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February 22, 2009 | 12pix, photo |

I meant to do this since last month but totally forgot LOL After taking a look at all photos I took last year and I thought maybe I should skip 2008 as the first 4 months were dominated by photos of T&T releases XD

Anyway, to keep my tradition going, here we go — 12 pictures to represent my year! ^^

Went snowshoeing with my sister and her husband at Snoqualmie without knowing that snowshoeing for a day is far worse than going to the gym for a month! I was limping for days after this!! It was fun though, we had a good laugh while torturing ourselves through the snow. One funny moment was when I suddenly lost my balance while pulling my camera out of my jacket pocket. Instinct took over, my left hand was holding the poles, so my right hand tried to grab on to something. Only that something was a fluffy snow wall which gave in as soon as I touched it. As a result, my right arm went all the way inside the snow. It would have been okay had I not held my camera in that hand!! My entire camera was covered in snow! Thank goodness my tiny F31FD was strong as a horse~ LOL

The Two Towers
Took this with my cellphone when I went to UW for some reasons LOL  UW campus was huge, it gave out different feelings compared to WSU campus in Pullman (aka the middle of nowhere XD). I love taking photos against the sun, and this one particularly reminded me of Sauron’s eye in LOTR~

Women in Aviation
Went down to San Diego for a conference. Great experience, I did learn a lot. It’s probably my first and last work related out-of-state trip in a while since they cut down travel budget this year. LOL

more details: WAI

Future of Flight
My uncle and his family came to visit us in April, so my sister and I took a day off to take them to Boeing’s Future of Flight in Mukilteo, WA. The place was cool, lots of information. We enjoyed the plant tour a lot (though I could see more using my Boeing badge and go down to the assembly floor LOL).

Grand Canyon
A family trip to Southwest that I didn’t get to go because of work T__T So I gave my camera to dad and he took tons of photos to show me. It was a 10-day road trip, fully packed with laughter. I wish I could go with them *weeps*

Singha World Tour
My brother, sister and I went down to Los Angeles for this concert. It was sooooooooo much fun! Asanee & Wasan, my most favorite Thai artists, sang every song live and rock Nokia Theatre! My brother’s friend worked for Grammy Entertainment, so she gave us super great tickets for the show. Woohooo~ The day after the concert, we also drove down to San Diego to visit my uncle and went to Torres Pines golf course too. It was a week before the US Open Tournament (where Tiger Woods miracurously won with only one good leg!) so we’re not allowed to take pictures.

My sister joined Seattle Flickr Meetup group last year. Basically, some organizers would come up with activities, then members would go take pictures together and post them up on Flickr. That week, we went to Lakewood Fire Station. It was funny when everyone pulled out there massive camera with tons of gadgets and loooooooong lens, while I was using my tiny F31FD xD I think I looked very goofy in this photo with this half grin but my sister likes it, oh well~ LOL

On a side note, my yellow wristband was not Lance Armstrong, it’s a different shade of yellow. This one was “Long Live the King – We ♥ Our King” and I’m still wearing it ^^

Went to my coworker’s place for a potluck party after work. Lots of food, lots of people, we did have a great time. Her house was so pretty, we could see Mt. Rainier from her deck. She loved decorating her place so there’s ornament all over the place. I think they were really pretty against the sun. :)

I ♥ T&T
Of course, T&T 6th Anniversary Project was the highlight of September ^^ Need I say more? I love T&T!

Fall Color
Stayed late at work one day and when I walked out to the parking lot, I saw all these pretty leaves. Forgot my camera at home that day so I had to take this shot with my cellphone again. The real color was much more beautiful.

Me Birthday!
Went out to a big dinner with my family and my parent’s friends. My sister bought me this red velvet cake which was soooooooooo yummy. She said she was thinking about having them write “I ♥ T&T” on it, but ended up with just a big read heart instead xD After we finished this cake, the restaurant owner brought me another BIG piece of cake and ice cream. Oh god, my tummy almost exploded!

White Sand Beach
Still working on a travelogue for this trip, it was the best time of 2008! A-san, I-san, T-chan and I went to Lipe Island together. We were having a blast.. well, maybe not for poor T-chan ^^” Anyway, on the 2nd day of our snorkeling trip, I risked my aunt’s batik cloth by hanging it up like this xD A-san said I look like an R-rated calendar model because of my pose and my T-shirt~ LOL


4 Responses to [Pix] 2008 in 12 pictures

  1. loonykat says:

    I love all your photos! N A-san’s pretty right for the last one! XDDD
    n u r damn right for the 2 towers, it does look like the LOTR! ^^ vy lovely, how u do that? *envious* I always get blinded by the rays b4 I even tried! =p
    well, the snow scene n the grand canyon are breathtaking! hope i can go there sometimes.. haha.. snow sport burn loads of calories, but also bring loads of aching along with it.. I can totally imagine your pain! hahaha..*runs*

  2. naughtiest says:

    lol, thanks! i’m glad you like my pix ^^
    and TTT photo, I didn’t even see my cellphone display so I snapped a whole bunch, that’s the trick~ xD

  3. A-san says:

    ชอบสีใบไม้สุดๆ ยังกะย้อมสีแน่ะ สุดยอดๆ

  4. naughtiest says:

    สู้ใบไม้เปลี่ยนสีที่ Kiyomizu ได้ป่ะ? ฮา
    ฟูจิฟิล์ม บันไซ เย้

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