Johnnys Countdown 2007-2008

December 31, 2007 | takitsuba |

OMG TSUBASA!!! what did you do to your hair?! *pinches pinches* xDDD He looks cute though… like a monk~ LOL If you’ve ever read [Slam Dunk!], I’m pretty sure you will think of Sakuragi when you see him!! *runs like hell*


I couldn’t even imagine what he’s gonna do next to his hair! Can it get any shorter than this?!!

*faints* Nagase’s delivered yet again! Ko-chan~~~~ Ko-chan~~~ I swear they were at least 10 feet apart while counting down, and the next thing I saw was this!


It’s not just a peck, it’s a BIG HUGE GIANT SMOOCH!!!! *double faints* Takki!! Look at what your sempai did and PLEASE do the same to your Christmas present!!!! XD

And this year, Takki made sure he stood between Okada and his baby! LOL Also kinda nice to see T&T in the middle of V6 line up too ^^ pretty color~


This is my favorite moment ^^ Tsu was sooooooo incredibly cute hiding behind Takki like that! I really like it when they looked at each other at the beginning and when Takki held his mic for Tsu, the way he looked at Tsu was just screaming “KAWAIIIIIII~~~~~~” ^^


hmmm, how about a back-to-back hide-n-seek? *giggles*


random thoughts:

* did Ryo get to choose which outfit he wanted to wear? (shouldn’t be that hard to pick, huh? *runs*) Man, it must be tired being him~
* Toma!!
* chicken!Venus? xDD
* Takki forgot to do the first hand move for Yumemo~?
* I wanna see them wear kimono/hakama thingy too!
* I think T&T had more airtime compared to last year (still less than other groups tough ^^”).
* where were they hiding at the end?! *looks around*
* anyway, I think they looked kinda genki on the average ^^;
* …
* oooooh! and I saw Ichiro!!! In 2004 summary page, when he broke George Sisler’s 84-year record for most hits in one season!! *bounces* I remembered Mr. Sisler’s daughter and her family were at the Safeco Field that night. When Ichiro got his hit#258 (and also #259), he went over to her seat on the first base side, bowed, and shook her hand. Very classic him ^^

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2008 be a great year for everyone!


3 Responses to Johnnys Countdown 2007-2008

  1. Stephi-chan says:

    There were soooooo many kyaaaaing moments during this year’s countdown!
    Especially in the last two groups of screencaps you posted — when I watched those parts, I kept thinking of the hundreds of ways I could photoshop those! XD *runs and hides*
    Just seeing the way Takki and Tsu look at each other — *thud*

    I’m SO GLAD they got more air time than last year. Maybe next year they’ll get even MORE time. Sometimes I wish the other groups would fall off the earth, just to let T&T have all the spotlight for a change.

    The fandom uploaders had the show up quick too, because I was able to watch this as my countdown to the new year!

    Have a happy one!

  2. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the TV caps … the way Takki looked back to his baby is so moeeeeee! And yeah I was laughing when I saw KK and TT played hide n seek…(made almost forgot Tsu’s hair…just almost LOL)

  3. naughtiest says:

    # stephi-chan
    xD that’s the color of countdown concert ne, lots of groups, just bits and pieces of airtime. Plus, being super modest, I don’t think T&T will enjoy the spotlight too much LOL And by being modest, they did the coolest thing by singing [Aishiteru ze, T&T]! LOL

    # nikki
    LOL just almost? XDD I really love how Takki looked at his cute furball too, soo sooooo soooooo MOE attack! ^^ Heard that KK actually kissed during their concert, I have to go hunt down my friend who was there, I need details!!! xDD

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