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August 8, 2007 | release, takitsuba |

For once in my life, I got T&T single on the released date! No fighting with EMS and USPS this time, what a nice feeling coming home to see a BOX instead of that orange ‘we’ve missed you’ slip. LOL ^____^

My first reaction: ehhhh?! How come the box is so small?! I thought it’s going to be a poster?! LOL oh well, there IS a poster, folded neatly inside jacket C cd! Thank you Avex! You saved HMV some work!! *whacks*

As usual, I opened jacket C first! I decided to press my luck this time and ordered both jacket Cs from CDJapan. YES YES YES!! Thank goodness I did that! Look! Look!! I got both Takki and Tsubasa card! Yippy!!!! ^_____^ ((urrr, wait a second, does it mean I have to hunt down unit card now? oops~ +__+)

Jacket A: LOL, oh so, the Jedi pose and Tsu’s calf isn’t really a jacket cover eh? It’s a glossy thing that wraps around the CD. The CD itself is the moon (while the DVD is classic black with white fonts), I feel like transforming~ *RARRRRWWWW* LOL The back of the CD is nice, I really like Takki’s pose here, but I still think it’d be better if they held hands. *runs* oh, btw, Tsu’s leg hair isn’t very obvious, I think wribbit would be happy XDD

Jacket B: I like the front jacket to begin with (well, except for those silly spotlights behind them, of course), since I think both T&T looked very nice here. Back jacket was a little goofy with those 7 spotlights. Tsu’s sword turned into a short litesaber too, too much PS work, I’d say. LOL but oh well, it didn’t really matter because the insert is super cool! Those shots were really nice!!! *__* This time black CD and white DVD.

Jacket C: The close-up!! ^___^ and I love the back jacket!!! It looks a little blurry, I think, but nice nonetheless. Inside, PINK! OMG, I’d never associate samurai with pink color but Avex did! bery bery pinku desu! xD The lighting on that pink background was really odd, it made them look .. dark? ^^” Anyway, those pictures with dark background on the other side were much nicer. ^^ Oiiii, Takizawa Hideaki, the way your left hand held the sword will kill me someday *___* The CD case came in a paper box along with that double-sided poster that Avex folded into tiny little pieces DUH!! >__<”

Overall, I think I like jacket B most, but C came in quite close too ^^

BTW, Avex cracked me up with that red sticker on the shrink wrap


Samurai – Live version Music clip: is basically the PV without the armor dude ^^ I couldn’t stop drooling as expected.

Off shot: This one is a REAL killer! OMG OMG OMG!!!! Sooooo cute and kakkoii and LOVE!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! *lost in heaven* so many nice moments! Those smiles!! KYAAAAA!!! Tsu! Backbone! xDD Tsu looking at Takki ♥ Tsu’s yummy chest! Takki was such an adorable dork! He’s really playful here. The super cute lip balm part got me sqeeeeee to Antarctica XD BTW, they need a “caution, slippery surface” there during the fight scene -“-. Takki tried to whack the samurai dude after ‘cut!’ was hilarious. Oooohhhh, the ending solo shots, Tsu was so yummy and Takki with his sword will be the end of me LOL More!! I want more!! This is too short!!!!!

Solo Songs/PVs: I like Tsu’s World(‘s) Wing PV more ^^ Love the simplicity of it, so very Tsu-ish! (and love his hair! xD). Tsu was simply gorgeous *___* As much as I enjoy watching Takki triplets, I’d prefer only one original Takki walking in natural light (and without a hat LOL).

BTW, if they’re going to keep walking like this, their solo PVs should end with them walking towards a corner or a crosswalk or a bedroom door, meeting each other. Faith leads them there, of course ^__^

As for the solo songs, I prefer Takki’s Flower(‘)s Song ^^ really like the arrangement for this song ne~ It’s the type of music that I can keep repeating on my ipod for days XD

Himegoto: oooh I love this song! Very catchy. I like how their voices blended together ^__^ Once again, I think it has an OST touch to the music. Just me, maybe LOL (a lot of songs sound OST to me lately xD)

Definitely a very nice single! I LOVE IT!!!
Takitsuba, thank you for your hard work on this single ne~ ^___^



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  1. I just had to read these all when I saw your pretty pretty sidebar :3 I hope you don’t mind me stalking around ^^;;;;

    “BTW, if they’re going to keep walking like this, their solo PVs should end with them walking towards a corner or a crosswalk or a bedroom door, meeting each other.”

    That’s what I’ve been whining about ever since they released KoiUta, Why didn’t they give us a PV of “Yakusoku ~Last~”? ;~;

  2. naughtiest says:

    oooh thank you for your comment and please feel free to browse around! I’m glad you like my sidebar~ (made it a litter hard to browse at my office though, a bit too colorful LOL)

    *pets* I guest Koiuta mini drama was a killer enough, if Yakusoku~LAST PV happned to end up at the bedroom door, most fans would probably die for real XDD

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