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November 19, 2009 | et cetera |

sleepy day, perfect weather to be in bed.

Scene from yesterday afternoon.

I was having a 1-on-1 meeting with my boss in his office when our director walked by my desk. You know, when you pressed ctrl+alt+del to lock your computer, the desktop wallpaper would appear.

director: *loudly talks from my desk* hey sara…
me: yup?
director: is this David Cook guy still coming out with a CD?
me: eh? *ROFL*
another manager in the office: *bursts out laughing*
boss: *snickers*
me: he had an album out since last year! (one year ago today actually!)
director: he’s not that one hit wonder kind right?
me: oh nooooo, he’s way better than that!!! he’s really really really good! *refrains from the word “awesome” as I sound childish when I said this word for some reasons*
boss: *grins*
another manager in the office: *is still laughing*
director: just checking.. (since I’ve changed my desktop wallpaper like 15 times in the last 2-3 months, and he had to bare with it during some meetings~)
me: his next album should come out next year! (and I shall disappear again for his concerts! lol)
director: just checking…
me: *dies giggling*

I love my office. LOL They all knew that I just went to the concerts and they totally love teasing me! plus my director is seriously hilarious!

Scene from last month.

director: sara, why do I have so many reds on my scorecard? (we use stoplights to indicate the health of the business, green = good, yellow = almost, red = uh oh)
me: *looks at him for 2 seconds* red is a good color for chinese people…
director: *is silent for 5 seconds* are we in china right now?!
me: well, no, but it’s all about global diversity~
director: *stares at me blankly* *walks away* *walks back 15 seconds later* that was a good answer, btw.


I really have a good working environment. I just told my boss yesterday that I love working for our company, and I love working here since we have a great team! :)

Life is good!


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