[Takki] March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007 | ps-tt, takki |

Technically, it is the 29th in Japan already so…..

To a man who’s the root of my obsession.

Happy 25th Birthday, Takizawa Hideaki!

Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into my world. Without you, I wouldn’t be this silly and crazy, which means you’re a living proof that being a dork is contageous~ Also, you’re basically responsible for all unusual activities and extremely high balance on my credit card statements xDDD

Takizawa-san, I truly admire you for your determination and commitment. Your strength and talent is absolutely amazing. I totally adore the way you care about people around you. You inspired me in so many ways than you’d ever know.

May all happiness and success be yours (and Tsubasa’s)! And may you stay healthy and be this same incredibly adorable dork guy for always.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t plan to do this in the beginning LOL But I guess this is what happened when a silly head like me wanted to be random on this special occasion! Another fun photoshop session that I really enjoyed being creative in a weird way xD Put this card in a silver envelope and sealed it with a huge deep pink X, it should be in Japan by now~ ^^

One thing for sure, being random is not that easy yo! Especially when you tried to be randomly meaningful! ROFL~

*pops champagne*


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