December 15, 2009 | et cetera |

Historic moment.

The first flight of the new airplane program.

Last time it happened was 777 in 1994. It was so cool to be able to witness this beauty take off.

My team didn’t go to Everett for the event, but we did watch it together in the main conference room. And everyone was cheering loudly when 787 lifted itself off the ground.

Truly amazing.

787photo credit: Boeing Company

Watch video of take-off and landing moments here

And to have this first flight on my last day of work for 2009. Icing on the cake. Since I’ll be going on vacation starting 12/16, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to be a part of this event. So I was totally jumping up and down with joy when they announced last week that 12/15 was the day~

Icky weather couldn’t stop the history!

Both test pilots, Chift Pilot Mike Carriker and First Officer Randy Neville did an amazing job today. And they’re both super hilarious during press conference too! I love how happy they looked when they stepped outside the plane.

After several delays over the past 2 years, we finally made it.

That’s why we’re here

I’m proud to be a part of this company.

So yeah, last working day of 2009. I’m heading off to Thailand tomorrow for almost 4 weeks. Long and painful plane ride, but it’ll be worth it once I reach home.

I wish I could say (or sing): All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go~ ♪

But I couldn’t! Packing till the last minute is my motto, yo! LOL

Alrighty, better take a mini nap for now. A real sleep can be on the plane, I’m an expert at that! :)


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