January 18, 2008 | takitsuba |

I was at work this morning when Bon-chan *chu chu chu* texted me to watch this preview ASAP. I basically jumped right out off the meeting room and violated probably 10 company’s policies concerning downloading stuff from internet during the next 5 minutes XD After watching it, I could hardly drag myself back to the meeting! All I wanted to do was kyaaaaaaaaing all the way to Pluto. OMG! SO CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! OMG CUTE! Still the same comment as when I first saw TV Guide, they looked as if they’re back to their junior years!!! And they’re more than 120% into the game…all those sound effects were sooooooo cute~ ahhhhh mucho cutenesssssssss~


I really love Tsubasa’s spread eagle and Takki’s 360! Once again, gotta admire Tsu’s flexibility here LOL Tsu’s whacking Takki’s arm for his attention was soooooo adorable!~ Takki’s pants looks like one of my PJs XDD Have I said that Takki looked as if he’s 15? Ahh no wonder Tsu said Takki’s smile has never changed ^^

My crazy brain thinks that it would have been cuter if they used the same room as their [Crazy Rainbow] PV. Or that lucky bear made its appearance.

In only 40 seconds, this preview gave such a warm and fuzzy feeling, seeing how they’re so natural together, their smiles melted me into a puddle of goo.

Also, my suggestion is that SCP should drop their Stage Report and show behind the scene/offshots from this CM instead~ LOL

BTW, Matchy-san didn’t actually dance during MS, so I really wanna see Mezamero! Yasei PV…


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