Please send an ME team to pick up my body from The Pageant. I died because of this epic concert on my friggin’ birthday.

Death by David Cook is definitely a perfect way to go.


The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, a bunch of blurry photos, proceed at your own risk~

oh, as usual, the above banner is a picture of the entire band~ can’t you see Andy’s hand?! XD

intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem | Autopsy Report
intro (again)

Oh the epic night of my life~ ♥

My dad dropped me off at the SeaTac airport in the morning, security check was fast, the flight was smooth, lots of empty seats, soft landing, my first time in Missouri! F-san picked me up from the airport and we went directly to the hotel (GPS had a lot of fun with all the road constructions and detours they had going on around the exit area lol). After checking in to the hotel rooms, listening to DC interview with local radio station, we left for the Pageant.

We went to a Thai restaurant across the street from the venue for a quick meal since it was cold and I totally didn’t want to walk too far. The food was far too sweet for my taste, but the place got that Zagat thing for 2 years in a row, so I guess non-Thai customers around that area must have liked it. ;)

People started lining up outside the venue. I didn’t really understand some fashion statement, a miniskirt or a tank top and cold weather didn’t belong together in my book LOL The bouncer said HBD to me once he checked my ID~ After we got inside, I realized, OMG all Tier 1 seats were 4-5 steps raised from the pit, so it’s easier to see the stage! YAY!


The first ticket I bought when it went on sale was in Tier 1C, row C, which was practically the 9th row because they have 6 orchestra rows up front. When F-san decided to go to the show with me, I went to ticketmaster and got another ticket for him. They only had general admission and balcony tickets left, but there’s that sort of a marketplace thingy that people sell the tickets they bought through ticketmaster, so I clicked on it and saw a bunch of orchestra seats being sold, *coughs*waaaayyyyyyyyyoverpriced*coughs*.

Then, I saw Tier 1G, row C, seat 1. It’s basically front row seat! at face value! *gasps* PURCHASED!!! Granted that the seat was off to the far left of the stage (my left, for those on stage, it’s their right lol), but it’s a front row, which meant a great deal to a 5’4″ girl as no one’s blocking my view! NO ONE! woot woot WOOT!~  I gladly kicked F-san to my original seat in Tier 1C and happily took the spot in Tier 1G. The only 2 downfalls of this seat were I could hardly get a clear view of Neal on the other side *pouts* and the side stage light panel was practically working against me.

btw, the Pageant, you guys have to most confusing seating chart ever! lol

Anyway, a few minutes after 8pm, GRO kicked off the night. It’s my first time seeing them, and they’re soooooo cute!! I enjoyed their 35-minute setlist a lot. They’re really good at keeping the crowd engaged too, especially when there’s a “David Cook” reference, well…. LOL

Oh, during their set, Josh told fans to follow and tweet them as they’d be giving away a signed guitar. I believed a 13-year old boy won that prize :)  One thing about this though, I think it’s a nice touch, but it’s also a huge distraction as everyone, myself included, was scrambling for cellphones, punching tweets away, instead of enjoying their music… pro and con, I guess?

I liked GRO’s music a lot so it’s nice to see lots of fans stand up and sing along. GRO really did a fantastic job opening for the night, their energy level totally pumped me up~ They’re so much fun! ♫

20-minute downtime while the crew revamping the stage for The Script. Then the venue went dark, time for the 2nd act of the night!

OMG! The Script and their space-like lighting effect entrace! I had one word for them: HYPER!! LOL I couldn’t stop giggling when Mark kept jumping up and down. Dramatic Danny was bouncing nonstop too. The location of the drum set (which was totally cool) made it hard to catch a glimpse of Glen from where I stood though.

They were sooooo good! Super energetic. No wonder they’re multiple platinum seller. They knew how to work the crowd. I’ve been listening to their songs in preparation for this concert, and they really killed it live! Totally amazing~ Funny moment was when they couldn’t properly pronounce the word “St. Louis”. Accent joke never gets old ;)

Guilty confession. As much as I enjoyed The Script, I was bouncing with joy when they’re off the stage! lol~

The venue went dark, the crowd started screaming, and David Cook and the Anthemic were there!

