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January 25, 2008 | release, takki |

Eventually I got my copy of [One!] Thanks to my lovely daddy who went to pick it up from the post office yesterday.

BTW, I am convinced that there’s a relationship between T&T and my family. October 17 is my dad’s birthday. January 23 is my brother’s birthday. Now, I’m expecting something BIG in June for my mom’s.. oh well, rather sooner, if we’re still aiming for 26 album, I think we need 2 more singles this year! (can it be only one single and Yakusoku T&T version and True Heart Best Tour version? ^^”)

Anyway, back to the subject. OMG! *fangirls* I finally got to see [ONE!] ♥ No surprise, Takki’s got all my love and admiration.


LOL I just realized that disc One! is actually missing from the photo! XDD

I only watched it once so far, pretty much understood the storyline, but A-san is out of town, I need her to be able to understand everything including all dialogues! LOL Anyway, I think I’ll have to order another copy as I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching this DVD for soooooooooo many many many many times.

Here we go, my random thoughts on [One!]. Spoilers behind cut~

  • What a surprise, I actually like the packaging! Very classic red box with white and silver fonts (and those fading ones) along with cutout words!!! (why didn’t they do this for BEST album?) Takki looks kinda strange on the sticker on the plastic cover but kakkoii anyway (← yes, biased XD) Simple design for both discs (yet proved super hard to take pictures!) which is way better compared to Enbujou sakura one IMO. My only complaint is that since it’s a weird size, I cannot line it up with the other DVDs!! LOL


  • Oh, booklet… definitely expecting something more/better than this ^^” I actually went back to take a look at an email from CDJapan, oh well, they didn’t say it’s going to be 16 pages full of photos, so I guess I couldn’t really whine (even though I really wanted to..), at least we got a booklet! ^^”

  • I want that instrumental Ki.Se.Ki!!!

  • ok, here’s the part where I get killed early in the game by other fangirls. Don’t get me wrong, Takki’s as gorgeous as ever, but… I don’t like his hair. Seriously, it’s too bright and too fluffy on this DVD! His hair looked much better (also shorter, perhaps?) the day Tsubasa went to the show (← maybe he didn’t have time to properly style his hair that day due to extra backstage activity?) *runs* … *yells back* I love his hair during the interview!

  • Okaa-san, Mine Saori-san was cool and funny especially when she teased Takki when he kamikami’d but the duet part scared the life out of me ^^” She came out dancing during the Showtime too, how cute! (and her skin was soooooooooo fair!!) I googled her up, she used to be a dancer too? That’s neat.

  • Kawai, dude, you really are talkative!! XD

  • I think most of the current Juniors now can’t sing. It’s just my opinion, don’t jump me just yet!! Their vocal cords may improve in the future, I don’t know. But if I really have to pick one group from this musical, probably Kis-My-Ft.2 hurts my ears the least (← probably because they didn’t get to sing much?) ^^”

  • I guess I’m used to seeing Takki change his outfits every 3 minutes, so seeing him in one tank top and a pair of pants for almost an hour was practically strange. LOL

  • There was a ballad, I think it was (partially?) in English? Well, nothing compared to [Anything for You], but I think this one was really nice too.

  • ehhh?! Hikaru riding zousan and doing Venus move? ROFL!

  • Illusion! Love the little VTR of Takki in Las Vegas, I wish there’d be more *hints hints* Avex, THIS is the kind of things fangirls are looking for when you say ‘extra’!!!!! MORE FOOTAGES!

  • Takki’s spirit fingers cracked me up! (ok, if you don’t know where ‘spirit fingers’ came from, I confess I watched [Bring it on] *hides*)

  • I couldn’t stop laughing when the lucky audience, Miyuki-san, got on the stage. Takki was soooooooooooooooooooo cute and hilarious! ‘Miyuki-san desu ka~~~~ AHHHHHH~’ I was laughing so hard that my dad had to walk up to my room to take a look at me, so I showed him that part, and he ended up watching the rest of the magic corner with me (^__^)v

  • wow, crew members autographed pamphlet! *me wants*

  • [Kimagure Jet-to], what was that.. ‘thing’?! LOL

  • Fight scene was a big mess, very noisy but it’s cool to see Takki beat the crap out of those juniors. Oh boy, how I love him in tank top. Those biceps and his back are so drool worthy! *licks lips*

  • Yuuto hugging Takki’s leg was just heart wrenching. I really like it when Takki hugged him towards the end and he disappeared. All that left was emptiness ;__;

  • [Black Butterfly] *FAINTS* I love his outfit!!! very kira kira~~ especially his pants, not only because it has a light color so I can sort of see Romeo, but also because it looks really nice on him~ or he looks really good in it!! And those arms! biceps! *nosebleeds* The performance itself melted me into a puddle of goo! All those moves…. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA KAKKOIIIIIIIII *drooling fangirls* What a combo with [Taste Me] Yes please Takizawa-san!! Me wants to taste you! ROFL

  • OMG! Enbujou re-enact!!! Everyone was on their knees! ROFL!! Good job Kawai!!

