Apparently, I lost miserably T__T

My One! copy is here. In the area. I can smell it. It actually reached my front door during the day, and went back to the post office as there’s no one home to sign for it. People have to work, dude!!!!! For the past 3 times you guys came at 8am!! 11 am won’t do!! *bawls*

I even called and asked them before the item got passed the customs yesterday whether they could just hold my package at the post office, the answer was no, it’ll be automatically delivered *headdesks* Coming home to find that damn orange ‘we missed you’ notice stuck to my front door sucks, every time!

And the problem is I couldn’t use my office address for personal mail. Security issue. Bleh.

I don’t understand why USPS wouldn’t let me go picking my stuff up in the evening, I don’t mind driving to wherever their hub is! Other carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL always let me wait for their truck to return and gently hand me my package!! Next day is definitely not EXPRESS enough for me! USPS YOU SUCK!!!! GIVE ME MY DVD!!!!!! ~>__<~

CDJapan has been super fast lately, so I decided to go with them this time even though I usally prefer They use DHL.


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