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January 2, 2008 | et cetera |


First day back to work was a pure pain. It took me almost an hour (or more) to go to sleep last night since I’ve been staying up till 2-3am for the past two weeks, going to bed at 10pm was very difficult. But the worst part was to wake up at 5am to the cold and rainy weather, I hit snooze 3 times this morning ^^” Thank goodness it’s gonna be a short week. But after this, no more holiday for the next 5 months *faints*

Work wise was ok, I talked to my new boss, he said I’d officially start in his group this Friday, this gives me today and tomorrow to taking care of lots of things. Even though I’ll just move to the other building, my current group will have a send-off party for me next week at a Japanese place not too far from our office (not close either ^^) . Gosh, I really love this group. They’re all nice and funny and very very kind and helpful. You couldn’t ask for more when you start your new career. I’m really grateful.

I did’t dare asking my new boss about a possibility to take a couple of days off in February yet, it’s a business planning time after all.. (x__X)

Laptop is having a weird sound for the past few weeks >__<” I’m actually thinking about getting another Fujitsu, but my Mac geek friend told me to get an iMac instead since most of the time it will be sitting at home, quite true quite true LOL Plus, he’ll supply me with all programs I need to survive. So I told him I’ll probably order it and have it sent to his place so he can install everything for me xD Let’s wait and see if Steve Jobs will introduce a 12″ Macbook later this month because that’s what I really want!

Anyway, as a part of my new year resolutions, I started working on my November trip travelogue, if you’re interested, you can check it out here. ^^

okie, bed time!

ps. Yukinojo Henge tonight! I hope someone will upload (and sub xD) it soon after the show ends!!!


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