  • Hide-jiji was so cute, Imai-san gang was silly too. Takki did a pretty good job at acting old ^^

  • The passed away scene just broke my heart, it was so incredibly lonely. Like, after everything he’s done, in the end, he was back at the bench, all by himself, it was just too sad. I was in tears when I saw his shaking hands reach for that blanket. Of course, his hands weren’t aged/wrinkled but those veins on his hands reminded me of real old people who would never know how much time they have left, and I couldn’t help but cry. I’d always thought about this scene when I first heard about it, but I’d never imagined anything like this at all.

  • and when Epilogue tune came up, I bawled.

  • Also, I’m wondering, he intentionally talked during Tsu’s part of the song? As in, no one should sing that part in Epilogue but Tsubasa? ♥

  • Showtime was ok, I think. I’d rather see him with Tsu while performing these songs though. Michi was probably the song I like the most. Solo Serenade was not one of my favorites, and the rosy tank top amused me, but I saw sparkling Romeo!! XDD

  • Takki’s musical/butai always has bajillion juniors ne ^^;

  • Interview was much longer than I expected, I didn’t really understand probably 90% of it (A-san, where are you?!), but he’s just simply gorgeous without make-up.

  • Can somebody provide a translated transcript of the whole thing? I promise I’d love you to no end!

  • Amazing, Wonderful, Incredible, Touching, Kakkoii, Sugoi, and many more positive adjectives you can think of ^^ He really is the One!

Once again, watching his performance made me adore, cherish and admire him even more. It’s really impressive how he could whip this show up in such a short amount of time. Yeah, every once in a while, I really believe that he came from Planet Krypton. Takizawa-san, you rock!!

Last but not the least, TAKIZAWA HIDEAKI, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! ♥


4 Responses to [Takki] One!

  1. michelle says:

    ne, i love the pic u took of the discs! the reflection of that booklet pic is so pretty!! if only i had my digital cam with me in office that day haha… but the discs are so pretty rite! ^_^

    i wish i’d had a transcript of that interview too! i was staring so much at him and his expression that… sometimes my mind just wandered off and i din really hear what he was saying lol…

    ah, me too, not exactly a fan of his hair in this, apart from the opening VTR, franz harary VTR & interview! :D a small thing, but i like it more when he turns to his right, his hair looks better than to the left~? hmm…

  2. naughtiest says:

    Yes yes! I really love the simplicity of this DVD! ^^ but with long box, 2 clear cases and sparkling discs, it’s so hard to arrange them, I took over 60 photos and ended up using only those 2 above! LOL

    ditto! I like his left side profile better too, I think it’s because of his bang and from the right side (aka when he turns left), his left cheekbone is very prominent, and makes him look too thin sometimes ^^” (drooling over him anyway, whichever side XD)

  3. Bonnie says:

    did we get the same DVD? because how come ur packaging looks so much better?! LOL i think its just cause u’re really good at taking pics. pictures can be quite deceiving ne… hehe

    but to be honest, i dont like it. But its not like complaining will magically change it into something better. Most important is the DVD itself kana… which btw, i agree with u on all ur bullets!

    1) lets pray for the future of Johnny’s that they will get better. And the ugly Jr who said “Dance ga daisuki!” totally sucked at dancing…wtf

    2) BB outfit (and the tanktop outfit) was my favorite too!!! *HUGS* seems like most of his BB outfits are like that ne~

    3) dont whack me but… there were 4 Imai-san’s, but 0 Takizawa-san’s?? a man *this* perfect…it doesnt make sense! iya, but i guess i’ll save all the rant for our next fangirl session kana? ^^;

  4. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! Pictures are definitely deceiving!! XDD

    yes yes!! I remember that junior you’re talking about LOL If this trend goes on, Jimusho will no longer be a ‘talent’ agency in the future!!!

    BB kills me~! Especially the close-up shot where he ran his index finger across his lips *dead*

    I think all (if more than one) Takizawa-san’s were dead, probably even before Tsubasa’s shocku shock because being able to look at that gorgeous face and touch that precious body can be very dangerous to your heart! *runs*

    we shall meet!! *hugs*

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