Gum Wall

November 1, 2009 | photo |

I couldn’t decide whether it’s disgustingly interesting or interestingly disgusting LOL

If you plan to visit Seattle, you might want to check this wall of the Market Theater in Post Alley at Pike Place Market out!

I went there for the first time today with my sister, as she wanted to test drive her brand spanking new giant baby. Germs aside, it’s actually a lot of fun and very colorful!! XD












eww much? LOL I admitted I didn’t dare getting too close to the wall.

But I do want to go back again!

ps.. Nikon, you’re fairly hard to please :(  and Fujifilm beats the life out of you in terms of colors..


4 Responses to Gum Wall

  1. loonykat says:

    Seriously my initial thought of the picture.. Yikes, super gloss! XDDD
    Then after some browsing, it really turns out quite nice with all the colors and patterns.. I mean, the gums turns out to hv a style on their own.. ^^

    My 2nd thought, what will you do if someone accidentally knocks u towards the walls? Damn.. I shut that thought out of my mind immediately! LOL!

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL!!! Exactly my reaction!! When we first got there, I stopped dead on my track and wouldn’t move closer to the wall for at least 5 minutes xD

    And it’ll be a bloody murder if someone pushes me, accidentally or not!! ;)

  3. loonykat says:

    XDD I can guess that pretty well.. well if there’s really a bloody murder, the wall will became even more colorful.. =ppp

    And before the time lapse makes me forget.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!
    or is it the day after tomorrow! Aiya.. just hv an enjoyable day on 10/11! LOL!

  4. glenda says:

    That is both disgusting and amazingly creative :p I’ll send you $10 bucks if you go write タツキー & 翼 in gum on that wall ^ ^

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