A couple of photos from Snoqualmie. I went snowshoeing with my sister and my brother-in-law today… it actually proved how out of shape I am! LOL We probably walked 4-5 miles (maybe more) through the snow. As a result, my back is sore, my legs are freakingly tired, and my left hip hurts like hell!

I was whining how sore I was when I came home and my brother just said: Suck it up man, no one forced you to go! XDD

Advil is LOVE! ^^

I got back around 4pm, downloaded and watched SCP, and melted into a puddle of goo on spot *purrs* Gotta wait till A-san watched it to bug her for a translation XD but as usual, Takki looked sooooooooo good *__*

Ki.Se.Ki was so incredibly beautiful, this song really holds a special spot in my heart. Takki hit all high notes perfectly. I thought the Damecon version was pretty already but this one is a winner (plus it comes in a HQ not my crappy recording LOL). Let me repeat: So.Incredibly.Beautiful.

Tsu’s Andalucia made me drool all over my keyboard. [Precision] was the first word that came to my brain (if it wasn’t deep fried already) when I first watch his performance, followed by HOT, HOLY!, KAKKOIIIIIIII~~~~ and so on, yeah, you know the drill xD

My first time seeing them performed Daydreamer, what a pretty song, especially their harmony, too bad it’s a short version ne~

And I love it when they showed a footage from Sugao 3, especially [Love You Only] where Tsu played piano while Takki was right next to him, up above, that was so raburabu, just the two of them in their own space. The look Tsu gave him was just too sweet ^^ I wonder what came to Takki’s mind while watching this~

BTW, I ripped this version of Kiseki for my iPod because I love how this song kills me over and over again ^^
in case anyone wants it [Ki.Se.Ki]

Watched NFL playoffs during dinner. Bret Favre!!! *whacks* You beat the crap out of the Seahawks last week *hangs head* what happened to you this week?! bleh bleh bleh bleh BLEH!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! Why couldn’t you just let us go through?! T____T


4 Responses to [pix] Snoqualmie & ki.se.ki ripped

  1. mich says:

    KYAAA~~ i’m still on ki.se.ki high!! hehe… am grabbing the rip altho i already have one from helly juz now~ lol~ no harm having 2 instances of this on my ipod! :D

    also, i have said this many times but i’ll say it again. YOU take REALLY BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ryther says:

    I’m snatching your version too! >

  3. A-san says:

    อยากอยู่ในเมืองที่มีหิมะเยอะๆ อ่ะ แง๊

  4. naughtiest says:

    LOL me too!! super ki.se.ki high! XD It seems my playlist will never get away from ki.se.ki, koi yo, and true heart! urr.. you & i, sayonora no mukou… 12gatsu no hana… urr… yeah you get the picture~ XD
    Thank you! I’m glad you like these pix ^^

    spread the ki.se.ki love! ♥

    เหมือนเค้กจริงๆ บางที่มันจะมีเกลี่ยเป็นแนวๆ เหมือนหน้าขนมเค้กเปี๊ยบ
    ว่าแต่ หนาวน้าาาา เมื่อยด้วยน้าาาา ฮา
    ไว้ปีหน้ามาเที่ยวมั้ย? ^^

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