They said your life would flash before your eyes when you die.

I saw the stage, and the damn lucky mic stand.

I saw 5 amazing guys, and the awesomeness beyond any explanation.

I saw the smile that melted me into a puddle of goo.

I surely died happy in fangirl’s heaven called David Cook’s concert~  ♥


Riverside Theater
Milwaukee, WI

warning: fangirl incoherent thoughts, flailing guaranteed, quite a bit of photos, proceed at your own risk~

That’s Kyle’s hair right there, hardly noticeable because of photoshop’s smart blur filter. I did not cheat, it’s another band banner!

intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem | Autopsy Report
intro (again) | Round 5 – St. Louis

F-san dropped me off at the airport in the morning. Security check was a joke as I got dinged for a pack of silica gel, oh TSA. Other than that, STL airport was awesome! They provided free wi-fi connection (through January 2010, I think)! LOL

The plane was TINY, thank goodness for a short flight. Once I got to MKE airport, I took a cab to the hotel, checked in, and sent my boss an email, reporting that I was indeed safe and sound in Milwaukee and ready for the show. After that, I ran into, for lack of better words, a surprise, which kept me distracted all afternoon.

I walked over to Riverside Theater to pick up my ticket. When I got there, the feeling I had when I went to Salem show was back, hitting me hard. It’s the last show in who-knows-how-long-it-will-take-to-get-to-see-them-again. What a bittersweet feeling.

Oh, by the way, before I went to the show at the Pageant the previous night, I got an email from one super nice lady, Ms. N, that she could get me into the Meet & Greet in Milwaukee. You wouldn’t believe my luck, eh? Me neither! And to make it even more hilarious, it’s all because of Thai food! LOL

Anyhow, I went back to the theater around 6pm, waited for a while and got the green wristband thingy before being herded inside and upstairs for the M&G. Well, it’s more like a lining-up-against-the-wall-to-take-a-picture than a M&G to me, but hey, I wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place since I wasn’t a local, I’d take this 30 seconds over nothingness anytime!

I couldn’t really remember what I said to David when he greeted me which was not a surprise as I went ♥__♥ whenever I saw him in close range. His face was almost clean-shaven~ And he looked really young and cute! *internally flails*

Well, I vaguely recalled mentioning St. Louis show and Make Believe and how I loved it, and he said something like “that’s cool~” (don’t even ask me why didn’t I say something about Seattle because I’m still asking myself that question til this day! *headdesks*) Blame it on that hand on my shoulder! My brainwave went “____” for a very good reason! LOL

I did tell them that they’re all awesome (thank god my braincells could still manage that!).

And I got a picture with the band! YAY!! ↓


BTW, I didn’t know why, but I handed Ms. N my camera instead of letting her take my picture with the radio station’s camera, which turned out to be the best instinct ever as their photos came out awfully blurred. *phews*

hmm.. I thought he’s 5’11”? It must be his new boots because I swear I didn’t look that short next to him back in August and I didn’t get any shorter than my usual 5’4″!

(OT: Kris Allen said David Cook is not tall in his interview outtake with Jim Cantiello~ LOL gotta love the Krim show! Hilarious stuff, go watch it!)

To be honest, I was thinking about asking David for a bear hug. But I figured that he’d probably have to hug 28 people behind me, and quite possibly cursed me for starting it off, so I politely thanked them for the picture instead (yeah yeah, a missed opportunity, I know, but I wanted to remain on his well-behaved fangirl list!).

Come to think of it, instead of wrapping my arm around him, I should have grabbed his ass instead.. or maybe I did? *runs like hell* I’M KIDDING!! or maybe not.. LOL

Moving on~

I went back to the lobby area, waiting to be let back inside again with other fans. I felt like this place was not very well-organized. For one thing, some staff didn’t look like a staff, no uniform, badges, etc etc. But they’re really nice as they finally let us in around 7pm. Inside the Riverside was really pretty too. For this show, I got a 2nd row seat, Andy’s side. Great spot! Before the show started, some fans sent a gift bag backstage to Andy, and he tweeted to thank them, their ecstatic scream was so cute! XD Oh, I also fiddled around with my camera and intentionally slammed it on the floor accidentally dropped it on the floor, no ding, lucky!

Time for Green River Ordinance!! YAY!!

