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January 12, 2010 | et cetera |

an archive for AI9 thoughts, my weekly update post is getting too long LOL

TOP 4 – Songs of the Cinema

2010.05.12 – Top 4 Results

awwww David Cook in homecoming package~ ♥


2010.05.11 – Top 4

TPTB totally force the duets upon us, probably hope to recreate Adam/Allison’s Slow Ride moment!

btw can’t they just sing 2 songs each? lol

Jamie Foxx is back, this year with Artist and Contestant shirts lol He’s really into eye contact, eh?


TOP 5 – Frank Sinatra

2010.05.05 – Top 5 Results

Casey won’t go home, I blame it on my boss. lol

2010.05.04 – Top 5

Harry Connick Jr used to be my sister’s favorite! I remember her fangirling him through one phase of her life lol he picked on Shania Twain XD I love his sense of humor~ most useful mentor ever!

geez, must be nerve-wrecking to have Harry and the band play for them on stage


TOP 6 – Shania Twain

2010.04.28 – Top 6 Results

didn’t watch the show but google is my best friend~

no more screeching, wave goodbye to Siobhan!

2010.04.27 – Top 6

lol I love Shania Twain, she should replace someone if the show doesn’t get canceled next year :P


TOP 7 – Inspirational

2010.04.21 – Top 7 – Idol Gives Back & Results

David Cook *purrs* hi gorgeous~ his video footage is very touching and heartwarming. He simply tells the story, explaining the situation with the girls in Ethiopia and I get all emo. aww Heroes. aww NFT~ Seeing him holding hands with Mekdes reduces me into a puddle of tears.

They deserve a chance.

and to follow that with Annie Lennox? (T__T)

hmm I also like Black Eyed Peas (which is a surprise lol), Carrie Underwood, Elton John and MJB~

btw, why they don’t let David Cook sing is beyond me. FAILED, IDOL, FAILED! should have just cut the horrid top 12 perf and let him sing yo! :(

OMG Tim goes home LOL the one week my coworker didn’t pick him out, he finally leaves XD btw, Aaron’s fanbase is scary considered how ..ummm.. his performance was.

2010.04.20 – Top 7



TOP 9 Round 2 – Elvis

2010.04.14 – Top 9 (2) – Results



2010.04.13 – Top 9 (2)

round 2 of top 9


TOP 9 – Lennon/McCartney Songbook

2010.04.07 – Top 9 – Results



2010.04.06 – Top 9

9 performances, still 2 hours  lol  contestants get to talk behind their peer’s back in the video package



TOP 10 – R&B/Soul

2010.03.31 – Top 10 – Results



2010.03.30 – Top 10

10 performance, 2 hours, lots of boring stuff


TOP 11 – Teen Idols Billboard #1 Hits

2010.03.24 – Top 11 – Result

awesome weather (last sun in a while, the rain is back!), went out for ice cream with boss and coworkers, googled the result at 7pm PST. lol

Paige is booted. I’m 2 for 2, omg! read that Simon doesn’t even give her a chance to sing for judges’ safe? wow, that must be brutal (which is good!)

how many more weeks we have to wait ’til all the awful ones are gone? lol I think that sliding dude will be the longest running VFTW pick -“- considered tweens these day love Joe Jonas and Miley Cyrus, I don’t really think singing matters much in this year singing competition.

2010.03.23 – Top 11

in short: DISASTER


TOP 12 – The Rolling Stones

2010.03.17 – Top 12 – Results


Just send them all home (including Orianthi and Ke$ha (omg she sucks)) and let David Cook and the Anthemic perform for an hour on national TV, please :)


2010.03.16 – Top 12

send them all home and give me David Cook already.

oh, that’s tomorrow, huh? lol

btw, I simply suck at picking people to go home each week, but I picked 9 of Top 12 correct since Top 24 week! xD long term investment yo!


TOP 16

2010.03.11 – Top 16 – Results

SERIOUSLY?! #%&!)?>@&#)!!@!)_!!!!



2010.03.10 – Top 16 – Guys

8 guys and they couldn’t fit it in 60 minutes. These guys are slow. Nah, don’t blame them, just punch Kara out, and problem will be solved.

In short:

Favorites: <blank>
Please save: *sighs*
Going home: *headdesks*


2010.03.09 – Top 16 – Girls

girls in one hour, no interview package. Good job at timekeeping, Ryan!

