November 17, 2009 | david cook, et cetera |


Safe and sound and (love) sick.

Back to Seattle rain.

Back in the office.

Back to reality.

One thing I learned during this trip, Skymall Magazine has some hilarious stuff .

Like, friggin’ hilarious stuff. lol

I normally don’t pay attention to this magazine as I usually doze off before the plane even takes off. However, I was riding on a major emotional roller coaster during one leg of my trip and my brain refused to shut down for once, so I flipped through the magazine to kill time.

And I laughed my butt off at some items!

This one has to be my all time favorite~ ↓


The Telekinetic Obstacle Course.

This is the game that uses your focused brain waves to maneuver a ball through an obstacle course. A headband and two earlobe clips mearsure theta wave activity produced by your brain (similar to EEG monitoring technology used by medical professionals).

As you relax and concentrate, the headband sends a wireless signal (based on your mental commands) to the game’s air fan, which increases or decreases its speed, suspending or lowering a foam ball through one of eight obstacles, including hoops, teeter-totters, baskets, or chutes.

The obstacles may be interchanged; includes nine total obstacles. Requires four C batteries and three AAA batteries. Ages 8 and up. 15 1/4″L x 10″W x 5 1/2″H. (2 lbs.)

Seriously? ROFL!

Oh, btw, I think this one is perfect for David Cook while he’s on his tour bus!!


The World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle.

Holding a Guinness record for its size, this crossword hangs on a full 7′ by 7′ of wall space and has 28,000 clues for over 91,000 squares. It’s a challenge that can take months, even up to a year, to complete. A 100-page clue book, with no repeats, provides the hints. For the lone wordsmith, it folds for lap or tabletop solving. The puzzle grid and 4′ by 4′ answer grid are printed on sturdy paper stock. Crossword can be tacked or taped to the wall. Comes with a storage box. Ages 12 and up. (2 lbs.)

yup, definitely a perfect gift for him! :)

New desktop wallpaper for office laptop, again~


I think he’s a little too sepia-ish on my PC though, probably have to fix it later. It’s actually quite annoying because the colors looked fine on a Mac. Or maybe it’s just my 2nd monitor here at work? hmm, will see how it looks on projector screen this afternoon.

btw, attempting photoshop without a mouse was totally insane~ LOL


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