November 20, 2009 | et cetera, header, ps-dc |

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh~

New header!

woot~ the 5th one this year. I didn’t realize I changed it that often. lol

I currently have this photo on everything from my laptop to my notebook-turned-scrapbook to my cellphone to my blog now.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to the photo string one though, I really like how clean it looks. :)

I think I should turn my director into a David Cook’s fanboy. Well, trying to, at the very least~ LOL

He’s been teasing me several times everyday ever since I returned from my trip. So, today in our meeting…

director: hey sara, is david cook coming out with a CD? (same question every time lol)
me: yes yes
director: good, so he has more than 1 good song, huh?
me: *cracks* you do like him, don’t you?!
director: oh sure, i’ve been rocking out to his songs last night~ *winks*
me & boss: *falls off chair laughing*

see how cool my office is? XD

OMG This week episode of GLEE! I’m laughing so hard right now~ XDD

Alright, better be a healthy kid tonight, I need at least 8 hours of sleep to kick this exhaustion away.

Have a great weekend, peeps! :)


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