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December 1, 2009 | et cetera |

Two restless nights in a row. I didn’t know Twitter is a carrier for insomnia, tsk tsk, NT~

So, I felt a little off since yesterday afternoon, but didn’t think it would turn into a trip to my doctor’s office.

I went to work this morning, feeling that my lips were kind burning. Applying lip balm made it worse, as peppermint on sensitive skin hurt like a b*tch, don’t try it kids. So I consulted webMD, and most people recommended trying Blistex medicated. oh well. During my 9am meeting, my lips hurt like hell. After the meeting, I shot a quick email to my boss, and made a run to my doctor’s office.

Once my doctor stepped inside the exam room..

dr: what happened to you, your face is all swelling up?
me: o_O” I only felt my lips swelling, like I had a bad case of lip plump
dr: *touches my face and neck* totally swollen
me: o_O”

after some check up and Q&A’s, he told me I had an allergy..

me: in winter time?!
dr: absolutely~

Great, now on top of spring allergy, I have winter allergy too! woohoo~ seems like it’s been building up for a while since I’ve been having dry cough for over a month without other symptom, and today happened to be the lucky breaking point yay!

He told me to go get cetirizine (generic for Zyrtec) and I should get better, if not, come back. I think I’m gonna refer myself to a specialist if that’s the case. lol

When I got back to the office, my boss asked if I needed to go home

me: nah, it’s just an allergy, I’m okay, only my lips are swollen
boss: your lips looks fine
me: but I feel like they’re 3x normal size and it hurts!!
boss: did you eat something weird yesterday?
me: nope
boss: are you allergic to something?
me: grass? spring time?
boss: what about food?
me: not that I’m aware of.. well, actually I’m mentally allergic to cinnamon..
boss: o_O” mentally?
me: yeah, I feel sick when I catch cinnamon scent. My nose is extremely sensitive to it. Technically, I can eat it, but it’ll make me sick

LOL you gotta see the look on his face! and yes, I hate cinnamon with passion. My friend force-fed me Cinnabon a long time ago, and I got really sick from it. After that, cinnamon has become my lifetime enemy. lol

My boss told me to go have it check out so I know what exactly mysterious stuff I have allergic reaction to.

I told him (borrowed from DC) I’m allergic to life, in general. LOL

alright, bed I go *yawns*


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