Just had a chance to take a closer look at Best Tour goodies. This clearfile caught my eyes.


well, the bracelets they’re wearing to be exact. They’re not the same design but same style. Probably from the same store. *grins*

My question: did these close-to-matching bracelets come from T&T personal jewelry box or did the stylist make T&T wear them?


I think it’s very cute anyway. ^^


5 Responses to T&T clearfile – bracelets?

  1. Bonnie says:

    *lol* i never even noticed the bracelets!
    hmm… ive never seen him wearing that bracelet, so my guess is the stylist?? he should be hired again ne x)

  2. naughtiest says:

    xD it’s seriously hard to focus on something else besides their faces ne~ LOL

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    I didn’t notice the bracelets either until the closeup.
    If it was the stylist’s choice, they should keep him hired.
    Maybe T&T promise bracelets.


  4. michelle says:

    i only noticed (apart from their beautiful faces!) takki’s necklace!! it’s so kakkoii!! and now that u brought the bracelets to my attention, it kinda matches the bracelet! I WANT BOTH!!! xD

  5. naughtiest says:

    lol it seems like we always want whatever they wear!!! xD

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