[T&T] surprised gift?

June 23, 2007 | takitsuba |

About to continue on my concert report journey but feel like I have to do this first LOL

Remember Avex’s T&T Surprised Christmas present? The one that you had to send in 2 coupons from their solocon DVDs?

I recalled bugging begging A-san to go buy me another copy of both DVDs and mail in the forms to get it as sending 2 pieces of paper overnighted to Japan would probably be more expensive and couldn’t guarantee that it’d reach where A-san lived by the application deadline -__-“

I completely forgot about it until A-san gave it to me last month when we met.

Anyway, I just got a chance to take a closer look at it last week and immediately thought that whoever designed this thing deserves a giant slap slam -___-“Let’s see. They have a hook on both sides, quite convenient, huh? But clearly if you hang it from Tsu’s side, both their names will be upside down ne?

Back when I first saw the picture of this gift on the internet, I imagined both T’s to be able to fit together as one T with their names on both sides by bending it. Nope, cannot do that because of the design -“- You can only hang it side by side

BUT, by doing that, Tsu’s name will be upside down -___-” (wanna help me slap choke that whoever now?)

Here’s my proposal:

  • Rotated Tsu’s name by 180 degree.

  • Either rotate Ando (&) by 90 degree clockwise or leave it alone.

  • Change the middle part to look somewhat like a door hinge, so both T can be snapped together.

  • Please hire me or fellow fangirls around the world next time you need a product R&D or QA, I beg you, Avex-sama!! xDD


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