulder, Takki also closed his eyes. Then another picture of him lying down on the bed with lots of pillows and with a sleeping baby on his abs.

It was for a B&W photobook with a weird symbol on the cover page.

And I think I was drooling in my own dream LOL


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