I loved their energy! I loved how bouncy they all were even though it’s a pain for photo ops! LOL Also, I decided not to participate in their twitter giveaway so I could enjoy their music to the max instead which was a perfect way to start off the night. GRO did such a great job opening and keeping us all on our feet~ They simply knew how to get the loudest scream out of the crowd: mention David Cook! LOL

I love GRO! I really do hope they’ll come out to Seattle for their own show soon! :)

The crew came out to revamp the stage for the Script. I was really impressed how efficient these peeps were. Team GRO to clear their equipments out, and Team The Script to set their things up. They’re really fast! *claps claps*

The Script and their futuristic out-of-space entrance rocked! I got a few good shots of them, but eventually gave up on taking pictures as they’re even more bouncy than GRO! Totally hyper!!! The Script was such a great entertainer, very professional and totally knew how to work the stage. Ohh ohhh I finally saw Glen behind the drum set! XD

When I first bought their CD a few months ago, I wasn’t really into their music that much as they sounded quite different that my usual playlist, but I really loved it after watching them perform live. Magic of live music, indeed~ :)

Last chance to take a break, Team DC came out to set up the stage for the main event of the night~ ♥

The stage went dark, I could see the band walk out from the (my) right side of the stage. Let the fun begin!!

Heroes was the lead off hitter for the night, and as always, it did an amazing job~ The crowd went instantly crazy and super loud!!


woot! woot! DC changed from his blue striped T-shirt he wore earlier into a gray shirt and he looked sooooooo good! *hearts in my eyes*  kyaaaa!! the boots! the boots!! *flails* oh boy, his pants!! *purrs*

uh oh, what’s wrong with his left pinky?! It’s all bandaged up along with the knuckle area of his left hand. I guessed he whacked his guitar a little too hard the previous night? Seems like his poor pinky got jammed up quite a bit during this tour eh? ^^”

I’ll crawl into your atmosphere~



DC thanked Milwaukee fans for coming to the show before Mr. Sensitive~ I love love love love this song! It’s getting hotter and hotter every time I saw it live my nose wanted to bleed! I especially addicted to the way David spanked his guitar, though I was worried about his pinky during this show so I kept inner-chanting ‘not too hard, be careful, not too hard’ XD

OMG my seat was perfect for interacting with Andy Skib!! I got his nod of approval as I was singing along during Mr. Sensitive! YAY ME! XD He he totally looked into my camera during the opening banter too! I laughed so hard at his facial expression while snapping this shot. I gave him a thumb up and mouthed TY to him, and he totally acknowledged it! *squeeeeeeee*


Back to opening banter, David the Teaser did his tiny little high pitch voice again *awww cute* He asked how everyone was doing, said it should be fantastic as we’ve already seen GRO and the Script and now we got to see Monty~ LOL He thanked the fan for choosing to spend the evening with them while we could have some other things to do, and said “if there’s not the flu, or there’s not so many people in here, I’ll kiss each one of you .. *RIVERSIDE THEATER EXPLODES* ..BUT there’s the flu.” *DC chuckles*

OMG the way he laughed was sooooo adorable!!!


Moving on to Straight Ahead! I really love songs from Analog Heart! ♥  It’s truly amazing how he produced this incredible record by himself, with help from friends. Every once in a while, I wonder if he somehow misses those days without big name co-writers or executive producer while creating his music.

And, if possible, I wish David would re-release the album for charity purpose~ :)

*claps claps claps* He said he had the most fantastic fans on the planet so we’d take our time.. (making us clap nonstop)


Someone threw a pair of teddy bears tied together on stage, so we got this very hilarious banter of two bears being held hostage ROFL! DC said he didn’t know what they’re supposed to represent. Anyway, he said there’s no secret that he’s a sports fan and happened to be partial to the Missouri Tigers. Some guys booooooooooed him! LOL DC had to tell them to relax.

One of the bears was wearing MU Tigers hoodie, so he told the fans that they’re allowed to cheer, the same dude still booed him so he said: Sir, relax! *points at the dude* that’s you! xD  The other bear was wearing Kansas University and he cued Milwaukee peeps to boo LOL It was so cute when he reminded us all that he had the stage of the microphone, so he could literally take this (conversation) anywhere he wanted to go.

DC ended up pulling the bear apart, and throwing KU bear back at the crowd. The bear got tossed back on stage while DC also toss his MU bear to the back. He did look back at both bears, then came back to the mic.