I always love how Heroes kicked off the show, it’s a perfect song to make all fans go instantly nuts. The energy level went through the roof from the get go, we’re off to an amazing start with super loud audience!


Getting to see David Cook in action again, after Salem, was a bliss. First, he looked incredibly good, as usual. I simply love the way he smiled and wiggled his fingers to make us go louder (which works every sing time, btw lol) Second, OMG, boots! I’m not even gonna lie, I flailed so hard for this particular pairs of boots and the way he wore them~ LOL (still remember how I fangirled to no end when T&T BEST album came out and Takki had his pants tuck into his boots?)


Instead of focusing on his giant flower necklace, next thing I saw was his tummy. lol yes TUMMY! Jesus, Dave, it’s getting bigger and bigger every time I saw you! xD


btw, Andy Skib, my mom wants to alter your pants for you… *runs*


The second half of the opening combo, Mr. Sensitive, was friggin’ hot! And I still couldn’t get over the guitar spanking after all these months! GAH!


His opening banter was cute. He mentioned that the last time he was in St. Louis was during baseball season where they performed at the All-Star game. He thanked the fans for coming out.

THIS IS A TRIP!<< oh how I wish I could take on this entire trip with you guys! buy lotto! gotta buy lotto! xD

He said he was told that tonight was a sold out (the way he said REALLY? was so cute!), then told us a story when he played in another venue in St. Louis a few years ago (a nameless off-Broadway venue, as he wanted the Pageant to have them back lol), where the bartender got a hell of the show because he was the only one at the show. Classic rock star story! He said he liked this kind of vibe a little better~ (just a little?! lol)

Those smiles.. *purrs*

Next on the set list was I Did It For You~


I had my eye contact moment during this song ♪ when he walked to the (my) left side of the stage~ I was busy looking like this when he’s approaching  → (♥__♥)  so I didn’t screamed my head off, but instead, I did a mini finger wave for him and he saw it, and smiled (or mini smirked? whatever LOL). My brain cells stumbled for the next 20 seconds~

Umm.. I hope I didn’t come across as a pervert here, but I totally saw his chikubi! Light color, thin fabric t-shirt was awesome~ ROFL! (for those of you who don’t know Japanese, good! XD)


I totally love how he interacted with the crowd tonight, you could tell that he’s feeding off our energy! The ending of IDIFY was super awesome when the band went completely nuts, not to mention the major guitar spanking by David. HOT HOT HOT!

And to my surprise, I managed this! ↓  Neal~~~~~ ♥


Lighting during this song actually made it easier to take a picture of Neal than Andy (if Neal would ever stand still for longer than 3 seconds). But I did have my Andy-eye-contact moment here too!! *bounces*


After IDIFY, fans were still screaming, so DC tried to imitate that, but it came out friggin’ hilarious. You know, a ‘guy-scream’ kinda hilarious~ So he went on and told us not to be alarmed as there’s a banshee in the audience ROFL!


Next was the most adorable moment of the night when a little girl, Jordan, gave him a red rose. AWWWWWW CUTENESS OVERLOADED!!  He asked if the rose was for him or for Neal (don’t confuse the kid, Dave! LOL), then asked if she wanted a guitar pick so he wouldn’t feel like he’s taking something from her, and told her to take it from his hand. He said he would give her his guitar and but he’s got to use it (in a very cute voice *squeeeeeeeeeee*) XD He thanked Jordan, and also thanked the lady that’s holding the little girl, who happened to be mom/sister/daughter-in-one *cracks*

*DC sniffs* “oh dude, that’s legit! this is not a gas station rose~” *dies laughing*

Dear god, I’m in love with his sense of humor~ It’s amazing how he could ramble on and on and on like that, so damn cute!

Speaking of roses, chocolate, and love, he’s leading us into the intro of Kiss on the Neck!


