in the craziest way ever!


Basically, my boss let me take a vacation and I flew 2000 miles from home on my birthday to David Cook’s concert in St Louis (more details on my David Cook Murders Me!!! blog later~) and it was AWESOME with capital letters!


GRO – OMG CUTENESS, they’re really really good!

THE SCRIPT – OMG HYPER! LOL Seriously, they’re so bouncy!!


So many epic moment (LIE.. *OMG DIES*) but the one that beat it all was MAKE BELIEVE! Gah! I love this new song!!! Before going to the show, I was praying that he’d reveal his ‘surprise’ and he did! Woot! Woot! WOOT!

Oh oh, my seat was sooooooooo good! If you look up the seating chart on the Pageant website, try locate Tier 1G, Row C, Seat 1… HA!! it’s practically FRONT ROW off to the left (well, when facing the stage) on an elevated platform, which means THERE’S NO ONE BLOCKING MY VIEW!!!! ♥

And I got a drum stick from Kyle!!!! GAH!~ (I hope it’s okay to carry this souvenir on the plane lol I’m not gonna poke the pilot’s eye out with this, I promise!)

OMG speaking of the icing on the cake, I got good news on my birthday that I’ll get to go to a Meet & Greet today in Milwaukee~ OMG I couldn’t believe my luck!! MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC~ Thank you Seattle rain!!


(I completely hate my new stupid Nikon camera though, gonna return it after I get back home next week.. missed so many opportunity shots, turns out I’m a control freak when it comes to cameras lol)


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