one more week..

January 2, 2010 | et cetera |

7 more days..

I don’t want to go back.

while Seattle is home, Thailand is HOME.

it’s never the same. (T^T)

thought about annual 12-pix post, then realized most photos are on iMac back home. gotta wait till next week.

seriously, people are still using window 98?! wow

and ie6 users, you’re missing out on life, switch to firefox yo!

T&T together during countdown.

seeing how giddily happy they were together made me bounce off to pluto

this is why I ♥ T&T~ can’t wait for their comeback~

been writing a series of daily postcards to someone who might never get to read them lol


7 more days

gotta enjoy them to the max with friends and family! :)


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