Holy! It was quite a moan that night! *nosebleeds* Hotel California snippet was very cool as always *claps claps claps* I almost fainted when he hit all the high notes. BTW I want more songs like this from DC/NT writing session~ (on the bus? all the time?) ♥


I believe the Pageant roof did explode during this song!


Lie was amazingly beautiful. His voice. His voice. HIS VOICE~ *purrs*

Mind if I rant? ^^” The screaming was REALLY annoying. I guess they’re new fans who had no clue of what’s going on during this song, or they just simply had some attention craving syndrome going on? But it’s completely ridiculous that David had to tell the fans IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRIGGIN’ SONG that he wanted them to be silent, and there’s still some screaming and talking and whatever-ing during the acapella part. ARGH!! what part of SILENT was so hard to understand, people?! *whacks whacks whacks* I mean, as soon as he said he wanted us silent, there’s someone screaming, right away! STFU!!! I really hope he would get a cooperative crowd for once! UGH!! *sighs*  (and don’t get me start on that one b*tch at Riverside..)


Band introduction time!

He talked about Andy’s birthday party the day before, and it was hilarious! Plus he smiled and laughed a lot, which made this banter 10000x better~ He said it was eventful, as they started off around 4pm at the hotel and the power went out (go see their tweets and twitpic from Nov 9th!) Some fans in the front started singing HBD, DC tried to get them stop (not yet.. shhhhh…), but they continued singing. He said it was awkward LOL Then, he said the gang went to dinner at Wasabi sushi place (said audience on his left side was totally food critique LOL), they had sake, and also sushi too XD  Then, they moved on to a local brewery, Schlafly, which he did butcher the name of the place, several times, so fans tried to correct him. He finally said “I don’t care! They have beer. And that was awesome!” *dies laughing*

DC said it got fuzzy after that, Monty took the cab home, Kyle was left at the bar, so he asked Andy to rate his 24th birthday from a scale of 1 to 10, and Andy slowly raised both his hands up and gave them a TEN~ LOL ADORABLE!!!!

He said he grew up in KC area, some audience was screaming so he assured them that it’s still Missouri, just relax. LOL minor mentioned of MWK that they used to play this song~

*BOUNCES* OMG!!! Make Me!!!!! *FLAILS* First time seeing this song live! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I love it when they played MWK’s songs. And I seriously hope MWK will have a tour or something (if so, please consider touring outside ‘midwest’ area too! *coughs*NW*coughs*) during their downtime after Declaration tour~ :)


Not gonna lie though, I was hoping Andy would sing this song. Or at least trading verses with DC like they did a couple nights before. Still recovering from the b’day party, Andy? ;)


Hello, Genius~


And oh hi! Tummy~ *runs*


See, Neal was interested in that Cookie Belly too.. *runs like hell*


let me hold you true to everything I thought I knewhow could you make me?

tsk tsk, simply by being you, sir~ ♥


*ahem* hi again, chikubi~ xD

After Make Me, he teased fans in the upper deck, said they shouldn’t be that tired even the oxygen was probably a little depleted up there, and he needed everybody up up up~ Someone tried to bribe him to go up to the balcony level with reduced fat Cheez-It.

Declaration was definitely one of my top 3 singalongs, it’s just so much fun going insane during this song! Plus, I’ve always been impressed by bobblehead!Neal and bobblehead!Andy~ lol


Half way through the song, DC walked off the stage down the right aisle, disappeared for a bit, before the spotlight located him on the balcony. So he did go up to the upper deck after all, just not the side that bribed him with Cheez-It LOL All the while, the band was having a blast on stage!

*coughs* ahem.. nice pack.. pants, sir~


After this song, he got back on stage and said he’s so proud of St. Louis as he got 20 high-fives and only 3 ass-grabs “that was fantastic“. LOL F-san told me later that the fan next to him almost fainted when she got one of the high 5s~

DC didn’t want to do the next song on the set list so asked if he had an option to change it while looking from Neal to Andy. LOL Andy had to go switch to another guitar.

