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Wow, this is the 5th year I’m doing this my-year-in-12-pix thing! Check out my previous years » here «

I started working on this post while I was back home during the holiday break, and realized that I didn’t have photos for every month on my laptop xD

Below are 12 pictures to represent my 2009 which went by so fast (geez, it’s getting faster and faster every year!), I almost felt like I didn’t actually get anything done. And as if it wasn’t clear enough, David Cook dominated my brain! LOL

My 2009 was definitely off to a good start as I went to Japan during the first week of the year for Takki’s Takizawa Kakumei, an awesome butai that I’m still waiting for the DVD~ *coughs*Avex*coughs* It was my first time at JE’s butai and Takki totally blew me away with his acting and all those dangerous stunts. One of my friends who lived there took me out on January 1st and we ended up going to Tokyo Tower, an overpriced tourist attraction that didn’t really offer much but fun to be up there anyway (same as all other high-rise towers around the world LOL)

UW at Night
It was a crazy month at work and I was super busy. The only outdoor activity I did in February happened to be indoor (oxymoron much? lol) as I went to a bowling tournament with my brother and sister at UW. It was a fun night, even though my scores sucked. :P

A one week rotation program at Boeing 737 Moonshine shop. Working hours started from 5:30am-2pm, yeah, same as 1st shift hourly employees. *yawns* It was a training program to help office workers understand how the moonshine shop/rapid improvement works. Pretty much ‘get your hands dirty’ kinda mentality. At first, I was like, OMG what the heck did I sign up for?! lol And I ended up having a BLAST for a whole week. All mechanics there were so nice and kind and extremely patient with me. LOL I considered myself a partial handyman since I didn’t like heavy tools, but after a week of training, heh, I could operate most giant blades/cutters in the shop (not very gracefully, but managed to do it nonetheless!)

Anyway, the shop was very clean and well-organized as they had reach 5S level 4.2 since the beginning of the year. As you can see, they even labeled an evacuation pod for their pet, Jimmy, the goldfish.

Due to proprietary issue, you only get to see Jimmy as he’s not a shop tool! xD

Cherry blossom at Tube, Duct and Reservoir Center. Why didn’t I see these before this year?! LOL Didn’t have to go hanami in Japan, eh, this was just outside my office window. Smuggling alcohol in would be a little trickier though~  ;)

O Canada~
A family trip to Canada as my aunts and uncle from Thailand came to visit for a few weeks. My brother ended up driving a 12-passenger van over 2000 miles in 10 days all by himself. *thumbs up* The van was too big, neither my sister nor me could help! XD Hmmm, I still haven’t finished a travelogue for this trip LOL I think this is our route:

Seattle → Kamloops → Lake Louise (Glacier National Park) → Calgary → Edmonton → Jasper → Banff (National Park) → Canmore → Kamloops → Seattle

Another fun-filled family trip for us! Banff was my favorite spot, Columbia Icefield was really cool (and cold!). My sister was very into jumping shot at that time so we engaged in a suicide mission, jumping on the icefield! My brother would count 1-2-jump-1-2-jump-1-2-jump nonstop! Look at my shadow! LOL~

For the Cure
Need I say more? Cancer sucks.

I bought a Canon DSLR camera so my kickawesome baby, Fuji F31FD, went into early retirement after 3 years of service! I can brag about this camera forever as dpreview.com not only gave it a ‘highly recommend’ rating, but also viewed it as a mother of point and shoot in that generation, a baseline for newer model! *beams with pride*

This veteran occasionally comes out of retirement. The most notable one was at Showbox where they didn’t allow DSRL, thank goodness I brought this baby with me, otherwise I wouldn’t have any picture of David Cook and the Anthemic from that night!

Seattle show was more intense but Yakima show was the first time I saw David Cook in RL, and I was completely blown away by this extremely talented rocker and his pals. *__* HOLY! Hot mess, sexy, hilarious, cuteness overloaded, and so on. Look at that smile~ And don’t get me start on his voice because I can go on for days! LOL This dude is not real.

Wait, OMG, he is! ♥

Office Picnic
Fabrication Finance picnic at Coulon Beach in Renton. Gorgeous day. Group photos. Games. Food. Lots of food. Two finance managers were the event photographers (with me as a backup). Hawaiian theme. My boss totally won the best dress award. LOL Yup, that’s him, the best boss on earth!

BTW, I was so tempted to use David Cook’s photo from Salem for this month too, just sayin~ lol

Heavy clouds. Pretty sky. Love it~

Taking pictures while driving is not in a safety guidebook. Drive carefully, peeps~ lol Anyhow, I have to say, snapping your camera while driving was way safer than sneezing while driving!

♥ Make Believe ♥
After a high pitch whining spree, my boss let me take a vacation to go to David Cook’s concerts. The debut of Make Believe in St. Louis on my birthday was an ultimate dream came true as I was literally praying before the show for the surprise DC had been teasing us about. GRANTED! YAY! Then, I got lucky enough to get a chance to go to this lining-up-against-the-wall-taking-picture-with-the-band (aka M&G) in Milwaukee the next day. A picture with the whole band! And look at that hand! THAT HAND! *dies* (and can you see my fingers on his waist? Good job, self! LOL)


I’ve been wanting to go to a sunflower field in Lopburi for the longest time. So when I went back home to Thailand this year, my amazing friends took a day off and drove me there. So bright, so pretty. Sunflower is such a happy flower~ It was a day filled with joy and laughter. Totally happy time!

photo by pEmm~

2009 definitely ended on a high note! See you again next year!


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