I want you to know, you throw your bear, and it lands face down on the floor. I throw my bear, and it lands sitting up next to the beer. I’m just sayin’

*dies laughing* Oh gosh, so damn cute!

♪ It’s my Declaration time! I loved the energy level during this song, how everyone was singing along, clapping their hands, and screaming their heads off! It was really awesome!! DC missed a few high notes, and I adored it to no end! It’s the fun of a live concert! woot woot!




After Declaration, he mentioned that they’ve been on the road since February 13th, this was the 142th show *screamfest* He talked about how they found new way to perform some of the songs, “maybe something worse, I don’t know~” LOL

Said he’s really pleased with the way Lie‘s gone.

I’m gonna need silence. The only time I’ll ever ask you this, ever.


Theoretically, this could have been the best Lie performance because he simply requested silence prior to singing the song. And it was totally dead silent at the beginning. But before the acapella started, some fans screamed *grumbles*

And once he started singing acapella part, one brainless fan happened to feel the need to TALK BACK → ‘I’m gonna be alright’


Speaking of taking absurdity to the next level. David had to ASK for silence BEFORE the song started and STILL didn’t get it because of some inconsiderate fans *headdesks*

Bleh. I bet he mentally rolled his eyes because of this one, seriously, how could he not?!

Other than that, Lie was stunningly gorgeous. I loved his voice so much, it captured my heart, so powerful~ ♥

And at least we still have Carrie Underwood’s Christmas Special to look forward to. That one should be a perfect Lie performance~ Actually, I should say a perfect audience behavior, since DC’s performance during this song is always perfect~ lol


Time to spread the Anthemic love with a quick band introduction because DC said being able to share the stage with friends was the coolest part of this whole gig :)  From recent birthday boy Andy, to the man of the hour Monty, to Mr. Kyle Peek (Kyle got to be Mister again lol), and lastly Mr. Neal Tiemann~ With the exception of Kyle (LOL), he said he knew these guys for almost 8 years, and he used to be in MWK with Andy and Neal. I loved it when he mentioned MWK ♥ DC said he wanted to do something other than the record, so he tried to grab stuff from before idol, and the next song was MWK’s  ‘Til I’m Blue~

OMG!! ‘Til I’m Blue!!!! *bounces bounces bounces* It’s my first time seeing this song live, and it’s amazingly hot! And Neal was friggin’ awesome~ *__*


*purrs* I love the way he ran his fingers along his guitar neck.. *purrs*


I kinda half-wished Andy would sing it though — no offense, David, I do love you! LOL  So, I waved my hand at Andy during this song, he saw it and he nodded back at me! ANDY SKIB, I LOVE YOU SO HARD THAT NIGHT!! ♥

DC asked if we had a good time. The response wasn’t loud enough, so he asked again, slowly. The dude wouldn’t let us rest our voice! lol A fan yelled something about loving his boots (I AGREED!), so he said this was what happened when other people dress him (umm.. where can I order a David Cook doll? I want to play dressing him up too… *runs like hell*) and supposedly not having his shoes tied was a “BIG THING” ← gosh, the way he said ‘big thing’ was sooooooo cute! Well, I was more crazy with the way he tucked his pants into his boots than the boots itself, but they’re both lovely~ :)

Here we go, the object of my recent obsession LOL


DC went on to ask the crowd who’s in love, and picked on one dude, saying that he had to be a little more animated if he didn’t want to sleep on the couch. So he asked again, and I guess the dude was more animated this time as DC said GJ! LOL Apparently, most people in the audience were NOT in love that night~ ♥


Oh how I love the intro of Kiss on the Neck~ especially when they all gathered in front of Kyle. I died every time he touched his neck during ♫ with just the kiss on the neck~ verse. The moan *faints* The smirk *flails* I loved all his tiny little non-verbal movements to make us go louder because every single action worked!

And I loved Hotel California snippet he should cover the whole song some day and make it sexy off to Pluto~



Nice lighting during this song~


and I’d worship this ‘definition of Epic’ to my next life~ ↓


Once upon a time when we started this tour…” ROFL it sounded sooooooooooo looooooong ago. Okay, kiddo, this was not a bedtime story, he talked about how they played in colleges *screams* and wanted to do a song that fit with the whole idea of going to school, being educated, as we all knew the great thing about education was teachers, specifically the really hot ones *screams*

If that’s the logic, I’ll totally go back to school if you’re a teacher, Prof. Cook~ LOL

I loved the look on Kyle’s face at the beginning of Hot For Teacher so much!