In short:

Favorites: Ellen making out with Simon lol  MAMASOX!
Please save: Lacey!
Going home: Paige (gah, gotta pick one more for office pool tomorrow! lol)


TOP 20

2010.03.04 – Top 20 Results

In short:

still misunderestimated.. XD

2 for 4 (John, Jermaine, Michelle, Haeley) but I got both MUST GO off the show so I’m okay with that! hee~

lol giant guitar~


2010.03.03 – Top 20 – Girls

I love the fact that Ryan has stopped saying “the most talented season yet” already LOL

In short:

Favorites: Crystal / Lilly / Siobhan
Please save: Didi
Going home: Haeley (aka VFTW princess >”<) / Lacey (T^T)


2010.03.02 – Top 20 – Guys

Mamasox got sick, the guys are on tonight

In short:

Favorites: David Cook (what? he’s not here tonight? lol) Lee
Please save: John
Going home: Jermaine / Tim (but VFTW will probably save him again lol)


TOP 24

2010.02.25 – Top 24 Results

In short:

I didn’t know I’m that bad at picking who’s going home! 0-for-4!! What the heck! LOL


2010.02.24 – Top 24 – Guys

*waves goodbye to 2 more hours of my life*

In short:

Simon still wins, Ellen is awesome, Randy is for me for you, Kara is ogling
Ryan looks kinda tiny tonight xD
Favorites: Casey / Lee / Andrew (OMG my boss will laugh to death seeing the first two names! xD)
Please save: John
Going home: Jermaine / Alex or Tim / Kara (ultimate wish list)


2010.02.23 – Top 24 – Girls

what, it’s a 2-hour episode again? *headdesks*

In short:

Simon wins, Ellen = ♥, Randy in loops, ugh Kara (aka Paula 1.5 – yes, she can’t even reach 2.0)
Ryan looks good on live TV tonight~ lol
Favorites: Lilly / Crystal / Ellen
Please save: Lacey!!
Going home: Paige / Ashley or Haeley / Kara (wish list)



2010.02.17 – Hollywood Week – round 4

down to Top 24!


2010.02.16 – Hollywood Week – round 3

umm are we going to see any singing tonight?


2010.02.10 – Hollywood Week – round 2

The drama of group performance LOL


2010.02.09 – Hollywood Week – round 1

Ellen Degeneres debut!

Ellen to Simon: so this is it, I came on and you leave ← lol

Simon to Ellen: you’re a sadist.



2010.02.02 – The Road To Hollywood

No more audition after tonight? Awesome.

I enjoy seeing David Cook’s face on that red backdrop~ that’s the high of my night~


2010.02.02 – Denver

Easily ditch AI for LOST.  my boss was not pleased~ lol

haven’t watched it yet, but I was told to check out the girl from Seattle. will do~

oh and Posh was still a fashion cop

2010.01.27 – Dallas

Neil Patrick Harris was the highlight of the night. lol


2010.01.26 – Los Angeles

I’m rooting for Andrew Garcia this season!!! Office pool, where are you?!


2010.01.20 – Orlando

Take that friggin’ map off David Cook’s face, pronto. Orlando, you so failed.

memorable moment = Cornelius Edwards ripped his pants (so loud!) and made his way to Hollywood! ROFL~ He’d better thank his stripper friend for that move! I cracked up when Simon said something along this line → with the sacrifice like that, you’re going to Hollywood. LOL


2010.01.19 – Chicago

I love the camera angle on the contestant tonight! I got see a lot of David Cook on that red backdrop ROFL

Fav quote → Simon to the high-pitch dude (um, one of so many of them xD): do you enjoy giving people pain?


2010.01.13 – Atlanta

fav moment of the night = 3.2 seconds of DAVID COOK on screen! *squeals* I should just go back to rewatch season 7 LOL

crack = the dude who sang original duet all by himself *shivers at the octave* Skiibo Ski (WT*?!) and Pants on the Ground! ← his move was awesome for a 62-yr old!! XD


2010.01.12 – Boston (premiere)

crack of the night = that inspirational dude who thought he sounded like Chris Brown and the Eagles. I almost died when he started singing. 3-year old Latoya Jackson came in pretty close too. oh oh and the anime girl with 2 vocal coaches!


so it begins~

boss: are you gonna watch idol tonight?
me: nah
boss: why not?
me: i don’t know, it’s just an audition round?
boss: oh come on~

My boss is a bad influence. LOL I ended up watching the audition and cracked up so bad. American Idol is one hilarious show.


13 Responses to # AI9 ~ Archived Post

  1. glenda says:

    I tried to stay away…really I did! But I only managed to miss last week & they were even in Dallas. Perhaps I just didnt want to see what kind of idiots there are in my state? It all seems like such a big waste of time to show us those who everyone knows are not going to make it thru and they are only being shown for “entertainment” value. Okay, maybe the first 2-3 seasons it was fun to see some rejects….but now, now it seems rather cruel.

    Until the Hollywood rounds, my money is going on Park! I hope he makes it thru to the part when we get to vote. :)

  2. naughtiest says:

    I missed AI last night due to my commitment to LOST! lol

    I totally agreed with you, this is the first year I watched the auditions, so the first few episodes were funny, but after that, it’s both annoying and mean at the same time. And I cannot stand Kara. Period.

    btw, you and Shania Twain can join force on Park! ;)

  3. glenda says:

    I hated that I totally wasted 2 hours of my life on Tuesday. It was mostly *sob story* or whatever & then that was the last you would see of some of them. Wednesday was not much better IMO. I really felt for Angela–maybe she should have pushed Kara out of the chair LOL ALL the judges were telling her how good she is & that she should stay in the music business yet they were not putting her through. Since they went totally out of order in who got picked, there was no way I could tell who was allegedly better than her & stayed. That Crystal girl reminds me of Janis Joplin :) She’s got a lot of talent going for her. I’m happy that John Park went thru but I have no idea if he deserved it since I only actually heard him sing back at his audition. I don’t think I’ve heard a bunch of those going thru :p

    btw I’m assuming you caught the news today on the plane incident here. That was about 3 miles from me. I used to pass right next to it M-F taking the kids to high school. Sarah’s twin bro was on the road today & saw it happen.