So he switched from Little Lies to Died in Your Arms!!!! #)%(&(#*&#@!!! YAY!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! David and the band totally killed it! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!! *melts into a puddle of goo*


THE DOCTOR~ ♥  Oh Neal, why are you so awesome?~


He talked about how they’re still on the road when they’re actually supposed to finish up in April. Due to fan supports, the label, agency and everybody asked him: “Dave, you didn’t have any plan, did ya?” XD GJ, all fans!

YAY for show #141

this is the first platinum single on my first platinum record” and many more to come, David Cook :)

Being on Andy’s side, I could see stage crew came out to move the keyboard closer to him during the banter, so Light On~ It’s really impressive how Andy switched back and forth between a keyboard and a guitar plus singing chorus! I was really glad my seat gave me a good opportunity to closely drool fangirl over Andy during this show. He’s truly amazing!


oh how I hate you, auto-focus -__-”  artistic, artistic… *grumbles*


The crowd was REALLY LOUD! I completely love it when we’re feeding energy off of each other~ the band, the fans, everyone, everything! SO MUCH FUN!


DC said it’s good to be back home and he couldn’t wait to come back to St. Louis. I didn’t understand why I screamed, it’s St. Louis, not Seattle!! well, probably because he said “I love you guys” lol  DAVID COOK, WE LOVE YOU TOO!

I love it when he told us to touch somebody, a bunch of audience always had weird look on their faces LOL

Let’s count it together! ONE! TWO! THREE! And he did the water spout on Kyle! XD


Bar-ba-sol was smokin’ hot! oh, btw, I love it when he dangled his guitar like that ♥__♥


OMG Kyle Peek! I could finally SEE you! xD

Here we go, epic hilarious moment. Before Neal’s solo part, DC walked off to the (my) left side of the stage. There was one security dude stood there, facing the crowd. Well, facing me basically, he’s standing on the stairs, 3.5 feet away from me LOL The dude looked completely bored, and DC was curious(?), he slightly bent to his side to take a look at the dude, and basically started playing above the dude’s head!

David Cook! 4.75 feet away from me! *flails*


I was laughing so hard because the dude had no clue! He simply stood there with his emotionless face. David tried to get his attention for a while but failed hilariously, so he just (adorably) smirked and walked back to the center area. I almost died laughing. Oh David Cook, how I love you so~ ♥


He thanked the crowd before the song ended and the stage went dark.

WHAT WHAT?! BBS was the last song? *counts fingers* encore encore!

After a minute or so of loud screams, they’re back! YAY!

DC talked about a song that they’re thinking about doing for the show but he didn’t want to do it. The crowd scremed: DO IT!!! He said they’re going to do something they originally planned for later on in the tour (later than this? lol). Fans went nuts. I started bouncing, please please please be the surprise he tweeted about please please~~~  Then when he said they haven’t played this song live yet. I screamed my head off!!! OMG OMG OMFG!!!!! He said he was kinda nervous about it since it was a BRAND NEW SONG! It’s a song called MAKE BELIEVE~ *DIES*


And Make Believe was debuted for the very first time at the Pageant, St. Louis!!!

#(%&Y*()!#$^*($@&(!!! HOLY COW!!! THIS WAS LIKE A DREAM CAME TRUE!!! I was dreaming wishing hoping for the past several weeks ever since he said he’s working on a surprise that he would play it during this show since he was back in his home state, after a day off, and it’s my friggin’ birthday!! LOL AND HE DID!! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! DAVID COOK KICKED SANTA’S ASS!! what? not relevant?!


Make Believe was such a catchy song! They totally rock the stage! I think they’re still perfecting it, but from this near-final draft, I LOVE IT A LOT!!! I didn’t catch all lyrics that night though, busy fangirling~ LOL Totally love it when the music dropped towards the end of the song, let him softly sing before the entire band came crashing back~ ♥ very DC-ish~ It was such a great song! I love the way he went insane with his guitar at the end of the song too. TOTALLY AWESOME.


David did the thumb up/down while fans kept screaming. *purrs* that smile~ He said playing a new song was like kissing somebody for the first time. This banter was totally the yummiest icing on the cake!! His thought process during the kiss was sooooooo adorable! And he was looking at ANDY during his kissing analogy! ROFL!

