One of the most touching drama I’ve seen in years.

BTW, I’m not sure what’s the correct drama title XD I made the above banner with “Ganbareba, shiawase ni nareru yo” but as I uploaded it, I recalled reading on Nere’s site that the title was changed to “Gan to tatakatta musuko no 730-hi” ^^” *confused*

Warnings: screencaps and spoilers behind cut. DO NOT proceed if you want to watch it by yourself first ^^

All screencaps are for viewing pleasure only. Do not crop/chop/edit/repost them anywhere without my permission.

Father-son/daughter is my weak point to begin with. So, no surprise when cried my eyes out watching it this morning. T______T

Their son, Nao-kun, is such a considerate boy. He really did leave a huge impact on people around him. His love for his family is so touching. He was a real fighter.

*fangirls* Takki looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! no matter how weird his pants look! XDD He’s such a baka dad at the beginning, but he changed, because of Nao. T__T He was so emotional in this drama. Once again, his eyes conveyed so many feeling inside. When I saw his tears, I was dead on spot. OMG, not again, he hit right smack on my weakness T____T It pained my heart seeing Takki, a father, crying uncontrollably like that as there’s nothing he could possibly do to save his son’s life.

I really love the father-son chemistry between them. I have no doubt why the boy(s) love him so much. I totally love how his character chose to keep the promise they made T____T (crap! thinking about it makes me cry again T_____T)

Kyoko! I love her! wow, she nailed the role ne as mother and wife! Her character was sooo strong! I really love how this character chose to tell their son the truth from the beginning about his illness,

Whenever I saw Nao-kun made peace sign, that mini ‘v’ with his small hand…. ganbare na ganbare. T____T Even though he was sick soooo bad, he still cheered people around him up. What a willpower, what a fighting spirit in this little boy. T___T

Yakusoku…. had Takki’s solo from Samurai single told story about butterfly….”Butterfly’s song”, it’d have tied perfectly with this drama….


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