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November 18, 2006 | release, takitsuba |


Can you tell how much I love the covers? XDD

2wo You 4our You

I love the album. Period. Well, obviously I suck at writing reviews ne~ XD

Anyway, I bought all 3 versions of the album and was lucky enough to get both B and Cs stickers. If I ever got an A sticker, I’d probably cry my eyes out for not being able to claim the prize. LOL

My posters were folded, as expected, thanks to HMV. Note to self: faster is not always better, heh? I was considering buying another CD from CDJapan, but my lovely seme stopped me from doing so, just in time. Now, I’m sharing half-custody of her poster instead. XD

Alright, on to the wonderful 15+1 tracks (I still wish it would be more though, like 20 tracks at least. *runs*).

  1. Love Lucky – ok, truth is cockroach scares the life out of me ever since I was a child, and this song is all about it? T__T I consider myself lucky that I don’t understand the lyrics then ^^; A catchy dance song with a bit messy music when I first heard it a few weeks back, but it gets a lot better after listening to it for a few times. ^^

  2. Venus – I wasn’t even T&T fan back then when the single released, but I guess I started admiring them from this song. Come on, how could I not, they sang Venus in 4 different languages, funny accent Thai included! LOL It took me days to understand what they sang, and I decided that whoever wrote them that Thai lyrics should be shot by a bad ass yakuza. XD So, basically Venus has a very fond memory attached to it ^^

  3. Ho!Summer – Not my favorite song ever, but I like this song, not because of the song itself though. PV and Saipan, need I say more? XD

  4. Natsu no Kaze – I love this song since I heard the intro ^^ Their voices blend so well together, plus music is very nice. Definitely a 2-thumbs-up song.

  5. Black Butterfly – Surprisingly enough, I love this song a LOT more than I thought (except where they did the voice altering thing, I hate that kind of effect in the songs). Maybe because I always think about JE songs that I can do the ballroom/latin dances to. LOL *revives ex-ballroom-dancer spirit*

  6. Slave of Love – The title says all LOL What else could I say? This song has already been one of my favorite Tsubasa’s solo songs ever since I first heard it. Plus, my seme fell for Tsubahips in this song!

  7. Mermaid – Honestly, I don’t think it sounds very much like T&T style ^^” BUT I won’t complain though, I might be drooling to death by this song after I see them perform live, just like Takki’s Taste Me. LOL

  8. Kamen – Love this song, love the furitsuke, love the PV, and love the ‘making of’ clip. Need any more reason to love this song? ^^

  9. Rainy Memories – Seriously, Tsubasa’s voice in this song can really kill me, and send me to heaven. OMG. Such a beautiful song, I really love the background music too.

  10. Juunigatsu no Hana – I LOVE TAKKI’s BALLAD! His voice surely improves, and this song is very beautiful. I couldn’t help but imagine how great it would be if Takki sings this song during their x’mas con while Tsubasa is also on the stage. *dies in T&T heaven*

  11. Serenade – Let’s swing the stick, shall we? XDD

  12. Hey!! Listen to the Music – Very catchy song, the hook part is cute, the “WE ARE ONE” part is enough to like this song LOL. It should be really fun to see them perform this song live in concert.

  13. Sayonara no MukouYou & I is my favorite song from Twenty Two (my most favorite T&T song even), so no surprise that Sayanara no Mukou is my favorite unit song from this album. I’m such a sucker for this kind of songs, and now falling helplessly in love with this wonderful song especially the harmony part. ♥

  14. Venus~Eurobeat Remix – ROFL! I, who normally wince at remix songs, love this version of Venus more than the original! So catchy, I can just jump up and dance! XD Wonder how they’re going to dance to this remix though.

  15. Yume Monogatari ~Christmas version – *giggles* T&T my dear, this definitely doesn’t sound like a Christmas song to me XD Anyway, if T&T play guitar on stage while performing this song during their x’mas con, this version will kick the original version ass! XD

  16. Kakko Tsukanai Tonight – I love this song the first time I heard the radio rip from To Base, and the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. Plus, KTT is T♥T love song, ne? ♥ ♥ The furitsuke is pretty cute too ^^ Also, whoever told them to do that almost-kissed-thing at the album event deserves a medal. Takki is so.damn.hot looking at Tsubasa like that. LOL Who knows, a little more support from us fans, they might get even closer and closer during the beginning part of this song ne? <3

In short, 2u4u is a very strong album that covered a wide range of music. I really hope people out there will give this album a chance. Takitsuba always provide high quality works for their fans. They’ve worked so hard to be together and I totally wish they will remain this way as long as possible. This, of course, depends on fan supports.

See, I should have just stopped at my first sentence, since basically, I want to say “I love this wonderful album!!” ^__^


Mini thoughts on all 3 versions of this album:

  • outside CD spines (or whatever it’s called): I was half-hoping that they would be as cute as those of Ho!Summer where all three of them combined created a nice beach picture, but no such luck ne~ ^^”

  • CD+DVD version: The dvd itself is worth what I paid for this superb combo. Ho!Summer footage was obviously taken by a lovely pervert who knew where to look, as most of the time it’s focused on Takki’s lickable abs XD My only complaint would be that it’s not long enough. More. More. MORE! Also, Avex! Please release the Izumo con DVD with all the unseen backstage footage, onegai!

  • Limited Press: Best album covers, both front and back, IMO. The lighting doesn’t look too studio-ish like the other two. The karaoke cd doesn’t have Black Butterfly and Rainy Memories but it has two Special Radio Show tracks instead. Now, I have to catch my friend and make her translate the entire thing for me ^^; If only the furitsuke manual would be a ton of tiny T&T pix (like those in 2005-2006 schedule book) not the drawing, I’d love this version to death. ^^

  • Regular Press: Kakko Tsukanai Tonight rocks this version ne? ^^ BUT why do they have to airbrush the cover like that?! $()%&$*#!! *whacks Avex’s art department* =__= Anyhow, am I wrong to think that they’re holding hands on the backcover? LOL

  • Have I mentioned that I’m not very fond of their jackets on the covers? ^^” Too…glossy (is this even the word I’m looking for? XD) I think. Their black jackets on the back cover of LP and DVD versions suit them better.

  • Looking at the back of the LP again, I think Takki is also holding Tsubasa’s hand here! XD What a lovely protective seme he is! How cute! They’re such an adorable couple. *giggles*

Alright, I’d better end my post with this fangirl’s dream then. Ciao~ ^___^


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