  4. naughtiest says:

    OMG Glenda, I saw the news and it was awful and to know that it happened so close to you.. x_X”

    LOL all guys who look nice or have nice bodies got through since Kara wants to eat them during the show HA! also I hope there’s no more sob stories after this

    btw, did you see Angela on Ellen? Kara’s gonna write her a song after cruelly booting her out. I sorta want to punch Kara even more. :P

  5. glenda says:

    I heard the tale end of Angela on Ellen. I’m hoping some label will pick her up. Kara pissed me off with the way she did the boot on Angela.

    2/23 – another waste of time? LOL Did you vote? I didn’t bother because I don’t want to get wrapped up in AI–at least not this early in the game :p

    Paige Miles – OMG How could Simon sit there & say she was the best of ALL of them?!? You have confirmed what I was thinking. Last night was the first time I saw her much less heard her. The best? I don’t think so, Simon.

    I will be sad if Crystal, Lily, Siohban, or Lacey get booted off…especially Crystal.

  6. naughtiest says:

    nope I didn’t vote. I only voted last year to save Kris from Danny XD

    Office consensus says that Haeley must go. LOL We already picked our top 12, and will see who gets most of their favorites in *i love my office*

    Other than that, I’m busy droooooooooling over Tsu’s single OMG YUMMINESS!!

  7. glenda says:

    I didn’t really remember either one of the girls that got the boot :p However, I admit that I pay more attention to the boys and a girl has to be really really good for me to really remember them. me=fickle I’m happy John is staying this week; yes, I voted like 50x for him only. Husband calls him “Jurrasic Park” *sigh*

    My early prediction: Casey James for the win. btw I cringe every time they try to compare anyone to your David (or suggest that they be like him). I can just see your face in my mind’s eye wincing each time LOL

  8. naughtiest says:

    ROFL you’re such a psychic!! *squeeeezes* I made a face every single time they tried to compare any of them to DC. (almost jumped my mom last night when she said Lee looked like David *faints*) Suggesting them to do what DC did makes me all >__<" You voted! you're such a good fan! And please tell your husband that I like his idea of John's new nickname, JuPark~ XD I'm glad he's sticking around too, I kinda like his voice a lot :) Ha! My coworker is totally rooting for Casey James too! If he wins, Idol will have 3 guitar-boy winners in a row! Next season, they'll probably audtion only girls to guarantee a girl winner lol

  9. chinagrrl says:

    i see paige has replaced haeley as poster child for VFTW… that made me cringe. i *liked* that song, too. her perfomance reminds me of a comment simon had made during someone’s audition – “i’m actually allergic to that song now”. lol

  10. naughtiest says:

    lol VFTW has that magic power..

    I think I should stop watching this season before I end up allergic to every single song they perform~ lol

  11. glenda says:

    *sigh* I broke my own “rule” and voted after throwing a bitch fit last week when Park went off. But I wanted to try to save Alex & see him keep growing. Can’t say that Brady Bunch boy deserved a hug from Ellen; however, he was better this week than any other time. Is that saying much though? At this rate it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find no men in the top 5-6.

    Girls are tough! IMO there are 5 really good performers. Crystal slays me in both her performances and her whole attitude. Unless she has a misstep I see her as the one for all of them to beat. Like Adam Lambert though, I believe she doesn’t have to win to break into the music business now.

    OMG Please someone tell Kara to STFU!! She drones on & on & ad nauseam. Did you know the song that Mike sang? Should I be embarrassed that I never heard it before? That would be why Kara’s crock tears were just weird to me.

    Good luck in that office pool LOL

  12. naughtiest says:

    GLENDA!!! I bet you’re super pissed right now! Alex is gone while Tim (who sucks less than previous weeks but still sucks major butt) and Aaron (who should go apply for something at Disney channel) are safe. I don’t get it :(

    btw, I’ve never heard ‘this woman’s work’ before either! it’s so funny, my coworker asked me today if I knew the song because she didn’t get Kara either LOL we googled the lyrics up together, and still didn’t get it lol

    I forever resign myself from office pool because I’ve lost faith in America!! lol gosh, this top12 is so going to be disastrous!

  13. glenda says:

    You’ve made your mark on David Cook—I see him or hear his name & my thoughts immediately go to you :) I really don’t know why they couldn’t have just had him sing 2 more songs instead of me having to have my ears abused by the 2 women singers (and I use that term loosely for them). Ke$ha? OMG She does so suck LOL She also struck me as a Lady GaGa wannabe and she certainly didn’t pull it off that night.

    You think it was the flower that did Lacy in? LOL Maybe someone will stick one in Tim’s hair this coming week!

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