a makeshift scrapbook

December 23, 2009 | david cook, et cetera |

Ever since I felt like my handwriting was getting worse, I stopped keeping journal (so my handwriting could get even worse! LOL) I still have a small sketchbook that I carry around with me to jot things -from shopping list to some random thoughts/doodles- down.

Along came David Cook’s concerts this year and I need a place to keep my ticket stubs (they should consider adding a ticket holder (like JE) to the concert goodies…) and some extra photos I printed out. So, I ended up scrapbooking my sketchbook, with a simple rule, only 4 pages per concert. It was actually kinda fun, digging through advertising/junk mail, looking for something to decorate each page. lol

And because I wanted to be that mic stand so bad during the concert… LOL

BTW, I’m not into scrapbooking, so I don’t understand why people would spend a lot of money on this hobby. Aren’t you supposed to use your creativity and turn ‘scrap’ around you into something usable?! *scratches head*


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