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December 29, 2007 | 12pix, photo |

2007 has gone by even faster than 2006!! These are 12 pictures to represent my year! ^^

2007 Accord SE

Walked into a Honda dealer with my brother, thinking about buying a Civic. About 4-5 hours later, I came home with this baby instead ^^’ The one they had in the lot was black, but I knew myself better, I hate washing cars, so I asked for a silver one instead xD. The sales rep looked around, couldn’t find one, ran inside, and came back to tell us that they had one that just arrived the day before, still in plastic/sticker wrapped from shipping, so I had to wait for them to clean-up the car! Until now, every once in a while, I still find some remaining glue on my car! And I did have my car washed almost every month (but vacuum is a completely different story!! xDD)

The Dining Dog
My sister hosted a birthday party for Oscar, her yellow lab, at this restaurant for dog. Yes, it’s all for dog! A full course meal from appetizer and soup to main dish and dessert! No human food served! We had about 7-8 guests (aka other dogs) from 5 families. One word to describe: Chaos!!! LOL

Went to UW on one Saturday. Cherry Blossom time once again. It was a windy day, so I basically had to grab a hold of the branch to keep it still xD Too bad, I forgot to charge my camera, it went poof after only a few shots ^^”

Introducing my new Fuji F31FD! LOL First day with this camera! My friends came to visit from Thailand, so I drove them up north to Skagit Valley’s Tulip Festival. My second time this year. Got lost a few times, but luckily found more fields that I’d never been to before, super pretty! [more tulips]

weeeeeheeeeeeeee! They definitely dominated the month of May because I could hardly focus on anything else besides counting each day to May 27th! (but it’s also true to say that they dominated my entire life already~ LOL) ♥ T&T concert rocked my world!!! Need I explain more? XDD This reminds me, I have to learn how to properly shoot a fancam!!! LOL

One of this year trips to Safeco Field with my friends on a cold and rainy night. I like going to the stadium, it was a lot of fun seeing/hearing other fans yelled those sarcastic comments xD Plus, it was extra fun when we won! LOL

Whale Watching
A trip to prove how out of shape I was (and still am! XDD). We saw a lot of whales in a (not too) close range too, which made us tired even more!! [full story]

Big Day
My first time as a wedding photographer. Big mess Big mess! XDD My friend trusted me and my other friend on her big day, oh boy, we were running around like a lunatic! I could hardly lifted my arms, especially my left arm, after only an hour. My sister’s Mr. Big was quite heavy. Had I known better, I’d have practiced weight lifting beforehand!! XDDD All in all, it turned out pretty good! *phews* I was really happy for the newlyweds ^^

I went to the Puyallup Fair with my friends. Brought my camera along just in case (because the main purpose was not to take pictures, but to eat and to play LOL). It was really hot that day so we decided to find a shading area, and walked into this section…. moooooooo. OMG! some of them were really really really HUGE! like GIGANTIC HUGE!! and I couldn’t stop myself from taking this picture LOL

My family went to Ocean Shores for a weekend. It was really nice and relaxing trip (probably not for my brother as he had to drive XD). It was a clam digging week, so we could see a lot of clam diggers out there ^^ I also found a dead baby shark too, very stinky +_+

The Gang
I obviously couldn’t pick one photo out of 2000+ I took during my latest Japan trip, so I decided to introduce my trip buddies here ^^ A-san, I-san, T-chan and me, I’ll let you decided who’s who~ LOL Internet brought us together 7-8 years ago, and we finally got to meet each other in 2006, my first trip to Japan. It was a crack-filled trip!! We got along really really well and had so much fun together that we decided to do it again this year. ^^ I’m really grateful for having them as my friends (^__^)v

Even though we didn’t have a Christmas tree at home, I do love x’mas decorations ^^ Last week, I went to a Christmas party at a hotel with my family, lots of yummy food! I was walking around the hotel, taking pictures of decorated trees when I found this one inside one of their restaurants. Red, white and black, I think it’s pretty and different ^^


5 Responses to [Pix] 2007 in 12 pictures

  1. tsubaholic says:

    OMG MOooooooooo
    That is HUGE indeed. and very very PINK!!!!!!!!

    Is that Osaka Jou Hall? I’m so used to Yokohama Arena’s seats which are blue.
    But this is not good…. seeing the arena just makes me scream to go to Osaka again…..

  2. Shelly says:

    You aways take such lovely pictures. I’m surprised the cow udder didn’t remind you of me. Surprised but grateful. XDDDDDD

    Happy New Year Sara!


  3. glenda says:

    Love your pictures as always…but I’m glad you explained the cow one because it was a mystery to me what it had to do with your life in 2007 :p That cow is in serious need of milking! Oh wait, it could represent how Avex/T&T “milk” every last drop of money from our wallets ^_^

    Meant to comment on some of your other pix but time slipped by :( Suffice it to say that I especially enjoyed all of your T&T photos–Tsu and his strawberry pucker! *love*

    Have a Happy New Year! May it be healthy, happy & prosperous for you & yours.

  4. naughtiest says:

    # tsubaholic
    yup, that’s Osaka Jou Hall. I’ve never been to Yokohama Arena so I couldn’t compare, but I really like it here, it’s kinda small, so we can see them no matter where they are ^^

    and please drag me with you if you’re going there!! XDD

    # Shelly!
    *glomps* Thank you!! I thought that green monster with a single dangling ball was bad enough, so I tried not to related this one to you! LOL

    *runs like hell*

    *yells back* HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    # glenda
    ahhh Thank you, G! Hope 2008 brings all the best things your way!

    ROFL!!! wait a second, you mean that cow is me?! *faints* XDDD

  5. Tia says:

    hi, first time commenting here.

    I see that you had fantastic year in 2007. like all the pics, they are all very very good. my fave are the cow and the newly weds. :)

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