one fine Thursday

January 15, 2010 | et cetera |

It’s been raining every single day since I got back. Not that I complain, I prefer rain over snow anytime.

So, my life is now pretty much back to normal.

Well, waking up at 3am every morning is not normal though. At least I manage to go back to sleep but this routine has to go away.

Napping in my car every lunch break is not normal either but I kinda like power nap a lot. LOL

Go away, jet lag.

Apparently, people in my office missed teasing me about DC. Scene from yesterday..


LOL oh I love my office~ ♥

I actually planned to sleep my weekend away.

I guess I shouldn’t do that now since I have so many things to do, including laundry (omg, it’s amazing how fast this thing can pile up!), travelogue, photoshop, etc etc

Also, Avatar on Sunday~ :)


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