And Kyle got wet again LOL Wow, practice made perfect, the shape of DC’s water spout got bigger and equally spread in all upward directions! XD


DC walked to the left side of the stage, climbing up on the speaker, and being all cute and adorable. Like seriously ADORABLE. The way he posed… OMG his pants! *nosebleeds* OMG his pants! *faints* OMG HIS PANTS!!!! *thuds* I swear, that pair of pants should be illegal!!! Without a guitar in front of him, it’s lethal to fangirl’s health ♥__♥ His belly also peeked out during this speaker scene, my life was completed~ *dies*


He jumped off the speaker and went back to the center stage. Hot For Teacher was so damn hot! They totally killed it! Neal was amazingly amazing! GAH! And David was super hyper and cute and hot, I didn’t even know how he managed this combination all in himself!!


OH MY GOD~~~~~ He was hotter than hell my poor heart was about to explode~ ♥


*panting* DC asked if we’re all warmed up LOL He needed everyone to stand up, make some noise, and touch somebody with this song~

Bar-ba-sol! ONE! TWO! THREE!


HOLY HOTNESS!! *melts into a puddle of goo*


And Neal Tiemann, you’re killing me with all your moves, sir! (though I couldn’t help giggling when I saw Crazy Legs hanging in this photo LOL)


DC talked about when he went back to LA for writing session during his week off. The night before he had to get to work, he went out having a beer with Tony from the Crash Kings. He was so cute when he told us to check them out before adding “after you checked out GRO and the Script” ROFL! I love DC the Salesman~ Anyway, the next morning, he got sick with tonsillitis, and his doctor said he shouldn’t be singing all week (I think he tweeted about this in early October, something about Oregon trail?) While he was busy thinking what the heck he’s going to do since the writing session just got ‘blown to hell‘, his doctor told him that there’s someone who wanted to meet him, and entered Chris Cornell~

I remember my first thought when I heard he mention Chris Cornell back in October was: what’s the probability for these two dudes to get sick at the same time?! LOL

It’s the first time he met Chris so he thanked the dude for Light On, and Chris told him that as soon as he heard David’s version, he realized David was the best person for the song. MASSIVE COMPLIMENT~ So he joked that in case Chris Cornell got on YouTube in the next few days to look up David Cook playing in Milwaukee (LOL), he thanked Chris again for this song~


I’d forever love how loud Light On was during their live concert!! I loved his voice. I loved the high energy of the crowd. I loved it when he made us sing at the end. I friggin’ loved this song!


even in the daylight, shine on

The light finally went off *bawls* They left the stage, it’s time for encore!


I wanted them to come back to the stage pronto, but I knew that the sooner they returned, the sooner the show would come to an end, and I wanted this show to go on forever, which was impossible because they had to fly off to California for Friant show the next night, the show that I had a ticket for and was supposed to go but it was too logistically screwed to manage considered I had to be in Texas and back in Washington within the next 4 days. *head hurts* (T__T) *heart hurts more* ouch…

heck no, weeping in the middle of Riverside Theater didn’t sound like a good idea, plus I intended to enjoy this concert to the fullest, so I joined the clapping and screaming force for the encore!

And they’re back!

Someone threw a red (or pink?) bra on stage in the dark (I still don’t get the logic of underwear throwing lol), so DC said this (bra) could become a permanent part of the stage. LOL

As the intro of I Did It For You kicked in, in partial darkness, while DC was giggling, Neal practically dragged and pushed one lucky stage crew to that bra. The crew picked it up and delivered it to Kyle, who took one for the team and wore it for about 15 seconds! *dies laughing* This was the best I could manage while laughing my butt off, but you should be able to see that bra dangling off Kyle’s arm~ XD ↓


Crack moment aside, I Did It For You was so damn hot!! *fanselfs* I loved it when David walked around while the rest of the band gathered in front of Kyle. And I friggin’ loved it when Andy, Monty, David and Neal walked to the front at the same time (though I kinda need 5 pairs of eyes to look at them all LOL) BTW, wouldn’t it be hilarious if they wheeled Kyle out too? XD

Gotcha, Monty! :)



DC thanked the fans for continuing to support the record and the tour so they could be out on the road this long. Said they’ll keep trying to put out another record and hopefully the fans will keep showing up (oh yes!) He also thanked Riverside Theater and the crew. Also a nod to GRO and the Script.

