whatever I used to whine about amazon jp, I’m taking them back! OMG! My CDs arrived today! Yeeehaaa!!! I came home and saw a note from DHL , so I went to their center to pick it up ^^ I couldn’t even wait to get home first, so I was sitting in my car, in front of DHL, carefully taking the plastic wraps off XDD


well, I only got jacket A and C for the time being, as jacket B is in another order I placed with HMV (which is still somewhere in Japan I think +__+)

Anyhow, the first thing I checked? of course, the host business card from jacket C ……. I got T&T version! YAY!! Double Hosts!!! *bounces happily* a little picky photographer in me grumbles … why did they leave so much white space above T&T heads but cut off their feet? -__-“

Even though I’m afraid I’d scratch my CD, I couldn’t resist listening to it in the car on my way home XD OMG, Sadame and Edge *thuds* so hot! They’re even hotter than hot when listening to the HQ version of these songs! ♥

X~dame~: A fun and catchy song with very cute furitsuke, that is really easy to follow just like T&T said. and if you get jacket A of this single, you’ll get to learn this furitsuke from Takitsuba in their shiny armors host outfits ^__^ Cute is not enough to describe these two~

Crazy Rainbow: Another catchy song, opening theme for One Piece, anime that’s been airing for what, 10 years already? LOL. Anime fans seem to love it, so I hope they will help bumping the sales up :) Crazy Rainbow PV is one of the cutest PVs on earth (right along with Ho!Summer, of course XD) I realy like it when T&T sang this song live in DK too. Btw, does it have a full blown furitsuke? I only saw then making hand movements a little bit, but the real furitsuke? *wonders*

Sadame: I love this song to no end! When I first heard the radio rip, I thought it sounded like OST or something. ribi also mentioned that it’s like Kiseki-Black Butterfly crossover, which I did agree ^^ But when I listened to the CD today for the first time, I suddenly realized *was hit in the forehead*……. this song reminds me of Takki’s DreamBoy! I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s somewhat like a latin version of Dream Boy & One Night combo. No wonder it sounds like OST to me LOL And adding Kiseki (origin of my obsession), Dreamboy (root of my admiration), and Black Butterfly (*ballrom dancer takes over* next favorite type of music after ballad) together, the result is me melting into a puddle of goo! kyaaaaaa!!! I love Sadame so much! ♥♥♥

EDGE: This is a song that kills! It’s extremely HOT and COOL at the same time! I can totally see Tsu’s hip thrusting right in front of my eyes! His long lean body line moving sensually, SexGod revisits. *dies* This new arrangement rocks, I’m totally in love with Tsu’s voice here *melts* have I said that it’s HOT? XDD

uh oh, bed time …… ZZT&TzzZZzz…zzZZT&Tzzzz

ps: can’t wait to get the B jacket! and my additional C one too, let’s see if HMV will give me a different card! ^___^


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