BTW, David Cook, I think there’s no such thing as ‘too much tongue‘ when it comes to kissing you~ (did I just type that? oops?! xD well, I’m not gonna delete it though, it was my very first thought when I heard the tongue reference! LOL), and you had a bunch of peeps lined up to prove that already~ XD

I simply love it when he had his hand over his heart ♥

He thanked St. Louis, the Pageant, the crew, and told us to give it up for the band, the Script, GRO and last but not the least, the crowd~

Then he went on to make a prediction for 2010 World Series: St. Louis Cardinals and *DC gasps* KC Royals, of course! LOL Could he get any more adorable?! My poor heart! Kyle did a drum-tease thing and got kicked off the stage (he pouted! lol). LOL DC hired him back 15 seconds later though. YAY KYLE :)

Time for the last song, Come Back to Me. The crowd was really loud, singing along.



Finally, this epic night finally came to an end after the last note.

DC said before this song: “Thank you guys so so much!



OMG the emotionless security dude gave me a guitar pick! OMG Thank you, man! He probably saw me going on full fangirl mode so he thought this pick would calm me down? *bounces even harder* lol It’s a yellow one, whose pick is this?! Andy? I didn’t even see him toss it though lol

We left the venue and walked outside, there was a loooooooooooooooooong line at the bus area. I actually wanted to hang around, but it was cold and TBH, I didn’t want to torture F-san any longer, so we went back to the hotel. Apparently I missed Ryan Star wandering around, dang it! (T__T) And DC and the band did come out too, aww..*sniffs*

Not that I’m complaining though, it was epic as is, and I was fully satisfied with everything :)

Because it was truly an incredible night. ♥

ps1. the energy level at the Pageant was totally through the roof! STL crowd, you’re amazing!! I love how the band and the fans were feeding energy off of each other. It made things 10000x superb!

ps2. DC was extremely talkative that night. oh boy, like I said it before, I could just listen to him talk all day~ He laughed a lot and talked a lot, which was absolutely awesome. I didn’t know I could fangirl any harder but I did, especially when he made those tiny little noises! How could he be his adorable?!

ps3. I felt like he said ‘St. Louis’ a lot more than he usually called out a city name LOL probably for the Script’s sake? xD

ps4. big thanks to F-san for his sacrifice! I hope I managed to turn him into a David Cook fanboy~ XD I’m glad our seats were separated so I could get photos from 2 different angles~

ps5. speaking of photos, I hate my damn camera with passion! seriously! I need to get rid of it so I can buy a new one… why couldn’t they just let us use a DSLR during the show?! that would wipe away all my P&S frustrations! ugh!

ps6. Make Believe has grown on me nonstop. *points at header* lol I really want to hear a studio version of this song! (*coughs* and all those songs we’ve only heard snippets of… *coughs*)

ps7. supposedly I should finish both concert blogs this weekend, but I’m clearly behind schedule~ Probably I shouldn’t watch 3 movies yesterday LOL not to mention I watched Star Trek 3 times within the past 24 hours. OMG Spock~ I ♥ you big time! (and I had a Sylar moment during Star Trek! Oh, not to mention Sam/Frodo/Shelob moment too!! ROFL!) btw, I’m still thinking about going to see New Moon so I can have fun reviewing(?) it like I did Twilight last year~ (umm, if you’re a hardcore twilight fan, I don’t think you should click that link… or you can click that link but please don’t hate me for that post…)

ps8. thanks for reading and/or commenting! Stay tuned for round 6 —  Milwaukee. Last one for 2009!

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  1. julie says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your recap, i so much enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures. It shows how you really love David Cook, and as a fan too, you make me happy! Thanks again! And i will look forward to your round 6.

  2. naughtiest says:

    Thank you! Your comment makes me happy too! I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and I’m extremely glad I didn’t come across as a crazily obsessed fan! LOL For me, it actually started off with admiration, long before I fell helplessly for this man (but fell anyway lol). I really do admire him great deal. :)

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