Lastly, give it up for yourself, you guys are fantastic. Thank you.

Come Back To Me was the last encore of the night. Riverside crowd was really loud!

He did a mini fist pump at the end of this song, before flicking his wrist to toss his guitar pick, and left the stage.

dozing off on stage..

DC said during CBTM: “You guys are amazing.


Can’t wait to see you in action again. FYI – If I win a lotto, I’ll turn myself into a groupie and follow you guys around during your next tour! Just so you know~LOL

Until then~  ♥

I exited the theater and saw a bunch of fans were waiting across the street from the bus. Security peeps came out with the gang and escorted them safely to the bus without any detour or stop. I didn’t think they could hang around anyway since they had to catch a flight to California (according to their twitters, early next morning). Like I said before, they need a logistic analyst to work with their tour manager to plan the most efficient route! lol David got on the bus, then poked out for 20 seconds, and got back inside the bus, behind the curtain which had their dinner waiting for them (Andy Skib, I saw you! *waves*).

And off they went to the airport (whichever one it was).

Some fans I met said the weather was nice that night. I said, Milwaukee, you’re friggin’ cold! LOL I walked back to the hotel, took a long shower, played around with photoshop, tried to catch some sleep but ended up having one heck of a restless night.

Lovesickness has already been in effect. ♥

ps1. DAVID COOK WAS SO CHATTY THAT NIGHT!!! *cuteness overloaded*

ps2. will I get stomped to death if I say that I wanted to (gently) whack DC every single time he tossed his guitar pick to the back of the stage? XD

ps3. I probably sound like a spoiled brat but I just realized that 2nd row wasn’t close enough when you’re short and people in the front row were big and tall. Should have listened to my sister and brought my own stepping stool~ LOL

ps4. when I bought this ticket, I was hoping for a seat on Neal’s side, since I was also on Andy’s side the night before, but it turned out to be a perfect seat as is, I caught Andy’s eyes 3-4 times during the night, he’s soooooo cute!!!

ps5. I believe I saw Neal’s undies peeking out during Light On, when he climbed up the drum area to do his awesome guitar thing. It might be my crazy eyes doing, since it’s sorta far away, but I really do think it’s his undies! XD

ps6. I thought about buying a new camera that afternoon before the show (see how much I hate this stupid Nikon?!) I even looked up Best Buy, et al, in the area but ended up didn’t go get one (too lazy to move). I did, however, send the camera back to Newegg after I got back home from this trip, and got a full refund for it though :P Now I can get a new camera for my trip next month! LOL

ps7. when my boss heard that I need a new camera for a concert, he was like, WHAT CONCERT? (again? more? WHEN?!) LOL I had to tell him to relax, it’s for next year~ xD

ps8. and that was it, my last David Cook concert in 2009, since I’ll be going on vacation for a month I won’t even be in the US for the NYE. lol For those of you who’s still reading to this point, thank you so much for staying with me throughout my journey. It’s been a fantastic experience and I had a lot of fun blogging about it. I swear I’m mentally stable. LOL

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  1. Lynne Tillman says:

    Somehow I found your Blog this evening and I must send you a “HUGE” Thank You!!! . . . What a talented writer you are! As I read the recounts of your travels with David and Team, I laughed till I almost cried, smiled till my face was sore, found myself nodding my head in recognigition as I read your observations . . . and just thoroughly enjoyed the ride! Also, you have taken such amazing pictures for all of us to enjoy – again, Thank You! This will be a year that so many of us will remember into eternity and I just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated for helping us all do that! ~L

  2. naughtiest says:

    This is one of the nicest comments I’ve ever got! Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed this crack journey as I had a ton of fun letting my-fangirl-self loose lol You’ve made my day with your comment! TY!! :)

  3. Dee says:

    Can I right-click and save the DC/NFT pictures you got here? For my own DC/The Anthemic library ;)

  4. naughtiest says:

    definitely! I bet your DCTA library is awesome! :D

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